Anna is a passionate Self-Healing Advocate and a Conscious Living Consultant who has dedicated her life to guiding and empowering those who are willing to heal and ready to change.

 Anna gives workshops and trains cafes/restaurants,  participates in private healing projects and gives inspirational talks.

"Transformation is inevitable around Anna."

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Transformational Workshops     (1 to 5 days)     Prices Upon Request

"Become Your Own Healer"    

Yoga Therapy Oriented Workshop consists of Restorative Yoga/Healing/Nutritional Program/Guided Meditations/Energy Work.

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Reprogram:BetterYou is A powerful Workshop that focuses on creating space for change: Breaking the old self-code and setting a new. (yoga, body-and breath work, meditation and mind exercise)

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Yoga Sessions     (90 Minutes)      $80 USD    

Group and Private Sessions

Yoga as a Tool of Transformation

Yoga Therapy 

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Chocolate Revolution Workshops     (2 - 4 Hours)     From $500 USD

Designed to have FUN and bring KNOWLEDGE that CHANGEs relationship with food (sweet treats in particular)

You will

-Learn how to create your own clean   decadent treats that taste like chocolate,yet        act like medicine... directly from Anna, author of Chocolate Revolution (to get inspired  see

-Have INTRODUCTION to miracle foods-Super Foods and Spices.

-Learn top tips on how to create your own clean GF, Guilt-Free, treats at home.

-Get INSPIRED.... and

-Take home a box of raw chocolates made with the best ingredients available on the planet.

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Private Projects    (Hourly/Until Completion)     $100 USD Per Hour

This is  One-on-One Guidance, offered to those fully committed to their intention to change and looking for the right way to start.

Anna  personally will assist you on your Transformational journey. You will be offered many tools and secret techniques to motivate and to inspire you to be the best you can be.

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"Nothing Changes Until We Do" - Anna