Conscious Living



Are You happy where you are right now?
Do You feel alive and excited to be where You are?
Is that so?
Are You a fulfilled and joyful human being?
Is it fun to be You?
What ripples do You create for the world we live in?
Do you feel proud and honored to be You?
Are You in charge of your life?
Are You soul-satisfied, connected and free?

One of the greatest lessons I learned from being unwell and unhappy for a long time - is the POWER of CHOICE!
We have this incredible ability to FOCUS on stuff.


We can consciously choose to focus on what makes our Soul sing... OR... we can remain focused on stuff that others told us to focus on. Choosing what to focus on now….. now….. now - is where our freedom IS, this is our way to liberation.


We get to choose from this 'life buffet' what goes on our human plate. We do, whether we are aware of it or not.
We do it all the time, consciously or unconsciously.



We can stay in places that don't serve us OR we can leave!
We can react to everything we hear OR we can focus on the JOY of being ALIVE.
We can frown OR we can smile!

We can be mean and cruel, justifying it by our loyalty to truth OR we can choose to stay calm, loving and kind.
We can let others drag us into their stories OR we can stay rooted in who we are!


It is all a matter of choice!

To make it short -
We can run on the old world programs - conditioning and fear, addiction to drama, chaos and self-destruction OR
we could take a deep breath and do a self-reality check.

"Where am I heading with this thought?
How does doing this serve me?
What does it improve upon?"

The truth is - when we allow our Self to unplug from the external programming, from "the collective bs" - we begin to see very clearly that it is our choices that shape our reality and paint the picture of our world.



Here is a suggested list of CHOICES that have the power to rock anyone's world:

  • Minding Your Own Spiritual Business!

  • Fasting

  • Switching to plantbased eating

  • Regular Bodywork

  • Getting 20 minutes of sunlight every day

  • Parasite cleanse

  • WiFi and people detox

  • Silence

  • Getting rid of clutter

  • Grounding and Connecting with the Earth

  • Yoga/Chi Gong or any other practice that makes you happy

  • Meditation

  • Creativity

  • Joy

  • Saying No to bullshit

  • Saying Yes to Love!

  • Authenticity

  • Staying true to your Self

  • Taking responsibility for your own vibration.




No one can choose for You.
No one has any clue what it is like - walking in your shoes, no matter how hard You try to explain.
No one has the power to impose their beliefs and visions, to dictate their rules, or to tell us how to BE... unless we give it to them.

We can choose our frequency, our response to what is happening around…., even when we think we cannot choose anything at all.

The Power of CHOICE is the only true power we have here... and that, my friends, is really empowering and beautiful to KNOW.

May we feel connected, powerful and whole.

Anna Suvorova
Health/Yoga Educator. Life Lover.
Author. Dreamer of a better world for all.

How To Heal the World.

If we look around with all our eyes open, we will see that HEALING - ALIGNMENT is taking place everywhere.

The Truth is out, and Truth is Healing. There is more Honesty, and Honesty is healing. All the information is here - recipes, things to avoid, medicinal tonics and sacred plants, all sorts of energy healing, cosmic guidance is more available than ever. These days we have access to what was forbidden and hidden from humanity for centuries.
The system is losing its grip on humanity, the Heart Consciousness is winning. Healing, let us call it Alignment is no longer a miracle, but a choice any of us can make.

We have all we need to unplug from the old world paradigm, we have the tools to come out of our mind and to find our Heart, and what is more healing than that? It is just a matter of choice, and, it seems like - a matter of courage too.

We can continue watching TeLieVision, consuming chemicalized foods, engaging in collective programming and keep fighting for our limitations, defending the crumbling paradigm with everything we have…. OR..... we can put our thinking hat on, show up for our true Self and head towards feeling good, towards evolution.


I wish to share with you what I have learned from my own healing. Healing zone has been my home, my school, my field, my curse and my blessing... for decades. It is all I know.

After being vaccinated at very young age, I ended up with wracked immunity and had to live through years of self-experimenting on my Self. that at times felt like a living hell. Constant fevers and aches, sudden fainting, endless allergic reactions, no energy whatsoever. Some days all I could do was breathe. The system and me - we never got along. I refused medications and chemo. I refused to give myself to the hands of Big pHarma. I refused to eat the so called food created by the crafty food industry. I remember how I crawled out of London Hospital where I was taken for emergency, they asked me to sign papers: that if I die - it is my responsibility, not theirs. That was a good lesson indeed. That is when I fully realized that my health was my responsibility ONLY, just like your health is yours, my love. I would not wish any of my past life experiences upon anyone and have a lot of compassion to all those who get a glimpse of this sad side of life.
The numerous researches, the endless self-experimenting, the never ending hunting for the right knowledge (and clean food) that helped me heal.... finally all that makes sense.
Last few years I have been sharing these insights with people like you, hoping to save you time and troubles and to INSPIRE you.


Lessons I learn from being sick and nearly dead:

  • Everything we were conditioned to think is absolute nonsense.
    The sooner we open our minds to miracles and non-logical events - the sooner we will HEAL. In short, one has to change the mode one operates on - from left brain hemisphere into the right one. That connects us to our Heart, and from there - everything is possible. Not everything can / need to be explained or proven. Sometimes our own life becomes the best proof and evidence there is.

  • Truth can only be experienced. It cannot be borrowed from a book, or someone else's mind, no matter how brilliant it might sound. We cannot Google truth either. We have to find it on our own and get the EXPERIENCE of it.


  • Healing starts with silence. There is no healing in this maddening noise.
    Trust a single moment of meaningful silence more than a million of words.

  • Show Up for Your Self!
    When we wish to heal, we are often presented with the biggest challenge of all - creating loving, harmonious and supporting environment. Tolerating abuse ( verbal, energetic, or physical), feeding parasitic consciousness (still a lot of that here), lack of self-honesty and respect does not support HEALING. Showing Up for our Self does!

  • Each meal is a statement. Every time we eat - we are communicating to every cell of our being, sending messages to our original blueprint. ”Let your food become your medicine.”

