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H-ART Retreat. 9-17th December 2019

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Thank you for showing up on my site.

At times of change and transformation, finding our way to our real SELF might be the most important thing to focus on.

H-ART RETREAT is a perfect event for anyone looking to re-start, to re-align and to restore their SELF. Whether it is your mind, your body, or your life in general that troubles You at this point, You will find yourself soothed and supported, bolstered and honored here.

You are offered 9 days of fun, self-healing, connecting & focusing on your own GROWTH… in the most peaceful natural environment. To see the resort where H-ART RETREAT is taking place -

We offer abundance of plant-based fresh food at the SOUL FOOD CORNER by the river. You will experience the power of healing plants & super foods. You will have a chance to see how empowering foods are grown. You will learn how to select & prepare food that is all-good-for-you.


Toy will have daily fun classes on Yoga & Meditation as tools of transformation. See more about Yoga with Anna -

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Energy work, forest bathing, mineral baths, healing massages. Solar-heated Himalayan salt water pool, gym, library, art-room, to mention just a few facilities waiting for you here.


Workshops and classes on ALIGNMENT.

Experience of self-upgrading program - BLUEPRINT - first hand.

You will have access to private consultations with the best experts in the field. All our teachers & guides are high vibrational beings with a strong experience of self-healing & assisting self-alignment of others.

Dance & Art classes, gathering by the fire, star-gazing, raw chocolate party on the last night… and much more.

All the ingredients have been put together for You to tap into your own power, to hear your own Heart and Soul.

Some experiences in life lead us to GROWTH and. ALIGNMENT.

H-ART RETREAT is designed as such.

To request a full RETREAT program or ask any other questions that You might have, please contact me directly -


I am looking forward to hear from You!


Well-Being Guide/Self-Healer/Nature Advocate/Author