Food Additives in Commercial Chocolates and other dark stuff





 Along with the industrial revolution came the stripping of the medicinal properties in chocolate. www.gourmethealthychocolates.com

Many chocolate manufacturers buy their cacao from those who use child labor in Africa.

The Ivory Coast is where most of the world’s chocolate comes from, and is where many chocolate brands have their corporate offices. The Ivory Coast is known for child trafficking. Here children frequently go missing from the cacao plantations. According to the filmmakers of The Dark Side of Chocolate, which you can find on gourmethealthychocolates.com, one child laborer can be bought indefinitely for just 230 Euros. Although it is not legal, it is commonly practiced by those who try to maximize profits by using children. We must understand that the food industry is just a byproduct of the old world business paradigm, where profits rule the world, leaving very little space for integrity or the concepts of “Oneness, Harmony and Love.”

We already know that cacao beans are expensive. They are not called “money on trees” for nothing. They require time and effort to grow, harvest, peel, ferment and then make ready for use. This long process expresses a certain energy that reveals the VV (Vibrational Value), intention and agenda of those involved in the process.  

This is a list of food additives that are being used by many commercial chocolate brands, and of which we have had our share by now if we are chocolate lovers. I include just a few.


Refined White Sugar

This is an unnatural, addictive substance produced by refining sugar cane or sugar beets (how was it grown?). It is literally a “dead substance.’” The human body struggles with it. This is what Foodmatters.tv has to say about it, “The damage it does is slow and insidious. It takes years before it ruins your pancreas, your adrenal glands, throws your whole endocrine system out of kilter and produces a huge list of damage.”

It causes diabetes, heart disease, and hypo/hyperglycemia. It is so addictive that it has been compared to cocaine.


Powdered Milk

This is a food substance that is used in most commercial chocolate-making to produce milk chocolate varieties. It blocks our ability to absorb life-saving antioxidants that can be readily available to us if we choose to consume our chocolates clean and raw. Milk powder is made from the milk of tortured cows that are fed genetically modified food. If we add all the injections that these milk-giving animals receive during their lifetime, imagine (or research) how the animals were treated while held in captivity, we will have a good idea of the nutritional and VV of this powder.


BHA: Butylated Hydroxyanisole

This is a petroleum-derived preservative that many of us have difficulty metabolizing. There is proof that it causes health and behavioral changes.

 In “The Top 12 Harmful Food Additives” article it states, “This is obviously not added for the purpose of giving people cancer, but for some people, some of the time, there may be that risk.”

HFCS: High Fructose Corn Syrup

HFCS is a highly refined artificial substance that increases your LDL (bad cholesterol) and causes tissue damage. It is known to be the number one source of calories in the USA.

Dr Mark Hyman, MD, in his article, “5 Reasons HFCS Will Kill You,” put it as it is, without sugar coating,When used in moderation, [HFCS] is a major cause of heart disease, obesity, cancer, dementia, liver failure, tooth decay, and more.”

Many doctors agree that HFCS is also the favorite food of cancer cells, they thrive on it.

There are many sweet lies about HFCS out there.

We must be clear about what we want: to be right and to defend what is cheap, or to find the way to Harmony and Truth.


This is a gelling agent used in making commercial gummy candies.

 Peta.org defines it this way, “Gelatin is a protein obtained by boiling skin, tendons, ligaments, and/or bones with water. It is usually obtained from cows or pigs.” Enough said.



This is an emulsifier made from soy beans, which in turn means GMO.

A very comprehensive article, “Common Food Additives in Candy” says, “It is used in chocolates to create a smoother texture and reduce the cocoa-butter content.” In other words - it saves money for the manufacturer.


AAMP 4448

This has been introduced to chocolate-making as a non-GMO replacement of soy lecithin. It is ammonium photosphatide, which is produced from ammonia and phosphorylated fatty acids from rapeseed oil. According to Progressive-charlestown.com, “It was approved by the FDA in 2007”  in order to achieve even more cost saving. it is all about profit.


This is a white powder, made from the starch of corn, rice, wheat and potatoes. What we want to know, but are rarely (if ever) told, is how it was grown. It is used as a bulking agent to add weight to the final product. It is yet another food additive that saves money for the manufacturer.

