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Cacao seems to help correct the imbalance between mind and heart, allowing the mind to serve the heart
— Naked Chocolate

Humanity forgot to understand one fundamental truth about relationship between a human body and food. Everything we ingest has a certain vibration to it. I call it VV - Vibrational Value. Everything is energy: people, thoughts, feelings, deeds, experiences; food is no exception. Food is energy. As one super chocolate sexy guy put it: "Food is information" (Shawn Stevenson).

Whatever we feed our cells shows up in our energy field. How? It shows up as a certain mood, behavior, tendencies, feelings, and even choice-making abilities.


To put it simply...

As long as we have this glorious physical form, this point of reference to reality we are in... we are dependent on a quality of food that we choose to consume. We might not be what we eat literally, but we certainly are energetically.

From Chocolate Revolution by truly yours,


Cacao is a very potent food substance on Earth. Its ancient secrets kept hidden for centuries. Anna blows the lid, your mind, and your taste buds wide open, to the consciousness that is chocolate.
Packed with confessions, recipes and wisdom, and its modern downfall. A must read!
— Grace G. Payge, Author/ Public Speaker/ Corporate Muse