Conscious Eating

Chili LOVER. Some Like It Hot-n-Raw


This is one of the sexiest, decadent, romantic chocolate treats we can create.  Shall we?

Tools: bowl, grinder, moulds

Ingredients for 10 spicy delights:

-          3 T raw cacao powder

-         A pinch of Himalayan salt

-          1 T ground raw coconut crystalsor raw honey

-          3 T raw cacao butter, melted

-         A pinch of chili powder or more (!)

-         10 dried Inca berries (also called Golden Berries)

Place one Inca berry in each niche of the mould.

In a large bowl mix all the ingredients into a glossy chocolate lake.

Mindfully pour into the moulds over the golden berries. Place in the refrigerator for at least an hour.


shared with love and chocolate hugs

Goji Cashew Cream

This creamy yumminess has blown many minds and palates away.

It can be used as a spread, or as a filling for the raw chocolate bar you will make soon... or enjoyed as it is, straight from the jar.


-         2 T soaked Goji Berries

-         5 T freshly ground Cashews

-         2 T Raw Honey or Agave

-         A pinch of Himalayan salt

Soak the goji berries for at least 1 hour. Let them dry on a clean towel.

In a food processor combine gojis, cashew meal and the sweetener with salt.

Blendinto a smooth creamy deliciousness.

GojiCashew Cream keeps well in asealed glass jar in a refrigerator for at least a week. I  am sure it can keep longer, but in my home, we could never manage. Let me know if you can.

ENJOY life and being ah-mazing!

ChocoHemp Hugs. Five minutes treat


 If you want to give your Self a chocolate hug, then we have a solution right here and now.

It takes 5 minutes to make this happen.

 Tools: bowl, plate, container and hands.


to make 10 chocolate hugs:

5T fresh Almond meal
1 T Hemp seeds
2-3 T Raw Cacao powder
A pinch of Himalayan salt
1 T Coconut flower nectar or Agave
1 T Yacon syrup or Marple syrup (liquid sweeteners serve as binders in this recipe)

2 T hemp seeds extra, for coating

Start with a smile!

Lovingly combine all the ingredients in a large bowl.

Roll yummy choco balls between your palms and coat them in hemp seeds.


 They taste much better after being refrigerated for a few hours.

Enjoy being hugged. Repeat as needed.

Share the hugs and this recipe.

Thank you for spreading healing vibes.





DREAM CREAM. Dreaming of a plant based cream?

Cashew Cream.jpg

Warning: this yummy treat can be addictive and cause a serious feeling of satisfaction!

Dream Cream is made of cashews.

It can be used on cakes, enjoyed as a dessert or turned into a super-duper nice cream, or as a filling for our raw chocolate bars.

Let your Imagination go wild.

It is the best thing we can do with cashews really.


1 cup of soaked Cashews

2/3 cups of good water

1 Vanilla stick (or 1/4 t of vanilla seeds)

1-2 T Maple syrup or Coconut nectar

1 T Lucuma Powder

A Pinch of Himalayan salt

Raw Cacao Powder for dusting and for the lower layer (if you make dessert like the one on the picture)

This is how we do it:

Soak cashews for a few hours, not more than 7.

Let them dry on a clean towel for a few minutes. Place cashews together with the rest of the ingredients in the blender. 

Give it a nice spin. It blends very easily, turning into a yummy creamy mass that tastes like tiramisu cream.

Tips: if you are making a dessert like the one on the picture, make the bottom layer by mixing any healthy  sweetener with raw cacao powder. For example, a table spoon of Maple syrup with a tea spoon of cacao powder. When done, pour the chocolate cream into the serving glass to create the bottom layer.

Please taste the cream before you let it leave the blender to make sure it tastes just the way you dream it to.

If you want to give it a color, you can use matcha tea powder for that lovely green color, or our legendary beetroot juice (or powder) for that sexy Valentine color.


P.S. Please remember to consume nuts in moderation. 

People who are magnesium sensitive and have nut allergies should avoid cashews.




          My entire life I have been searching for foods that act like medicine.

 When we are living in a challenged body we are not as concerned about the palate pleasures.

We want to feel well and that desire overrides our weakness for yummy treats that taste ridiculously delicious but in reality, they are just empty 'palate teasers' (at best) and serious 'chemical bombs' (at worst). Nothing looks as good as awesome feels! Nothing!

 On my never ending search for medicinal foods I have come across some seriousedible 'magic.' What is really impressive is that some of them taste better than anyone expected. I was thrilled - here I was, all ready to eat bitter and horrid that will be medicinal for my system... and what did I find? Medicines that tasted like... chocolate andcaramels.