 Gluten.lovetoknow.com says, “Maltodextrin should be a subject of suspicion, because it is an unnecessary additive.”

Aspartame (E951)

This is an artificial sugar substance, frequently used in gums and candies. It is a neurotoxin that has been linked to kidney and brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, lupus, fibromyalgia and mental confusion. This toxic poison can cause dizziness, headaches and nausea. Foodmatters.tv speaks the truth to all those who are ready to hear it. Aspartame is “known to erode intelligence and affect memory.”

It is also an extremely weight-gaining substance. Aspartamekills.com makes a reasonable statement, “How FDA allows this remains a mystery.”

PGPR: Poliricinoleate

 According to Timetoplay.com, PGPR is a “yellowish, viscous liquid composed of polyglycerol esters from policondensed fatty acids extracted from castor oil. It may also be extracted from soy.”

 Chocolate manufacturers use it to reduce the cost of raw materials. Earthyreport.com takes us deeper into the chocolate rabbit hole. “The FDA deemed PGPR safe for humans… as long as you restrict your intake to 7.5 mg per kilo of your weight… Otherwise you are susceptible to liver enlargement.”

 The article, “Things You Probably Don’t Want To Know About Chocolate” on Progressive-charlestown.com sums it up for us, “In many ways, the story of PGPR in chocolate is but a small chapter in a larger narrative about how convoluted our industrial food system has become. An alphabet soup of fillers and cheap ingredients that challenge the original definition of the product they seek to emulate, questionably sourced raw materials, and a cast of large corporations attempting to appeal to the lowest common denominator acceptable for human consumption to keep costs low and profits high.”


Shellac is a wood polishing product found in candy.

The best explanation I found on cracked.com

“It is often used to give furniture, guitars and even AK-47s that special shine.”

“Shellac is derived from the excretions of the Kerria Lacca insect. The process is simple. They scrape that shit right off the tree. Unfortunately for you and your future enjoyment, this leaves little room for quality control measures to guarantee that the insects themselves aren’t scooped up also. Once that happens and it almost always does, the insect simply becomes part of the shellac making process, and the candy making process, and the candy eating process.”

   According to the picture we have here our chocolate doesn’t actually contain much chocolate, just like food is no longer in our food!

Very smart business-wise. Terrific, in fact.

 Is it kind? Is it considerate or loving toward us, trusting human beings?  What does it do to our health? Those are the questions we better start asking, if we wish to create a change.





Self Healing Back pain. Easy steps.

I believe in the self-healing mechanism of our intelligent human machine - body. I am positive, this belief is one of the reasons why I help my challenged body to restructure itself over and over again.

You are your own healer.  You are a doctor! All you need is the right knowledge and the time that you are willing to dedicate to yourself.


All you need for this little self-healing session is 20 mins of silence, total dedication to your beautiful Self and a good bolster.

Please remember to breath with awareness and intention to heal.

Our spine likes to be stretched/elongated before we do the twists.

Our entire system absolutely loves to be upside down.

 You are a miraculous, self-healing machine with more power within you than you ever allowed yourself to realize! Enjoy. Breathe!

Step 1 (pic 1). Get on the mat and grab a bolster with a smile!

Step 2 (pic 2). While on the back stretch yourself on the mat, making sure that your third eye, your heart center and belly brain are all in one line. Bend the knees, lift the hips, and place the bolster under the tailbone. That feels really good.

Step 3 (pic 3). Cross the left leg over the right one. Breathe in.

Step 4 (pic 4). Breath out and let your knees fall to the right while extending from the heart in to your left fingertips. Stay for a few breaths and let the left side of your body get massaged and LOVED by your breath.

Step 5.  Take a deep breath and, while pressing the right hand into the floor, bring the knees back to the center.

Step 6.  Change the cross of the legs. Take a deep breath. Smile.

Step 7 (pic 5).  While breathing out, let the knees fall to the left. Stay for a few breaths while extending in to your right fingertips and lovingly breathing into your right side.

Step 8. Press your left hand in to the floor and while breathing, in bring the knees back to the center. 

Step 9 (pic 6).  Stretch your legs out. Breathing in and Breathing out. Smiling in and Smiling out. Stay for a few precious moments letting the healing and integration take place.

