How to have the best day EVER!

We all want to Live happily ever after, don’t we?
Who wants to be miserable?

We want each day to be glorious and meaningful, filled with joy and fun.
We want to LIVE, we want to SHINE.

When we take responsibility for our own frequency, one day at a time, we have a chance toco create a life we want to live.

Here are a few little guide lines for those who need a gentle reminder.
One step at a time.
One breath at a time.

- Smile at the person in the mirror.
“Hello, beautiful!”

- Take time to remember who you are and what the heck you are doing with you life.

- Recycle your sorrows. Turn on the light inside.

- Be kind to yourself and others, and never miss a chance to laugh at yourself.

- Learn from cats. They make themselvesf shamelessly comfortable everywhere they go. They figured it out - life is for joy.

- Don’t take anything seriously.

- Smile at strangers.

- Vibrate at the highest frequency you can possibly master today.

- Stay in your center. You are the U-niverse! You are it.

- Shine. 

What are you waiting for? 
You are here to LIVE, here to SHINE.

The Asana of Love. How to work your Love ‘muscle’.

…… It is time to Love, to pay attention to everything around you, to read the book of Life as it has been written for all, it mentions all of us.

There is something written by Cosmos about You. Would you not want to know what it is?

If you are practicing yoga and know how to stand on your head and how to do all the bandhas and those gorgeous asanas, and still wonder why you are not feeling fulfilled and deeply satisfied…. perhaps it is time to take your practice to another level and learn the most graceful asana of all – the Asana of Love!

It is not the love that we know of, not the romantic love between two individuals who are lost in adoration of each other (that is awesome, really!), it is not even the love between a parent and a child. Neither it is the love that ends in the family. It is a bigger, vaster kind of love.
It is the Love that feels like this………..
“Did you remember at certain point that you and the person right next to you, and that guy that really pissed you off at the traffic lights, and that lady who smiled at you kindly, all the people you love and all those who challenge you are actually your sisters and brothers?

Did you have that strange feeling right in your chest (it is very overwhelming) when your Human Mind sees disasters and chaos, lack and imperfection, but your Cosmic heart feels harmony with all around you?

Did you ever feel while judging another, that you are actually judging yourself? As you are simply looking in the mirror.
Did you ever feel while fighting with another human fellow that what you want is the same thing they want – to be Loved, to be seen, to be recognized, acknowledged and accepted by others??
Did you ever have the tears of compassion rolling down your face? Because you just felt that we are all in the same ‘boat’ here – co creating our suffering, our pain, our personal disasters and sickness just for one reason only – to learn to Love……. To open ourselves to the true meaning of our existence; to become One, to reunite once again; to return to Innocence; to evolve back to the Truth; to translate ourselves into Light.

Did you ever feel that We are fingers of the same hand, drops of the same ocean, stars of the same sky!? No? Then you have a lot to learn about Love.”

We are talking this kind of LOVE. Love that is knowing, Love that is truth, the only truth worth searching for…..
if you want to feel it one fine day, here is a little tip on how to work your “love muscle”.


(These very simple techniques are given only as a suggestion for you to tap into your own vibration of love and to learn where you are in this magical energetic World. Please be kind to yourself, if you find these simple exercises hard to do.
The love muscle is just like any other muscle that you have, it needs time and practice. The rewards are the most astonishing changes in your daily experiences of life, like feeling profoundly loved and blissfully high… if you are happy to be where you are and feel you have nothing to change, feel free to skip the exercises).

- Today when you walk into a room, or find yourself anywhere, take a deep breath and just remember – The Only Reason why any Person enters your space is to feel loved by you.(Oh, you don’t have to jump on them and cover them with sloppy kisses:-)
Be kind and sensitive to them. Show them that you care!

– Imagine they are your favorite brother/sister. Imagine they saved your life or did something so kind and powerful that affected your path profoundly. They might have been, you just don’t remember.

- Be Present, Be attentive, be authentic. They need your Love to move on in their life, to feel better about this world, to take another step in their growth and you can contribute to that just by being aware of it, it is that simple.

It is a very easy thing to practice, start with a few people a day and then slowly grow from there; you will be surprised at the amount of fun and joy you will create around you.

This attitude lead me to have such awesome experiences with total strangers – on the airplane (not what your sweet-arrogant-you is thinking), in restaurants, on my trips to foreign countries.
People respond with such grace to feeling Loved, they open up and give you their best, they share their secrets and experiences, they unite with you on this deep invisible energetic level.

As a result you feel Loved too, the heart connection has been made, the Love vibration got activated, the mercaba body got to spin faster, creating more light in this world.

You have contributed to the most important event that takes place on our planet right now.
You have just fulfilled another part of your self – you have translated your human energy into the cosmic Light.
You are an alchemist; you are here to change the world.
Do it with Love!

From the book “The Unloved Tribe.” bu truly yours,

To hear your calling.

Someone said: “It takes courage to be yourself in a World that is constantly trying to turn You into someone else.” Do You hear the message? How many of us live our lives as ourselves?

You see, it is very simple, we have to follow what calls for us. It is our contract, it is our responsibility to receive the call from the Higher Self (or whatever you want to call it) and act upon it. No judgment, no filtering, no mind bs. Every one of us has a unique calling.
15 years ago while living inthe UK as a seemingly happy glamour girl, I heard the calling and decided to accept it. I put my flat on the market and started packing. My London friends thought I totally lost it. Who would be leaving a life of a “movie star – men, flowers and money” to go to “unclean, less developed parts of the world” to do some weird stuff called Yoga? Why would we leave safety and certainty for something unknown and unexplored. It is kind if scary, isn’t it? Yes, it is, a little.

What seemed more scary though is to stay unhappy and dissatisfied. What seemed successful and happy on the outside in reality was deeply unhappy, empty and broken on the inside. Health issues, depressions, feelings of being trapped and hopeless is something we are all familiar with. What do we do about it?

First, we have to stop andget a grip on ourselves. Listen. Listen to that loud noise inyour head, that mind movie that has been playing in there……. like forever. Do you like what you hear? If yes, wonderful, have fun with it. No? Then change the record. How? Switch the focus. Listen to the soundof your breath instead, just for a few moments. You have no idea what this simple trick does to us, and i am not going to tell you. Then, have a real conversation with Yourself. I mean, seriously, drop the weather talk and “I am fine” crap. Be honest! Make yourself a cup of tea, sit down with a penand paper and writedown everything that makes you unhappy right now. Let all those hidden desiresreveal themselves. Let them out. Once you got clarity on where in life you actually are right now, make a decision tohear your calling!

Very simple:

Get quiet! Gain clarity! Let Yourself happen!

When I did that 15 years ago for the first time, my life changed forever. No high street-shopping, no champagne-drinking, no city boys dating could stop me from taking that step. It felt like a strong urge, it felt like the only thing that I was supposed to do. I didn’t care about what anyone thought or said. I just knew I had to follow the calling.

Fuck Yoga if it is not your calling. All the shanti-shmanti, om singing and body pretzel-ing is not everybody’s cup of tea. No time to waste here. Hear Your Calling. If you feel right now that there is a part of you that is unhappy, empty and broken inside, startacting before it gets worse.

I truly feel in the depth of my heart that if we fight for our own happiness and stop fearingthe unknown, we will get our power back… and we will create much better lives for ourselves. You know where that leads, right? A world full of happy and fulfilled people, doing their thing, smiling at each other. Well, I am a dreamer, i like that about me.

What is calling You? How loud is it? Find it, hear it, honor it and follow it. Get your power back and start rocking. Later on in life You will know why you had to face all those fears and get a grip on your self…… and you will never look back. I promise.