  • CONNECTION is everything.
    Honoring our personal connection to the Source/Universe/Mystery/God (whatever word suits you) usually attracts like-hearted and like-minded others, who have the same connection. Those connections are a soul medicine. There is so much healing in that - acceptance and unconditional love are no longer the bla-bla, they become reality that heals everything.

  • When we take full responsibility for our own VIBRATION - we change the game.
    When we begin to view our challenges as invitations to expand rather than life hardships - we are on the road to Healing.

  • GRATITUDE - APPRECIATION is a shortcut to healing.
    Cultivating gratitude activates our Heart and reminds us of a bigger picture and values of life.

We can all HEAL. Our self healing is our greatest responsibility.

And when we heal our Self - we heal the world!
One person at a time... one thought at a time, one mind at a time... one Heart at a time.

with love and respect,
Anna. Health/Yoga Educator. Author. Dreamer of a better world for all.


How to Transit into a Plantbased Life and What To Expect



More and more people are looking for ways to stay healthy and alert. More and more of us are realizing that old world paradigm is not serving the best in our SELF and our planet.

Watching TV, eating diseased flesh, using chemicals and staying plugged into the system does not lead us anywhere. It keeps ud stagnant, trapped in a slave mode.



I watch in awe the process of transformation!
Humanity is taking the next step of evolution.
I have always believed in change!!! 
I healed my body and my mind enough to have faith and confidence in this process.

If you chose to be a part of this global transformation taking are busy making changes in your life. I salute you all beautiful peaceful warriors!!!



- Start by educating yourself. Check out reliable sources of information and connect with those who are on the path. Join groups and find support.
- Eliminate all processed FOODs, meat and dairy from your diet. They all carry tamasic quality. Learn about real nutrition and how to relate to your beautiful miracle machine - Body. Remember - only life supports life!



- Invite Superfoods in to your life. Turmeric. Spirulina. Unrefined Cacao.... are the best three to start with.
- Start moving your Body.
- Go.on an easy cleanse. Juice or fruit.
- Run to Nature every time you can. Concrete jungle is not good for our mental health.
- Seek least an hour a day.
- Start something new - meditation, yoga, hiking, swimming, rebounding, walking, creativity. All these sattvic activities will bring you closer to your deep real SELF and inspire the best in you.
- Make a conscious desicion to make an inner shift. Find those who bring and support the best in You.
- Stop avoiding the inner work. Face what is You. You are a majestic unique particle of the You-niverse....and she is waiting for You to join the bigger picture.
Sooner or later we all realize that true Healing begins within. It is by looking inward and practicing awareness we find meaning to our life and contribute to the outer world.



What To Expect?

- You will go through a stage that might not feel that great. After we stop bombarding our system with poisons, we go into a reprogramming mode - we might have withdrawal symptoms, like skin rashes, headaches, unexplainable inner tension and mood swings. This is a normal reaction. Things often get worse before they get better.
- You will have cravings for slave food. Programming is tough.  Be prepared for it.
- You will be mocked and pulled back into the old world paradigm by those who chose a different path. Let it go.
- You will feel lighter, happier and will become slimmer.


- After 5-6 weeks of making a transition you will start experiencing yourself differently. As if your new version of You begins to emerge.
It will be your best motivation.

You are ready.
Start now. Start where you are and how you are. Many of us already did it, You can do it too. I believe in you.
You are welcome to go through my site  for nurturing and supportive vibes.


"In the future there will be neither darkness no thunderbolts, neither ferocious ignorance, no bloody retaliation..... in the future no one will kill anyone else, the Earth will beam with radiance, the human race will LOVE.
The day will come when all will be concord, HARMONY, light, joy and light."
~ Victor Hugo 


Anna Suvorova
Health/Yoga Educator
Author. Dreamer of a better world for all.



Things to Know About Your Energy




"It is one thing to give energy, but... if we give energy to someone who gives it back, then we build energy, then it amplifies back and forth. If we were all doing this, humanity would take another step in evolution." - The Celestine Prophecy 





If you are a kind  loving Soul living and loving through these exciting times of TRANSFORMATION, and seek some confirmations of what you already might feel -  this is for you.


About Energy.

  ENERGY is our life force, it is what makes our breath flow, what makes our heart beat, it is what keeps you and me moving forward in life, it is what makes us grow, succeed and evolve, as spiritual beings.

 No life force, no energy - no life. Sometimes we have more energy, sometimes we have less, often - not enough to do all we wish to do. We can lose a lot of energy during rough times in life, surely many of you know what it feels like to be drained and empty... and say, " I have no energy." Everything under the sun  requires ENERGY in order to survive, and everything strives to RECEIVE energy.

 Energy is our spiritual currency!

 It is a sacred  UNIVERSAL LAW that has been broken by the system set up... and that is where we need to look if we wish to HEAL ourselves and the world we live in.




 Things to KNOW about ENERGY:

- It can be created by choices and activities of high frequency  - 

SELF-LOVE (taking care of yourself, being honest with oneself, setting boundaries),

CREATIVITY (expressing our true essence),

SPIRITUAL PRACTICES (energy exchange with the Source), 

 SOUL CONNECTION (mutual energy exchange),

BEING with NATURE (receiving energy from mama),

CONNECTING TO THE HIGHER SOURCE (silence, meditation),

HEALING FOODS (free energy delivery to our cells),

all sorts of CLEANSES, etc. In yoga it is called SATTVA. Everything that connects us to SPIRIT is sattva.

 - We can GIVE or RECEIVE Energy willingly.

 Mutual Energy exchange is the most harmonizing and healing experience any of us can have. 

That is why we all strive to be in love (I dont mean the Hollywood version of love) as it is the most empowering, energy-cultivating phenomenon ever!

 REAL LOVE (Soul Love) is a Nuclear ENERGY Bomb!

- Energy can also be stolen, it can leak out without our knowing... and that is what I would like to bring your awareness to at this point.

 A lot of stuff is going on here in the invisible, as much as in visible. 

 Humanity is finally learning about the invisible/unseen world -  our spiritual home, where we  are as REAL as we can be, where we are all powerful conscious beings, connected to the Source and living according to Universal Laws.

 A lot is going in the invisible - energy battles and attacks, energy downloads, energy gifts, energy leakages, tapping into new energy, etc.