Step 10.  Bend your knees. Press the feet down and lift the tailbone up. Remove the bolster from under your tailbone. Gently let your back touch the floor. Breathe and Smile. In and Out!

Step 11 (pic 7).  Give yourself the biggest hug EVA. You are the One who is driving your bus, you are your doctor and your healer, you are the One you have been waiting for. Breathe with gratitude and self awareness.

Final Step (pic 8).  Move towards the wall and placing the bolster under your tailbone, make yourself comfortable with your legs up the wall.  A tip: the longer our hamstrings get, the  closer to the wall we can be. Be Patient. Stay Loving.

Feel free to stay in this super rejuvenating pose for at least 10 minutes, slowly building it to 20 mins at a time. 

To come out of the pose is simply bend the knees, press your feet into the wall, and gently slide off the bolster untilyour back is flat on the floor. Roll to the right side and, pressing your hands down, push up into s sitting pose.

Repeat as needed.

Be well. Take good care of yourself.


Purple Cacao Pudding




- 2 T chia seeds, soaked in a cup of good water.
- ½ cup of almonds, soaked and peeled
- 3-4 pitted medjool dates
- 2 T raw cacao nibs
- 1/4 t vanilla seeds OR one pod
- A pinch of cinnamon powder
- A pinch of Himalayan salt
- Secret ingredient - half of a small organic beetroot.
- Handsome mint leaves, split almond, and cacao nibs for garnish

Blend soaked chia seeds, dates and sprouted almonds to create a creamy white mixture.

Add the cacao, all the spices, and thesecret ingredient for the color that makes all the difference in the world. Blend one more time.

Mindfully pour it in to a glass and let it set in a fridge for at least a few hours.

Before serving, lovingly decorate your pudding with split almond, cacao nibs and mint leaves.

Thank you for healing this world, by healing yourself!

Why We All Need to Detox (Secrets Of Self-Healing)

It has been 22 days since I decided to do a serious detoxification of my body.

I was feeling tired, overworked, hectic and had very little energy. Sleep is all I could manage when not busy doing stuff I love. I have done it again - neglected and self-abused. How easily we take for granted our health and feeling good? I do for sure, I get so excited about feeling awesome that I forget about honoring the miracle machine - body. I forget to eat, to hydrate, I forget to take care of this magical vehicle that has its own rules of life, because i get busy with living a life. 

3 weeks ago I felt as if I was beginning to slip back to being a sick person. Lupus (auto-immune disorder) symptoms kicked in again, just when I was telling the wold through my book how I self- healed. How ironic!

What do we do when we want to change the way we feel?

How do we help our ever demanding, sensitive, miraculous body to get back to that 'I-Feel-Awesome' experience? I do not believe in pharmaceuticals (unless it is a matter of life and death). 

I believe in a self-healing and even self-cleansing mechanism of our physical body.

If we let it do its job by supporting it and feeding it the right 'fuel', it will do what it has to do. I have found many self-healing tools during my life time of a health challenge. Detox/Cleanse is definitely one of them. No need to run to doctors or look for specialists all the time or take medication for every little ache. You are your own doctor, if you choose to play the role.

When we cleanse the body from all those toxic debris we accumulate through so called modern 'food', self-abusive tendencies and all the other pollutants we encounter every day, the body will fix whatever needs to be fixed.

Body knows what no mind does. It's intelligence is seriously underrated.

I share to inspire you to look at your own relationship with the body and see if there is a room for improvement!

After 22 days of fresh juices, occasional alive clean raw foods. I feel alive again, I have energy again. I have avoided yet again taking strong medications that most auto-immune sufferers take. I know how I want to feel. I deserve it. So do you!

Life is good again! Whoever invented DeTox, I love you, you smart cosmic cookie! 

With hugs and miracles

Truly yours

Super Foods Are DNA Food!


‪#‎Superfoods‬ are  vibrant life-giving edible substances that speak directly to our DNA.
They remind us how we are supposed to feel. How are we supposed to feel, I hear you ask? The answer is Awesome!

We are meant to feel absolutely awesome - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, not dull, drained and bloated.


