I was born in Ukraine, in1968. I had a challenging childhood, as any early indigo on Earth.

My human mother and grandmother are both Nature Spirits, energy alchemists, and absolute food magicians. That is where I got the magic healing gene.

My mother is the reason I believe in transformation. I got to watch change, unfolding in front of my eyes, in it's most glorious expression - from a heartless consciousness, unawareness and raging anger - into - the most luminous consciousness of Unity and Love. My Soul contract with this extraordinary lady set me on a spiritual path at a very young age. Thanks to her I have learned the meaning of forgiveness, and developed unshakable faith. Thanks to this unusual, brutal story that I had to live out, I got to explore the different realms of consciousness on Earth. I have learned that we are all drops of Universal Consciousness, parts of a glorious human mandala, and we all have a choice to reconnect with the Source, no matter where we are in life. We are all entitled to return of our Soul and claiming our sovereignty. We all, without exception, can become a healing presence in the world...if we choose so.

I was always an unusual child, an “old Soul” as I have been called.

It happened that I was vaccinated a couple of times more than the kids of my time, and that left me in a super sensitive  physical body, having to chose between trusting the system's doctors or become a doctor on my own. 

I faint since I remember myself, not as much and not as often these days.


It is easy for me to read energies and feel frequencies, or see how a human body or how our Universe works, but I get lost between two streets, and never know what day it is, I am also what they call dyslexic.

I have lived with what is called the auto-immune condition, experiencing myself far better now, at my late 40s, then when I was young. I did not say a word until I was 4, living with an embarrassing speech impediment until late 20s. I had to move through a long list of challenging life situations and low vibrational consciousness states in order to get where I am today. It took a tremendous amount of self-work, self-love and multidimensional approach to healing to find myself and my place in the world.  

 Now, looking back at my unique journey, I see very clearly that it is my struggles, my intimacy with pain, and my loyalty to the Heart, that led me to my Higher Self and my Higher Purpose.

My journey made me curious about human existence.

 It sent me off to many countries and different reality pockets. It also made me compassionate and alive, it made me passionate about healing, and assisting those who, just like me, are determined to find their power and truth.

I have a Master Degree in Russian Literature and Language, studied Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Energy Work (breath techniques, meditations, visualizations), Nutrition and Philosophy, including Yoga that I view differently then most. Having this unique human journey brought me to self-healing, to self-discovery and Love.

 I eat one plant based meal a day, mainly consisting of super foods, fresh fruits and greens. I like my chocolate honest, medicinal and vegan.

I travel a lot. I have the most beautiful Soul tribe on the planet, and I am deeply consciously in love.


I believe that we all can live from the Heart, that we all can find our Truth. I believe in HARMONY, in NATURE, and UNIVERSAL LAWS.

I believe in SPIRIT, and in inner POWER of every human being.


  • 32 Years of assisting Transformation: Nutritional and Spiritual guidance.
  • 23 Years of Consulting/Counseling
  • 15 Years of teaching yoga/meditation at Spa's, Centers and Retreats worldwide
  • 9 Years of Healing Foods workshops