 One thing for sure -

 The more we dig into that invisible - the clearer things get in the visible.



What Do We Need To Know about Parasitic energy?

 Parasitic Consciousness is a lower consciousness of the Universe.

 It cannot create energy, so it is steeling it from those who can.

 This is not new, this game has been played for thousands of years.   Us, human beings, can carry this energy unconsciously. Ever been around people that dont feel right? Ever felt drained after spending time with someone who does not stop complaining or criticizing? Ever found yourself operating on low vibration yourself? It is all OK, it is a part of our learning process. How else would we learn what serves us and what does not?


People that we call sociopaths and narcissists, starkers and abusers are good examples of this low vibrational energy.

Those who do not have their own connection to the Higher Truth/God/Universe, and not willing to learn how to cultivate their own energy.....become portals of this energy and usually have the need to attach to someone who does, in order to survive.  Awareness of this phenomena taking place can change the game for us all.


 When we are AWARE, we will sense that something is not right, and we will do all we can to prevent anyone who might be unconsciously channeling this energy from attaching their energy hooks to us.

I can say this from my own experience ( not nice to remember, but valuable!)

 When we are aware - we see this pattern and we refuse to engage… that is when things might get unpleasant, we might witness what we call manipulation. If you ever had a high voltage empath- narcissist relationship - you know this far too well.

 We unconsciously give our energy when we are in fear, or get stuck in our emotional reaction to this experience.. that is the short version.



 How To Keep Your Energy?


Claim your right to be YOU regardless of whoever says whatever.

 You are a child of the Universe. You have the right to be here, You have the right to be You. Do all you can to remove this energy from your space, even if you have to fight, get divorced or run away.

 You are number One in your life! it is your responsibility to take care of YOU, no one else will do it for you.


  I wish to share something very personal  that might resonate and help connect the dots for some of you.

Years ago I had the privilege of learning the greatest spiritual lesson I could ever ask for. I had  an experience of being targeted  because of my energy - I was attacked, chased and threatened for almost a year. I got  so drained and tired that I was willing to die just to end it. I lost a lot of energy by unconsciously giving it to fear and victimhood that got hold of me.

 To make this short and sweet. I had to face my own fear and my own programming of playing-nice mode..... or I would die.

At that time I was advised by well-meaning people to "send the abuser love and light", " to wrap him up in a pink bubble of love", to "cut the cord between our Souls".. etc. I did it all, all the fluffy new age bs existing under the sun, I tried all of it to save my life. None of it worked! 

What was really happening - I did all I could (as many of us do!) to AVOID my own SPIRIT that demanded me to become REAL and to step up my cosmic game. 

 I came to see that - this is what all this violence, all this abuse and this injustice is here to teach us all.

We are here to find our SPIRIT  and to ALIGN with UNIVERSAL LAWS.

 When my life situation forced me to make a choice between me or someone who kept violating my space, and from what it felt like - was determined to do all he could to destroy me... not knowing what else to do - I called for my SPIRIT. 

 When she became me - the TRUTH hit me like a thunder.....I roared like a wounded Kali... and was not afraid to stand up for myself... ever since. I would rather die fighting for my right to be happy and free than live as a victim or a slave.


We need to see very clearly - Those who break the Universal Laws and impose their will upon others, playing God, have no such right to do so. Their choices and desires are out of alignment with Universal Laws (The first Law - Never interfere with a free will of another!).

 It is our responsibility to stop not only this outrageous kind of behavior, but to also end this energy.



What we need to remember is this - everything under the sun is trying to survive, in order to do that - energy is required….that is all. If it is not you or me, then it would be someone else, as long as we allow this ENERGY to exist, it is not going anywhere.



 There is a difference between those who are confused and angry at this world  and those who dont give a shit about anything but their own survival. I am a very loving soul, but I am not a pushover. After I got my lesson - I will pull my sword out at any given moment to protect Universal Laws, justice or energy, be it mine or those I love.

I am passing along these vibes to you,  take them if you need them.



Do not be ashamed or afraid of wanting to get rid of parasites. It is perfectly human - to strive to be loved and experience life as HARMONY and JOY.

 By choosing higher consciousness and love for yourself, you are doing it for all of us here.



Few other things that might be good to know:

 Parasitic consciousness has come to its end. It created a lot of suffering for humanity, by wrapping this planet in pain, suffering and blood.

This unattractive soul-robbing and fear-planting energy comes to us from the the system - "Obey or die" or "Get killed like many if You dare to stand up against us"


 it comes through "people" - usually people who do not do work on themselves, did not heal their wounds, did not address their fragmentation, or did not find the courage and support to reconnect with their Soul. 

Often this very same energy can operate through us, when we are not AWARE.

As a result of that - we have many human-looking beings walking around this planet, eating our energy, puking toxicity and planting fear everywhere they go. They seed low vibrations because that is what they n

The things is -

Our Soul, our human life force is part of a long term battle taking place in the Universe.

 We all can become SOUL warriors,we all have a SPIRIT!

 We all can  begin to care about the state of this planet and human consciousness.



And for those of you who are still shy to shine because you are afraid of being attacked.. let me say this.

Yes, we might feel that way for a bit….  But... that is only in the visible is something from the invisible -

The truer we stay to who we really are, the clearer the voice of our SOUL - the deeper our connection to the SPIRIT, to the SOURCE - the stronger we become!!!

No one can stop the sun from shining and the winds of change from blowing. Humanity is awakening and getting up from their knees.

New Earth is birthing, we are where we are supposed to be - with the mother - with Universe!!!



Thank you for spending time with me here.

 With love and respect.

Fasting as a Healing Tool. How to Start. Beginners Guide.


Before we dive into this glorious subject, may I just say this?

Congratulations on being open to change!

When we are growing and expanding, we are shedding layers and layers of conditioning and external programming and we are inspiring others to do the same.

 We are making a difference in the world! That, my friend, counts for something.

 If I were You, I would celebrate my Self with more self-love then ever.



So, You have had enough of being this tired version of You.

 You dont want to rely on Big pHarma to fix you. You wish to find a way that resonates with you better, a Nature way! 

You desire to be better and free-er. You are ready to try FASTING, ready to change.



