Heal Yourself Workshop With Anna Suvorova

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Heal Yourself Workshop With Anna Suvorova

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Anna's own self-healing is a foundation of her teaching the concept of "Secrets of Self Healing Workshops. This is going far beyond the Yoga asana, this is a journey into the mystery within, a trip into our own power place where we can be what we choose to be. We learn to tap into our original blue print, where we are whole, well and radiant.

Anna believes in a self-healing mechanism of a Human Body. She gently guides through this mysterious energy world all those willing to learn the secrets of self-healing. Having to work on her own health since 14, Anna is packed with secret tools and magical techniques. 

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About Anna Suvorova 

Anna Suvorova dreams of a better world. She is a writer and Reiki master with a Master’s degree in Russian Literature who teaches Yoga and Meditation and will answer to the title of ‘Raw Chocolatier’.

Anna was born in Ukraine in 1968. Her Ukrainian mother is an absolute food magician, who loves books and animals. Her father was in a Russian military having new assignments every year, so Anna’s traveling around started at a very early age.

Anna was always an unusual child, an “old soul” as she has been called by her magical grandma, and could not speak properly until late 20s. She has lived with a compromised autoimmune system since very early age, and she had to do a tremendous work on herself to overcome the effects of the physical abuse until the age of 15.

Anna’s passion for truth and beauty, consciousness and Harmony led her to have a Master Degree in Russian Literature and language, to study psychology, hypnotherapy, Reiki, nutrition and philosophy, including her beloved yoga. Having to fight for her right to feel well, she chose to stay away from medication, trusting she would find her way to health naturally (or die naturally:-)) Since then she has embarked upon a unique journey of self-healing, self-discovery and liberation. Anna likes to joke, “If it had not been for Yoga, Love and Raw chocolate, I would not even bother landing on this planet.”

My mission is to spread the message of Heart Consciousness, Unity, and Light through the teachings and practices of Yoga

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