I was born in Ukraine, in 1968. I had a challenging childhood, as any early Indigo on Earth did.

My human mother and grandmother are both medicine women, Nature Spirits, and absolute food magicians. That is where I got the magic healing gene.

My mother is the reason I believe in transformation. My Soul Contract with this extraordinary lady set me on a spiritual path at a very young age. Thanks to her I believe that e v e r y t h i n g is possible!

I was always an unusual child, an “old Soul” as I have been called.

It happened that I was one of those kids who got vaccinated a few times extra, that left me in a super sensitive, fragile human form that later on became my greatest teacher and a guide. Having to chose between the “healing” offered by the system OR Nature, I chose what felt right in my Heart, and activated my own “medicine woman” gene. 


I have lived with what is called the auto-immune condition, feeling unwell all the way throughout childhood and younger years. I shared more of the story in my first book “Chocolate Revolution.”

I also could not properly speak, living with an embarrassing speech impediment until late 20s, which is hard to believe from where I am today. I watched my SELF move through a long list of challenges and low vibrational consciousness states in order to get where I am today.

 It took a tremendous amount of self-work, self-love and multidimensional approach to healing to find my TRUE SELF and my place in this world.  

 These days I see very clearly that it is those contrast human experiences that lead us to our Soul and our Higher Purpose.

I have always been ridiculously curious about human existence.

 I have a Master Degree in Russian Literature and Language, studied Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Energy Work (breath techniques, meditations, visualizations), Nutrition and Philosophy, including Yoga philosophy. I never stop learning and feel deeply appreciative for the knowledge that comes through me.

 I eat one plant based meal a day, mainly consisting of super foods, fresh fruits and greens. I don’t take any pharmaceuticals, and I believe that we all have self-healing POWER within.

I traveled a lot, lived in eleven countries, and now, at 50 I decided to settle in my favorite place in the world - North Thailand, assisting healing of those who, like me, chose Nature and teaching Yoga and Workshops. I have the most beautiful Soul tribe on the planet, and I am in love with LIFE.


I believe that we all can find our Truth. I believe in HARMONY, in NATURE, and UNIVERSAL LAWS.

I believe in SPIRIT, in the POWER of every human Heart.


  • 33 Years of assisting Transformation: Nutritional and Spiritual guidance - Individually tailored Self-Illumination Programs: EasyCleanse/ Detox/StayHealthy Protocols.

  • 23 Years of Consulting/Counseling/SoulWhispering.

  • 17 Years of teaching Yoga/Meditation at various Spa's, Healing Centers and Retreats worldwide.

  • 10 Years of Private-Healing-Projects/Plant-Foods-Workshops: Chocolate Medicine, Vegan Cheese, HealthyKitchenSetUp & Recipe Creating.