As many of You know, I have been dragging my immunity-wracked-sorry-butt through decades of self-experimenting and researching. I spent more time not eating than most people I know.

My friend and inspiration sunyogi who did not eat for 9 years is one of those few who has gone deeper down this rabbit hole then I did. It is truly some experience. I have done more than 100 different fasts in my life.., and I am sure that it is one of reasons why I am still here.  I do love combining fasts with the sun for some reason. I will cover the subject of healing powers of sun in my next sharing.

Thank to people like you, who share this challenging but honorable path with me, I have been inspired to document my healing journey, that seems to inspire more healing in the world. Thank you for the inspiration and the support!




  How To Start? 

 Prepare well. Mentally. Energetically. Physically.

You are about to give yourself a totally awesome experience.

 You are about to rock your own world.

 This might be life changing.

 It is good to prepare well for this extraordinary turn around in your life.


 Steps to take.

1. Put yourself in the right FRAME OF MIND.

- Do a research, watch the best videos and read the best articles to INSPIRE Yourself. 

- Set your realistic goals.

 - Know that there will be some hick ups and fuck ups, and that is OK!


 As long as you keep coming back to what you desire, you are doing great. Expecting a smooth ride here is a setting yourself up for a disappointment.

 Be prepared to go through this experience learning from every up and  every down. That is the frame of mind we need here. Let your determination fuel you.



2. Create a SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT where you feel safe and inspired to GROW.

 Let those who are close to you know that this is what you are doing and you count on their support, or at least - no interference.

A lot of us are afraid of change or fail miserably because we dont find ourselves supported, and healing is a big job, we need as much support as we possible can imagine.

 We need that Soul food. It is vital for our healing and our growth. Surround yourself by those who get you and wish the best for you, those who are celebrating our uniqueness. 

Lack of supporting energy is one of the strongest underlying currents that hinders healing, be it our own or our planet. What is the point of feeding the body all the nutrients, while the Soul is starving.

True Healing needs wholeness, and we need to remember that.

Let us be honest here - our world with its external programming is not very supportive of anything high vibe: healing, change, or transformation.

 Anything that carries out-of-the-norm vibe, like self-love, self-respect, or expression of our UNIQUENESS are being attacked, consciously and unconsciously, often by those who are close to us.

 It is just a programming, that is all. When wee see it as such, we are weapon-ed with AWARENESS to deal with it better.


The system set up prefers us like-everyone-else - obedient, non-questioning and submissive, that keeps the system rolling, even if it is on our health or life expense. 

It is a painful but enlightening realization that our being sick and dull, unmotivated and dependent is profitable to the system. Yet, we can turn it into our motivation.

That is why it is very IMPORTANT to protect your space when you are doing something so high vibe and self-loving as HEALING.

- Surround yourself by those who wish the best for you.

 - Have courage to stand up for your Self!

 Claim your right to be the grandest version of the greatest vision you ever had about who you are (a beautiful phrase by Neale Donald Walsch).


3. Prepare your BODY.

 In the old world there was not much education on how to relate to our miracle machine- Human Body.

 In my ideal world, instead of those fake-reality posters promoting chemicals and vanity, on every corner we would see posters and pictures of how to be a soulfull being and how to treat our Body and our planet with respect, and make this world beautiful... as you already know - I am a dreamer.

One of the most mind-blowing realization that any of us might have is that our physical realm is beautifully intertwined  with our spiritual and mental realms. Everything is interconnected, remember? No matter how strongly spiritually we desire change, or mentally making an effort, if the body is blocked and polluted by the substances that wrack our brain cells and alter our DNA - our access to secret passages of real transforsmtion remains locked. 

Hijacked and neglected Body cannot serve as a consciousness portal. We have to claim it back.

By keeping our body clean... we are also clearing the mind.. and gaining more access to the Source.

 Our miracle machine - Body - is a cosmic devise with the power to upload new vibrations and enhance our life.




 Body receives huge amounts of new healing frequencies when it is clean and unblocked. Body needs to be respected and understood in order to show us what it can be and do for us. 


Help your beautiful Body to prepare for the new level of being, for the new experience of You.

 - Go slow. Give yourself a few weeks to prepare by cutting the number of your meals and increasing the  non-eating (fasting) time between the meals. See how that feels.

- Do a gentle anti-parasite cleanse. There are many herbal formulas and zappers out there to handle this with ease. Check your local health store or ask people operating in the healing zone.

- Go raw, just fruits and veggies for 5-7 days before you start your fast.

 During preparation time having heaps of ginger, chia seeds, turmeric, cinnamon, cayenne pepper along with many greens and raw coconut oil will do your body a lot of good.

- Do a colonic or a home made coffee enema at least a few times before  you  go into full-monty fasting mode.

 Your beautiful physical form will handle fasting much easier if it feels loved and respected by you.

Now, all you need to do is to welcome this high vibe energy into your life, and start preparing.

After all ... there must be a reason why out of all those articles in the Universe.. you are reading this one. 

May we all be HAPPY HEALTHY and FREE!

 Anna. Health/Yoga Educator. Author. 


How to Start Healing. Now


First thing first - allow me to say that it takes one special human journey to earn the right to start an article with words like that.

 Trippy, that is the word that comes to mind when I look back at my human journey.


Imagine -

 One challenge after another: from being vaccinated a few times more than other kids of my time to breaking a spine at 14, and growing in an abusive disturbing environment, from being diagnosed with one dis-ease after another through out entire life (no wonder - after that vaccine cocktail!) to not being able to talk properly until later on in life (very embarrassing it was, but not to worry - I made up for it since I tuned into my True Self), from living in this super sensitive body that acts like some alien radar from the future (plant based, high vibe, honest and fresh food only or no food at all) to having this loud open Heart that feels everything and cares so much about everything. Oh well, anyway, enough about me.

I feel you got the picture, at least a little glance.


 It was a long journey to get where I am today - Happy Healthy.. and utterly Grateful to be alive and here among you, beautiful people.



 How do we start Healing? Where do we even begin?

I had an honor to be a part of many healing  processes. Not all of them ended with what we call a success, but they all showed me the same formula, the same recipe, and I wish to share it with you.



