"Chocolate Revolution" Will Open A Door

For You Into A New World

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After reading this book:

-         You will know the difference between foods that harm and foods that empower.

-         You will reconsider what you call “food” and see clearly that not everything edible is actually worthy of the title “food.”

-         You will never want to eat a chocolate-like bar again; instead you will demand the best chocolate available on the planet. (I did say I am a dreamer!)

-         You will know about the Vibrational Value (“VV”) of everything that IS, including food. Each morsel we ingest has a story behind it and you will want to know it and claim your right to choose.

-         You will learn how similar food with the same name and similar taste can either improve your health or slowly destroy it.

-         You will have the skills and 72 recipes to make your own decadent, guilt-free chocolate treats that taste sinfully delicious and yet act like medicine. 

Cacao is a very potent food substance on Earth. Its ancient secrets kept hidden for centuries. Anna blows the lid, your mind, and your taste buds wide open, to the consciousness that is chocolate.
Packed with confessions, recipes and wisdom, and its modern downfall. A must read!
— Grace G. Payge, Author/ Public Speaker/ Corporate Muse