 Here they are, simply magical food substancesthat rocked my world. I wish to share this information with you so, perhaps, you too get inspired and reconsider what you call food. I mention here just a few.


-Yacon Syrup

This amazing chocolate looking and sweet tasting heavenly fluid comes from a root of a plant that grows in Andes mountains. It is low GI and it does have the power to make us slimmer. The phrase that is used on most sites to describe this power is "significant weight loss." Isn't that a good news?
What to do with it?
Makechocolate spread out of it, use it in your desserts instead of any other sweetener, pour it over your porridge or a toast in the morning. Let it rock your world!

- Thai Basil Seeds

Such miracles these tiny seeds are. They expand in water like crazy. One spoon of dry seeds become a full plate of wet cute looking yumminess that bursts in your mouth atprecisely the right moment (like caviar.)
 They are full of fiber. Good-bye constipation! If only that. Thai Basil seeds are also a potent antioxidant and antiviral to mention just a few benefits.
 What to do with them? 
 Soak them for ten minutes(one tablespoon of seeds in one cup of water) and get creative. Slap that gorgeous bubliness into porridge OR make dessert out of them. There is a fabulous FoodisLove Dessert recipe in this section for you.
 Color them purple with fresh beetroot juice, or green with matcha tea, add some healthy sweetener and enjoy an exciting detox dessert. Holly-shmolly-guacamolly!



- Raw Cacao

How amazing is that on top of zillion of other things that cacao has to offer to our human system, it also promotes weight loss. Did you know that most of the weight loss products have cacao powder in them? Thatis for a good reason. Cacao is reducing our appetite and making us feel full, not to mention -  seriously elated and happy. What to do with it?
 Ohhh. I like this magical substance so much, I wrote a book about it.

Here is an idea for beginners: mix raw cacao powder with the yacon syrup, and have your self a yummy slimming dessert.

 You can make your own chocolate cakes, brownies and truffles. There are plenty of recipes to chose from.


Any super foods are fabulous for us. By that I mean they are good for our brain cells, for our DNA, for our blood, and well being in general. They are not some empty palate-pleasers like most ordinary modern foods are. They have the power to heal, to align,  and to change our experience of life.

If you are new to super foods, please take it slowly, introducing them gently to your diet and watch the alchemical reaction between you and these magical foods. You just might find yourself thinking, feeling, and functioning better than you ever thought you could.

- Maca

Super powerful powder that is made from a root of a plant. It has been called a "Peruvian ginseng." It is a mood elevating, skin rejuvenating, hormone balancing magical substance that rocked many worlds. It can be white, red and black, and it is spectacular! Please do your own research, begin with very little, especially of you have any hormone issues.

- Lukuma

It has been made from a fruit of a tree that grows in Peru, Ecuador and Chile. It has been called "The Gold of the Incas." It isa super powerful immunity booster, low GI sweetener. Yes, it tastes sweet!  Recent studiesshow it to be a serious anti-aging substance. Mixed with soaked cashews and a healthy sweetener, it will make the best tasting cream on the planet.

- Mucuna

Oh, this one. This isa serious wake-me-up substance. It comes from a velvet bean grown in India. It has been used in Ayurveda for healing numerous dysfunctions. It has incredible compounds that make it almost psychedelic. 
 In fact many people are afraid to take it and avoid it for that reason.  It is incredibly powerful, i suggest you start with it very easy, if you are not familiar with it.
 I have been taking mucuna for many years and all I can say is this: Mucuna activates pineal gland and our DNA, taken in small and wise doses. Recommended start dose for beginners is 1/8 of a tea spoon.

What to do with all of these foods?
 Add super foods to your smoothies, to your chocolate treats.

Let your DNA know that you are alive and conscious, that you want to heal, that you want to expand.




Tools we need: Blender/Hands/Bowls/Spoons.

This is one of the easiest recipes, ever. You are in total control of what you get and there is no waiting involved. We are not always in the mood to wait. Sometimes we need Chocolate right NOW.


-         2 T of Raw Cacao Powder

-         A pinch of Himalayan Salt

-         1-2 T  of your favorite liquid sweetener - Marple syrup/ Agave/ Yacon or Coconut nectar

-         A bunch of your favorite chopped nuts – almonds, cashews, macadamias, pistachios, pecans, etc.

-         ¼ t  Vanilla seeds

-         2-3 T Raw Coconut oil, melted.

-         A handful of sun dried fruits, like Gojis/raisins/cherries/blueberries/chopped apricots/etc

Mix well all the ingredients and enjoy straight from the bowl, right here and right now. Who has the best Chocolate factory now?