Here is a list of some super foods to consider inviting in to your beautiful life and to make a difference in how you feel:
















More on this subject in the book "Chocolate Revolution" by yours truly

Little Secrets of Yoga

Anjali Mudra is a simple yet powerful hand gesture that can be practiced any time and anywhere, by anyone......

Anjali means "offering", mudra means "seal". We seal our intentions, our desire to connect with whatever it is that we choose at this moment.

We bring our both hands together to our center, to our Heart.

We pray or express our willingness to become the best versions of ourselves.... or we simply offer our precious Self to the Higher Force, to the Truth, to the Light.

Anjali mudra is a beautiful way to comfort ourselves at times of troubles and challenges.
"I am that! That i AM. Whatever God is.... that is what I am. Whatever consciousness is... that i am! Whatever Light is... that is what I am."

It balances our left and right brain, it reminds us that we are Human and Divine at the same time... flawed and perfect at the same time.

Best kept Beauty Secret. It ends with -Tox. A hint: it is not Botox!

 We all want to look younger and feel better, let us just admit it.

 We are vain species. I cannot imagine a butterfly sitting in front of the mirror deciding whether she needs a Botox, or a lion asking his lioness how his glutes and abs look.  Even if we managed to come above it all, we are still seriously attached to the way we feel. And that is what I focus on in this heart-sharing/article of mine.

Most People Have No Idea How Good Their Body is Designed to Feel - Kevin Trudeau

 It is this feeling. It is a FEELING. This awesome, everything-is-possible kind of feeling when we know deep inside that we can jump out of our own skin to touch the sky; we can create something magnificent all day and then dance all night long; we can take care of others, build business and watch the stars; be productive, be of use, all that while smiling and kissing in between. No need for rest. We are limitless. We rest in between our breaths.

 I am so aware that I do not look like a sick person and many people look at me with such suspicion when I open my heart and suddenly share how actually unwell I feel most of my life, living with the auto-immune disorder.

 It seems like my entire life revolves around how I feel. If I am not well, I cannot do anything: teach my beloved Yoga, my Workshops; or throw my Raw Chocolate parties or, the worst thing - I cannot be of service to anyone at all. Staying in bed, feeling that trip to the bathroom requires as much strength and focus as taking a space ship to the moon is all I can master sometimes. I admit it – it sucks.

 That feeling really pushes my buttons. In my book - feeling sick and drained, weak and foggy-minded, not motivated at all is the worst thing any human being can experience. If you know of anything worse than feeling dead while you are still alive, please let me know. Knowing how profoundly vast and wicked this human life experience is, I will not be surprised if there is a whole dozen.

Not on such a negative note, I must say, it is the health challenge that led me to discover the most life-changing, super-duper knowledge that anyone can wish for. My Soul cannot live on shallow illusions and world’s bs… I truly believe that it is true for all of us, just a bummer that many  value Soul so little. And where my Soul would be if it had not being for my challenged  body that pushes me out  of its discomfort zone? I have not got a freaking clue. I know for sure one thing - there is a blessing in every curse, there is a gift in every disaster. I am a Yogi, I cannot help but see it this way.

  I am being pushed to be disciplined and find the ways to create another kind of feeling.

What feeling do I want to create?

I want to feel awesome! I want to have energy to rock this world, I want to have clarity to make the best decisions in my life. I want to have fun and jump  on the most beautiful beaches and fly a helicopter. I want to be able to learn faster and to let go quicker.  I want to keep exploring this fascinating world, I want to keep searching for Joy, while feeling that I do have the strength to make a humongous effort to do something amazing..... even if at times it will be taking a trip to the bathroom. I still want to feel that i do have that feeling. And, my dear friend, I know you want the same feeling.

Humanity is sick, foggy-minded and stagnated, in general that is. we touch the subject of our food substances that makes us sick and all the other obstacles another time. I admire anyone who learned how to navigate through all the bullshit of this world and managed to find their own way to have energy, to stay well, clear and motivated.


I did find a secret weapon against so many things that hold us back, could have held me back…. Perhaps so back that I would not be here writing this. I am 200 % sure of that! I found it through being unwell and stubborn, and refusing to go drug way, pharmaceuticals that is.