 Healing INGREDIENT #1.

Remember this - "Nothing ever is, but is always becoming." Plato said that, and he was right.  Nothing is fixed or solid, and neither is whatever that thing that we might be diagnosed with.

You can stop the process, and even reverse it. You can do it!

And what is interesting  here - only You hold the power to do that.

 No doctor with no degree, and no amount of money can create that effect. It is You. You plus courage and determination.

 So, Healing INGREDIENT #1 is COURAGE.

Be brave not to follow the rules.

 Let no one plant fear into you and convince you that their way is the only way. 

Years ago I was told that I would end up in a wheelchair by 40 if i refused to take pharmaceuticals. "Gotta be a better way," That is what I said. Did I know the way at that time? Nope.

 Did I believe that I would find it? Kinda. I was not sure what I was doing really. I just knew what felt wrong. And getting on pharmaceuticals that have a list of side effects more scary than the symptoms of the auto-immune disorder that everyone thought I had...did not feel right. 

No thank you. After the vaccines, I have enough chemicals in my blood stream for the next ten lives.

Guess what? I am coming to my 50 this year. On my-my.. I did not think I would make it this far, so GRATEFUL.

 I walk around in awe of having a life, and that is a totally another dimension of human existence. Back to the formula.



Tune into your inner GPS.

Find what calls you.

 Research until you feel that something resonates with your unique journey. We all know how much information is out there these days, It is confusing to say the least.

 I feel compassion for those who are disconnected, not sensitive, not aligned with their higher senses, it is so easy to drawn in this ocean of information when we are not in tune with our cosmic GPS.

 Stay tuned into your inner higher sense, think with your belly brain, follow your intuition.

So, INGREDIENT #2 is your Cosmic GPS. 

Stay tuned into it. 

What is better? Trusting your own flying or flying of someone else, who is very often does not have your best interest at heart. I am referring to Big pHarma here, as you probably figured. It is a risk taking anyway, so I d rather take my own and hold my Self responsible.



Set up your own Healing program that allows you to remain close to Nature and your Real True Self:

 -  get some sun before 10 am every day;

-  eat fresh organic plant based foods or do fasting, whatever you choose at this point;

- have some time alone when you can talk to your body, You-niverse, whatever you wish to call the Mystery; 

- invite as much support as you possibly can - CBD, Ozone, intravenous vit C, healing herbs, energy work, hanging out with high vibe medicine people, etc. Anything that activates our own inner self-healing mechanism is good for us at this point.

- get out of EMF, not a healing zone.

- remain open and recipient! Nothing ever is, remember.

So, healing INGREDIENT #3 is your connection to the Source. 

Many of us get unwell because this connection is broken.



Have Faith!

I know this is easier said then done. I have been there and I know that HEALING process is not much fun, it is rocky and volatile, it is up and down... but with full honesty, it is easier with faith, then without.

Surround yourself with what and who empowers your FAITH and activates your miracle gene.



Know - You are an important element of something bigger than You.

Know - this is not for nothing! 

Whatever it is that you came here to HEAL, is a big cosmic deal.

 Your journey has a deeper meaning, even if it does not feel like that at this point.

Healing is a powerful energy.

 Healing is a privilege.

 It transcends earthy into universal, it makes human divine, it turns pain and chaos into peace and harmony. It is profound!

  You are a part of something profoundly important. You-niverse believes in You. You are special like that. 

You can do this as many of us could... we are shining the light to your human journey, so one day You shine to others too.


with love and respect to all those who are here to HEAL this realm.


Yoga is ... a date with your Self!

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 2.08.45 PM.jpg

One of the most beautiful things that ever happened to me on my human journey was  discovering and befriending Yoga.

Because of the common misconception of this incredible science, this mind opening philosophy, I was really sceptical about it at first. I thought it was all about twisting your body into pretzels and head stands, and none of it appealed to my ever aching and challenged body. My curiosity and passionate hunger for the most sacred knowledge of the Universe lead me to  my first date with... my Self.

Yeap. That is what yoga does - it leads you to your essence, to the deepest layers of your Self!  It shows you who you are, what you are really made of, and what you can be, if you choose to grow.  It is like - You are on a date, finally, with the most important person in your life - You. 

Yoga is not at all about looking good in that fancy yoga outfit, and it is not about perfecting that pose. Yoga does not give a damn how long your hamstrings are either. In fact Yoga has nothing to do with anything physical whatso-freaking-ever. Yoga is like your best friend, who accepts and loves you just as you, and gently shows your another reality of You.


What I have learned from 19 years of dating myself.. or Yoga?

- Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE!

- A human Body is a sacred vessel through which the SPIRIT has a chance to express itself.

- Nothing is solid. We can change anything - be it our body, mind, reality or life!

- Healing is available to any of us who are willing to step out of the ordinary... out of the box.

- Our primal relationship in life is relationship with the Mystery, with the Divine, with the Higher Force. The rest comes after.

- There is nothing to fear. We are so much more than this world ever allowed us to believe. We are eternal. We will shed the body like an old skin that is no longer needed, and we will keep moving forward!


 A word of Advice for those who are stepping on this extraordinary journey:

- Be gentle with yourself! Dont force, dont push anything that does not feel right.

- Trust and Listen to your Body. It will tell you when to stop and when to go deeper!

- Remember to be Patient!  As long as you are HERE and NOW - you are in the right  place and the right time!

- Breathe! Let your body and breath dance together.

- Watch your muscle of the SPIRIT - AWARENESS - getting stronger and stronger every day. Celebrate it! That is the purpose of life. You got this.

 It is through practicing yoga that I have learned the most precious lessons of life. I learned to love myself so I could love others, to be patient with myself, so I could be patient with others, to heal myself, so I could assist others to heal themselves too.

 Once we create the most loving and harmonious relationship with our Self.... it gets easy to create harmonious relationships with others. And what is better that a world full of beautiful harmonious people living together as One?

So, what Yoga is offering to us has no price tag. It offers wisdom. It offers healing not only to our Self, but also to others. What is a better way to live a life than being a HEALING precense in this world?


Energy... How To Create It and Why.


 Are You familiar with “I just wanna stay in bed” – feeling? No energy?

