Much Gratitude to all the beautiful souls who were open and allowing, and shared their journeys with me.

The Light and Love in me bows to the Light and Love in you
Until I met Anna in 2008 I had no idea what yoga could bring to my life. I had done yoga in classes at the gym and got into the postures but never realized that there was a whole new world waiting to be discovered where yoga could really enrich my life. I went to Anna’s classes at The Spa resort and was so inspired by her and teaching that made a small detour on my year out to go to Nepal to attend one of her workshops. I love the spiritual aspects she pours into her classes, the giggles, the commitment we make to our lives when doing it and feel so nourished afterwards. I just want more and would recommend her to anyone, 100%.
— Aneesha Chaudry, Singer & Vocal Coach
I had the pleasure of knowing Anna since 2007. Throughout these interesting years Anna has been a loving and supporting friend, a wise teacher who has deep insight, knowledge and wit, that kindly challenges you to move to your next level. A smile and enthusiasm that brings you back to enjoying life here and now as well as growing spiritually.
I am greatly honored to have Anna in my life, a special blessing that is cherished everyday.
— Michelle Ra'ttray, Model & Actress
Anna is not just a raw chocolate queen, she is also an amazing yoga teacher. She teaches with so much ease and fun and lets her beautiful personality shine through. Thanks to her background in Anusara yoga she leads her students with simple queus into poses with great alignments. Whenever I take her classes time flies, even though it was a sweaty workout but it never feels like hard work. And then I find myself in Savasana, truly blissed out, full of love! Thank you Anna for being you!
— Stefanie Irl, Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Jewellery artist
I see a lot of people doing yoga without much spiritual context, I am happy and pleased that you are so lovingly bring this most essential (primary) focus and reminder to the forefront of Consciousness.
— Glynda Mahatma Mama, Oriental Medicine Doctor
Anna’s teachings is way beyond just physical poses and philosophies. It is demonstrated by her warmth, openness, honesty, and inquiry that inspires us to be more aware of what yoga means.
— Vanda Manprasert, Photographer
Anna teaches a gracefulness that delivers a state of ease. This wisdom and passion benefits us all!
— Terry Sanders
Anna is one of those teachers that stay in you heart long after the class is over. Her light, her spirit, and her energy encourage your body to soar to new places and take on new forms.
— Lucy Kearney, Associated Press
Anna is one of the most talented... and hottest... yoga teachers on the planet right now. Period. End of story.
— Mark England, founder Empowered Language Systems
How can one describe the amazing Adjarn Anna who has been teaching me how to master the Blessings of Mother Nature and to create raw energy blasts in condensed forms of chocolate surprises. The lessons were a Celebration of Enlightenment for the few chosen ones and made the experience unforgettable. The memory is still vivid - maybe because of the raw Heavenly Elixirs we have crafted with the Blessing of God spread through the bright eyes of Adjarn Anna and her warm smile and encouraging voice! GOD loves me so much to lead me to this amazing lady! Love you Anna!
— Aneta Slaveykova, UN
At first you will come to Anna because you love chocolate... Then you will discover what you thought was chocolate is but a faint echo of the real thing, the true taste, power and amazing virtues of raw cacao.
Anna truly is a goddess of delight, one of the rare wise people in the world whose mission it is to spread the word; we all knew chocolate was GOOD, but now we know it’s good for our health, for our heart, for our spirit!
A whole world thus opens before us, a world of indulgence AND respect toward nature and our selves. In Anna’s world such decisions do not exist - it’s ALL good - and boy, is it good!!!
— Eleonore Chaban Delmas
One of the phrases I’ve tried to keep in mind is “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” Well I can honestyl reply... Last Saturday, making chocolates with Anna! Thank you so much for an inspiring afternoon... The chocolates were totally mind blowing.
— Lulu
The chocolate workshop I attended with Anna was so much more than what I expected. A true inspiration! With a few conscious choices we can achieve amazing health benefits, Anna is the best testimonial to that herself. So goodbye to your doctors and say hi to the love of life, a love for life.
— Wouter van der Stichel
Famous yogis often say “aim high, aim true”. Then that’s a pretty dang big goal ain’t it? The point here I guess is: angels like you along the way motivate people about CHOICES to strengthen WILLPOWER so that everyone is eventually able to WALK the TALK
— Lae Ti, Yoga Teacher