R-Awesome Banoffee Pie

2015116202323-1 (2).jpg


For the base:

  • 5 Dates

  • 3/4 cup nuts (cashews/almonds/macadamia/etc)

  • 1/4 t Vanillas seeds OR 2 Vanilla sticks

  • 1⁄4 t Cinnamon powder

  • 1⁄4 t Himalayan/Sea Salt

  • 1 T Raw Cacao Powder.

For the toffee:

  • 5 dates soaked in 3 T of yogi tea (preferably homemade)

  • 1⁄2 t Vanilla seeds

For the Creamy Part:

  • 1 cup cashew nuts, soaked

  • 2 frozen Bananas

  • 1⁄4 t Vanilla seeds

  • a pinch of Himalayan/Sea salt

  • 2 T Coconut Cream

  • 1 t fresh Lime/Lemon juice

  • 1 T Marple syrup OR Coconut nectar

For the top layer:

  • 5 T Coconut Cream

  • 1 T Coconut Nectar

  • 1 T Raw Cacao Nibs


Blend all the ingredients for the base and press the mixture into the base of the cake tray..

2. Blend the soaked dates with yogi tea. Pour it over the base and let it rest in a freezer at least for an hour.

3. Blend bananas, cashews, and coconut cream with vanilla, salt, and your choice of sweetener.  You might need to stop a few times to encourage the mixture towards the center by using a spatula. 

Once done, add lime/lemon juice, mix well and transfer the heavenly cream into a bowl. Let it rest in a refrigerator .

4. Get the two layered (base&toffee) out of the freezer and pour the cashew-banana cream over it. Toffee layer should be nice and firm by now. Send it back to the freezer.

5. Blend the Coconut Cream with the your choice of sweetener. Transfer into a sealed container and let it rest in a refrigerator for at least an hour.

6. When the cashew-banana layer is firm, pour the coconut cream over it. Garnish any way you wish: chopped bananas, coconut cream, cacao nibs, coconut shreds, whatever your heart desires.

Freeze it again for at least an hour.

Frozen natural cakes like this need to be removed from the freezer at least 20-30 mins before we intend to serve it.


Take good care of yourself and your loved ones.

PS. This creation takes a little more time investment then others… yet, do not let it put you off creating it. It is so delicious and all-good-and-good-for-you, it is truly worth the effort.

The Best Nice Cream EVER. No Milk & No Sugar

 Just a blender, super foods, and some luv.

Chocolate Chip-Mango Nice Cream
This super decadent treat was created when I was just coming out of yet another detox and I craved something cold, milky, sweet, with something crunchy in it. The challenge was that it had to be very clean, healing, and super healthy. I came up with this ‘heavenly decadence’ and fell in love.

It is always in my freezer now for those cozy movie nights in. 

- 1 frozen mango, peeled and stoned
- 2/3 cup of coconut milk
- A touch of Himalayan salt
- ¼ t Vanilla seeds
- 2 T Raw cacao nibs
- 1 handful of raisins *

Optional ingredient: 1 T of sweetener, if you are a serious sweet lover.

 Cut the mango into smaller pieces that can be managed by the blender.   
Place mango pieces in a blender together with coconut milk, salt and vanilla. Blend stopping a few times to assist the mango chunks to get close to the center. It might take 3-5 stops. When smooth and creamy, using a spatula transfer the mixture in a plastic container. Throw the cacao nibs and raisins in, folding them into the creamy mango. Resist the temptation to eat it all right now. It will get even better after a few hours. Place the “decadence” in a freezer for at least two hours before indulging. The dance of flavors: mango and coconut, the crunchy cacao nibs and the chewy raisins. It is really outta this world!

If you keep this treat in a freezer, it will get hard. Just take it out 20-30 mins before you intend to enjoy it. Serve it in a nice bowl. Decorate with cacao nibs and coconut shreds.

*If you soak the raisins in good rum for a few weeks, you will end up with a serious gourmet nice-cream that is slightly naughty. Kind of like us, you and me. :-)

Purple Cacao Pudding




- 2 T chia seeds, soaked in a cup of good water.
- ½ cup of almonds, soaked and peeled
- 3-4 pitted medjool dates
- 2 T raw cacao nibs
- 1/4 t vanilla seeds OR one pod
- A pinch of cinnamon powder
- A pinch of Himalayan salt
- Secret ingredient - half of a small organic beetroot.
- Handsome mint leaves, split almond, and cacao nibs for garnish

Blend soaked chia seeds, dates and sprouted almonds to create a creamy white mixture.

Add the cacao, all the spices, and thesecret ingredient for the color that makes all the difference in the world. Blend one more time.

Mindfully pour it in to a glass and let it set in a fridge for at least a few hours.

Before serving, lovingly decorate your pudding with split almond, cacao nibs and mint leaves.

Thank you for healing this world, by healing yourself!