 It is not only a secret of inner strength and vitality, a secret of clear mindedness and ability to stay focused and motivated....... it is also a beauty secret. I know,  everyone knows about Botox. Recently I found myself in a room full of gorgeous women, trying to  show them some simple  face Yoga moves, just to end up doing it all alone. As it appeared, I was the only girl in that room with no Botox. My beautiful bunch of girls willingly blocked their neuromuscular transmission by injecting substance that is according to Wikipedia  “the most acutely lethal toxin known” next to their third eye. We did have a good laugh, that I must say I did not find that funny, and of course i ended up telling them about another kind of -Tox, a different one, the one that makes you glow from the inside.

 So what is the Secret?


Detox has been my secret love affair since I am 16.

It is the Detox that led me to everything else, Yoga and Raw Chocolate included. Yeap, that is correct. Once I have learned how amazing and high I can actually feel, nothing was ever the same! I never wanted to do or eat anything that would rob me of that sensational feeling. So I came up with a life style that still had lots of fun, yummy stuff, but kept me feeling awesome.

 My first cleanse was a grape cleanse in an organic Ukrainian village with grapes coming straight from the vineyard of my grandma. It was followed by a numerous juice cleanses, anema course, raw cleansing diets, Ayurvedic supplements,  naturopathic tinctures, simple water fasts, liver cleanses, etc. I had the experience of the most fabulous detox program run by the Scientology people, called “The Clear”. Before  you put me in that strange Scientology box, may I say- that detox is the only thing I know about Scientology, and I loved every moment of the program. Letting go of the sleeping pills residue  stored in my body after taking  Niacin doses and great work out that ends in a 4 hour sauna treatment was certainly something to remember.  Basically i have leaned later that i can do this at home ( if well organized) by following Dr Mercola Detox. I also had the “pleasure” of experience, being on a serious Detox  program for a week, locked up in a private clinic, that seemed like outside of this world. That is another story.

Why do I love detox so much? 

It is hard, it is not pleasant at times, the body and mind go through these weird “detox” symptoms, this  profound release of the old, stagnated and blocked, we actually feel worse before we get better. It pushes us to our limits, it brings the best out of us,  even those who are real lazy buggers.

So why DETOX then?

          Reason 1.

          Because Detox helps our body to deal with whatever it is we are having, whether we take pharmaceuticals or not, whether it is physical, emotional or mental issues that we want to correct. Lately, one of my best friends, went through the chemotherapy, she decided to detox in between her  treatments to help her to body get what it needed and to remove all the toxic stuff. I must say, I am thrilled to see her looking like a movie star and starting her life again.         

        Reason 2.

        Because in spite of all the discomfort we put ourselves through while we are detoxing, it makes us feel awesome in the end, so alert, and so alive. Besides that, it is such an astonishing feeling of inner satisfaction and accomplishment. You just know with every cell of your being that you have just done something of real importance in life. You feel so good, you want to hug everyone and dance all night!

I will take this feeling over any other short living pleasure that we are so easy to fall for.

       Reason 3

          It makes us look younger and more radiant, not because of the chemicals that we so enthusiastically slap into our skin (external fix), but because we cleanse all the rubbish out of our systems, and glow from the inside. I am amazed at how willingly we put ourselves through all that pain and effort to look younger and more beautiful (that is a questionable statement, by the way!) making choices that might create that false feeling of satisfaction for a short time, but they are deadly and detrimental not only to our health but to our lives.

What is wrong with us, darlings? Since when looking like a  flawless plastic doll is more important than feeling like a gazillion dollars  creation of freedom, creativity and inspiration.

"A tornado of rainbows", as i was once called by someone i worked with :-)

         Reason 4.

         Detox is the best way to shift energy, to make a change in our lives, to help our precious Self to come back to life and actually live it. It is the best way to Inspire our tired  precious Self. When we get stuck and stagnated and feel like there is nothing in this world that can save our sorry ass and bring us back that feeling of joy and gorgeousness...... the  best thing we can do is DE-TOX!

 I am a living proof of every world i say or write, and i wanted you to know this - if I can do it, so can you.  What are you waiting for, angel? get rid of those feelings of being foggy-minded, stagnated, old or unwell... and get your self a new feeling of being Vibrant, Beautiful (inside out) and Alive! It is more fun!

 truly yours,