As someone living with the auto-immune condition, I have been long-term friends with this feeling. There are better friendships to have, I have learned, but I also learned a lot from spending a lot of time in this no-energy holes.

 There are times in life when everything gets too intense.  We are feeling drained, exhausted and empty, but we must keep going. Life does not stop, demands and expectations do not end. Our dreams, our jobs, our family and friends, our bodies, our minds, and our souls…… everything needs energy to remain alive. Try not to water your plants for a week and you will see exactly what I mean. Without energy... dreams die, family and friends distance, our physical bodies become dysfunctional, mind gets dull and dis activated… and Soul wilts like a neglected flower...... everything runs on energy.



Do you know what I am talking about?

If you do, then I have something special to share with you here. Being who I am and refusing to take meds for my immunity issue, I had to find my own way to stay well and have energy, the natural way. Endless self experiments (not all of them were success) led me to remember our connection to Nature (to Universe) and her wisdom that I carry in my medicine-woman genes.

This easy energy cultivating program is my heart sharing with you. It helped those I worked with, my friends in need of an energetic pick-me-up, and my own self... every time. Take what resonates with you, dismiss what does not... and feel better!

Now. Let us understand how energy works.


 Imagine your bank account. Every day you, big spender, are happily making withdraws from it, you keep spending, but do not make a deposit. You take out a lot, yet you put nothing back in. 

 How long do you think you are going to last this way? What is going to happen to your accounts with no deposits made? I believe bankruptcy is the word here. I have learned that it is the same with our energy bank. You might not know this yet, but energy is the most precious currency in the Universe... and everything alive is after it.

We are operating in a realm where energy gets stolen, taken without our permission (if we are not on guard), sucked out (literally). I met a few creatures who would kill for energy, step over others for it without a slightest hesitation.... surely you have seen that too. So, we must learn to create it, to save it and to guard it with all we have. Our energy realm reminds me a lot of a Jurassic Park. It is kind of funny and safe only when you know how to navigate through it.


How Do We Create Energy and make deposits to our energy bank?

The answer is really simple - become aware of the first Universal law - Energy Exchange and ReCharge your batteries on a regular basis.


How to recharge?

- Exercise/Move 

- Go to Nature: grounding, taking a walk on the beach, running through a field, hugging a tree, etc, it all activates our inner G.

- Detox/Cleanse. Give your body a holiday.

- Meditate. Rest. Get quiet.

- Spend time alone. Alone is when we do our inner work, when we self heal, shift and align.



This is a real basic ReCharge program that I have tested numerous times on myself and those I worked with, for over 20 years. It works miracles, when done with self-love and self-honesty.

Tools: blender, gym, sauna/steam, motivation.

Side effects:  feeling calm, happier state of being, lightness in the body, clarity of the mind, feeling more yourself and being connected to the Source.


How to do IT?

  • Make time to give yourself this gift. Just a few days of self-love might be life changing.

  • Prepare for the program by eating only fruits and veggies for a few days before.

  • Get into the right mind set. Remember You can do anything if you put your mind on it.

  • Each day start with a big glass of warm water with lemon/lime drops, followed by the 'golden milk' - activated turmeric water (if you still do not know it, google it).

  • Sit in silence each morning. Meditate or just breathe and be. Doing this under the sun activates our DNA.

  • Exercise: Power walking/ Gym work/Rebounding/Intense Yoga practice. Whatever keeps you happy, do it for 40 mins at least. Take 100 mg Niacin (Vit B 3) if it feels right to you (optional).

  • Sauna/Steam right after.

  • Rest. Most people I worked with showed total inability to relax. We have a lot to learn from cats here - just stretch and lounge without a care in the world. Let go!

  • Have a large re-charge smoothie by mixing fresh pineapple with soaked chia/flax seeds and some greens. Add some spirulina, raw cacao, acai berry or any other superfoods you like. Nutriceuticals are good for your cells.

  • Engage in something creative: write/dance/sculpt/paint/whatever keeps your vibe high. Creativity is the most healing and harmonizing activity we can engage.

  • Have a massage or a nice hot bath with Himalayan salt in it, or both (!)

  • Get healthy liquids into your body every few hours, such as fresh juices, healing teas (matcha or home made yogi tea), veggie broth.

  • Stretch your body (and mind) in the evening to a calming music. Feel what you did not have time to feel, process whatever needs to be processed. Envision yourself where and how you wish to be - healthy and harmonious, abundant and free.

  • Stay silent as much as you can. Talking and listening/absorbing energy takes a lot of energy. Value it.

  • Have a gentle enema in the evening.

  • Dream and envision great stuff! Let your vibration rise.

  • Repeat for a few more days changing activities, music, dreams and greens. Have a heart-to-heart chat with someone who knows how to love.

  • Focus on GRATITUDE! We all have as much to be grateful for, as we have our human troubles. It is all a matter of focus. Another Universal law not ever forget - What we focus on - GROWS!

    This program can be done from 3 to 7 days. It is really easy and pleasant on every level, leaving anyone with a glow and extra sparkles, not to mention seriously increased energy level.

    Take good care of your Self! Carry what is You with dignity and respect. You are a part of the You-niverse, dancing human for a while. Value that.

  • ps.  Taking Niacin will create a flushing-and-blushing sensation, you might go red and itchy for about 20-30 mins. This is very normal response, just have fun with it.





How I Met the Cacao Tree that Changed my Life.


I will never forget how I met a Theobroma cacao, or a “chocolate tree,” that became my teacher, my friend, and my inspiration.

I was living in Bali on my friend’s magical land outside of Ubud. It was an important time in my life – I made a decision to wake up and find the courage to follow my dreams no matter what.

For a few months, I lived in a tiny, cozy house, hugged by the green arms of Mother Nature. I slept under the stars, ate mostly raw, organic food, as well as food cooked over the open flames of a fire that my friends and I made out of coconut shells. I practiced yoga and meditated under tall whispering trees. The singing of birds was my natural iPod. I took showers outside while watching the butterflies and birds play in the sunlight. There was no Internet and cellular reception was poor at best. I learned to experience a real connection to nature, with no Wi-Fi.

During this time, I entertained myself by making hundreds of chocolates for friends and local restaurants, gazing at the stars, and laughing with my friends around the fire. I felt deeply connected to everything that is, and in harmony with all.

I was exploring one day, lost in the green love of nature, wandering and checking out all the magical creatures around me. I noticed strange little flowers growing directly from the trunk of a tree that grew next to the house I lived in. Two star-like eyes were looking at me, as if the tree was a person. I was captivated. I had seen Theobroma trees with hanging cacao pods before, but this was my first experience with the flowers. Cacao eyes.


This star-like flower touched my soul and inspired me to think deeper into things.

Looking at this fragile and almost helpless creation of nature, I could not wrap my head around the concept of a chocolate bar emerging from it at some later stage of its existence.

From that day on, I moved all my practices under the green canopy of my newly found friend. Sometimes I heard its whisper in the wind; it was sharing many things with me, including its prediction of this book that you are reading.

   - extract from Chocolate Revolution

you can see the book trailer here



New Earth Sweeteners

Most of us love a little sweet now and then.

Once we take full responsibility for what substance delivers that sweetness to our palate and our life, we can rock our worlds like we could never imagine: we feel and think better, we like the way we look, and that is kinda sexy.

There are many sweeteners available to us these days that are far healthier than the stripped-down, refined and processed white sugar. We can have real, raw honey, natural sweet powders made from dried fruits, yummy syrups lovingly made from flowers, roots and tree saps, and amazing plant drops.


The quality of the sweeteners we choose affects the way we feel.


Honey: There are many kinds of honey out there, and they are referred to by many different names – raw, natural, pure, adulterated, and artificial (no idea why it is called “honey.”) I suggest ONLY raw, natural honey, with no additives. 


Sugars: There are many kinds of sugar that are far healthier than white, refined sugar. New Earth Alternatives include: coconut, palm, and date sugar, raw coconut crystals, jaggery, and carazuc (a name for organic coconut flower sugar), just to mention a few.


I do not encourage eating a lot of sugars, I simply suggest replacing the white addictive stuff with a healthier alternative. Please make sure that you do your research  to make conscious choices that serve and support the best in you and in our world.

If you are vegan or wish to avoid any kind of sugar, yet still fancy some treats, I suggest medjool dates or seedless raisins blended into a sweet mass. 

Other Ways to Sweeten Life and Chocolates: For people with diabetes, the sweetener I used with great success is stevia from reliable manufacturers. In my experience, sensitive people also tend to respond well to yacon syrup. It is especially good for those who are on a diet or trying to watch their weight.


A few words about lucuma that I like to add to this category as well: It is a sweet powdered superfood with a maple-like taste that is high in minerals and vitamins, including beta carotene, zinc, iron and many other nutrients. It comes from the Peruvian fruit and proves to be a perfect sweetener for decadent creamy creations, suitable for the most sugar sensitive of us.

There is a safe way to sweeten life for every kind of uniqueness in us, we just need to make a little effort, do the research and apply the knowledge.

To me, there is nothing more pleasing than to watch a person, who has been deprived of all of their favorite foods due to illness, finally enjoying sweet treats that taste really “naughty,” and yet don’t do damage to their system. Guilt-free, healing decadent treats are a miracle to me!

While there is a lot more information about sweeteners available, I am sharing a little of what I know in order to inspire you to learn more.

There is more on the subject in Chocolate Revolution, the first healing book that I released a few years ago.

Food Additives in Commercial Chocolates and other dark stuff





 Along with the industrial revolution came the stripping of the medicinal properties in chocolate.

Many chocolate manufacturers buy their cacao from those who use child labor in Africa.

The Ivory Coast is where most of the world’s chocolate comes from, and is where many chocolate brands have their corporate offices. The Ivory Coast is known for child trafficking. Here children frequently go missing from the cacao plantations. According to the filmmakers of The Dark Side of Chocolate, which you can find on, one child laborer can be bought indefinitely for just 230 Euros. Although it is not legal, it is commonly practiced by those who try to maximize profits by using children. We must understand that the food industry is just a byproduct of the old world business paradigm, where profits rule the world, leaving very little space for integrity or the concepts of “Oneness, Harmony and Love.”

We already know that cacao beans are expensive. They are not called “money on trees” for nothing. They require time and effort to grow, harvest, peel, ferment and then make ready for use. This long process expresses a certain energy that reveals the VV (Vibrational Value), intention and agenda of those involved in the process.  

This is a list of food additives that are being used by many commercial chocolate brands, and of which we have had our share by now if we are chocolate lovers. I include just a few.


Refined White Sugar

This is an unnatural, addictive substance produced by refining sugar cane or sugar beets (how was it grown?). It is literally a “dead substance.’” The human body struggles with it. This is what has to say about it, “The damage it does is slow and insidious. It takes years before it ruins your pancreas, your adrenal glands, throws your whole endocrine system out of kilter and produces a huge list of damage.”

It causes diabetes, heart disease, and hypo/hyperglycemia. It is so addictive that it has been compared to cocaine.


Powdered Milk

This is a food substance that is used in most commercial chocolate-making to produce milk chocolate varieties. It blocks our ability to absorb life-saving antioxidants that can be readily available to us if we choose to consume our chocolates clean and raw. Milk powder is made from the milk of tortured cows that are fed genetically modified food. If we add all the injections that these milk-giving animals receive during their lifetime, imagine (or research) how the animals were treated while held in captivity, we will have a good idea of the nutritional and VV of this powder.


BHA: Butylated Hydroxyanisole

This is a petroleum-derived preservative that many of us have difficulty metabolizing. There is proof that it causes health and behavioral changes.

 In “The Top 12 Harmful Food Additives” article it states, “This is obviously not added for the purpose of giving people cancer, but for some people, some of the time, there may be that risk.”

HFCS: High Fructose Corn Syrup

HFCS is a highly refined artificial substance that increases your LDL (bad cholesterol) and causes tissue damage. It is known to be the number one source of calories in the USA.

Dr Mark Hyman, MD, in his article, “5 Reasons HFCS Will Kill You,” put it as it is, without sugar coating,When used in moderation, [HFCS] is a major cause of heart disease, obesity, cancer, dementia, liver failure, tooth decay, and more.”

Many doctors agree that HFCS is also the favorite food of cancer cells, they thrive on it.

There are many sweet lies about HFCS out there.

We must be clear about what we want: to be right and to defend what is cheap, or to find the way to Harmony and Truth.


This is a gelling agent used in making commercial gummy candies. defines it this way, “Gelatin is a protein obtained by boiling skin, tendons, ligaments, and/or bones with water. It is usually obtained from cows or pigs.” Enough said.



This is an emulsifier made from soy beans, which in turn means GMO.

A very comprehensive article, “Common Food Additives in Candy” says, “It is used in chocolates to create a smoother texture and reduce the cocoa-butter content.” In other words - it saves money for the manufacturer.


AAMP 4448

This has been introduced to chocolate-making as a non-GMO replacement of soy lecithin. It is ammonium photosphatide, which is produced from ammonia and phosphorylated fatty acids from rapeseed oil. According to, “It was approved by the FDA in 2007”  in order to achieve even more cost saving. it is all about profit.


This is a white powder, made from the starch of corn, rice, wheat and potatoes. What we want to know, but are rarely (if ever) told, is how it was grown. It is used as a bulking agent to add weight to the final product. It is yet another food additive that saves money for the manufacturer. says, “Maltodextrin should be a subject of suspicion, because it is an unnecessary additive.”

Aspartame (E951)

This is an artificial sugar substance, frequently used in gums and candies. It is a neurotoxin that has been linked to kidney and brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, lupus, fibromyalgia and mental confusion. This toxic poison can cause dizziness, headaches and nausea. speaks the truth to all those who are ready to hear it. Aspartame is “known to erode intelligence and affect memory.”

It is also an extremely weight-gaining substance. makes a reasonable statement, “How FDA allows this remains a mystery.”

PGPR: Poliricinoleate

 According to, PGPR is a “yellowish, viscous liquid composed of polyglycerol esters from policondensed fatty acids extracted from castor oil. It may also be extracted from soy.”

 Chocolate manufacturers use it to reduce the cost of raw materials. takes us deeper into the chocolate rabbit hole. “The FDA deemed PGPR safe for humans… as long as you restrict your intake to 7.5 mg per kilo of your weight… Otherwise you are susceptible to liver enlargement.”

 The article, “Things You Probably Don’t Want To Know About Chocolate” on sums it up for us, “In many ways, the story of PGPR in chocolate is but a small chapter in a larger narrative about how convoluted our industrial food system has become. An alphabet soup of fillers and cheap ingredients that challenge the original definition of the product they seek to emulate, questionably sourced raw materials, and a cast of large corporations attempting to appeal to the lowest common denominator acceptable for human consumption to keep costs low and profits high.”


Shellac is a wood polishing product found in candy.

The best explanation I found on

“It is often used to give furniture, guitars and even AK-47s that special shine.”

“Shellac is derived from the excretions of the Kerria Lacca insect. The process is simple. They scrape that shit right off the tree. Unfortunately for you and your future enjoyment, this leaves little room for quality control measures to guarantee that the insects themselves aren’t scooped up also. Once that happens and it almost always does, the insect simply becomes part of the shellac making process, and the candy making process, and the candy eating process.”

   According to the picture we have here our chocolate doesn’t actually contain much chocolate, just like food is no longer in our food!

Very smart business-wise. Terrific, in fact.

 Is it kind? Is it considerate or loving toward us, trusting human beings?  What does it do to our health? Those are the questions we better start asking, if we wish to create a change.





Self Healing Back pain. Easy steps.

I believe in the self-healing mechanism of our intelligent human machine - body. I am positive, this belief is one of the reasons why I help my challenged body to restructure itself over and over again.

You are your own healer.  You are a doctor! All you need is the right knowledge and the time that you are willing to dedicate to yourself.


All you need for this little self-healing session is 20 mins of silence, total dedication to your beautiful Self and a good bolster.

Please remember to breath with awareness and intention to heal.

Our spine likes to be stretched/elongated before we do the twists.

Our entire system absolutely loves to be upside down.

 You are a miraculous, self-healing machine with more power within you than you ever allowed yourself to realize! Enjoy. Breathe!

Step 1 (pic 1). Get on the mat and grab a bolster with a smile!

Step 2 (pic 2). While on the back stretch yourself on the mat, making sure that your third eye, your heart center and belly brain are all in one line. Bend the knees, lift the hips, and place the bolster under the tailbone. That feels really good.

Step 3 (pic 3). Cross the left leg over the right one. Breathe in.

Step 4 (pic 4). Breath out and let your knees fall to the right while extending from the heart in to your left fingertips. Stay for a few breaths and let the left side of your body get massaged and LOVED by your breath.

Step 5.  Take a deep breath and, while pressing the right hand into the floor, bring the knees back to the center.

Step 6.  Change the cross of the legs. Take a deep breath. Smile.

Step 7 (pic 5).  While breathing out, let the knees fall to the left. Stay for a few breaths while extending in to your right fingertips and lovingly breathing into your right side.

Step 8. Press your left hand in to the floor and while breathing, in bring the knees back to the center. 

Step 9 (pic 6).  Stretch your legs out. Breathing in and Breathing out. Smiling in and Smiling out. Stay for a few precious moments letting the healing and integration take place.

Step 10.  Bend your knees. Press the feet down and lift the tailbone up. Remove the bolster from under your tailbone. Gently let your back touch the floor. Breathe and Smile. In and Out!

Step 11 (pic 7).  Give yourself the biggest hug EVA. You are the One who is driving your bus, you are your doctor and your healer, you are the One you have been waiting for. Breathe with gratitude and self awareness.

Final Step (pic 8).  Move towards the wall and placing the bolster under your tailbone, make yourself comfortable with your legs up the wall.  A tip: the longer our hamstrings get, the  closer to the wall we can be. Be Patient. Stay Loving.

Feel free to stay in this super rejuvenating pose for at least 10 minutes, slowly building it to 20 mins at a time. 

To come out of the pose is simply bend the knees, press your feet into the wall, and gently slide off the bolster untilyour back is flat on the floor. Roll to the right side and, pressing your hands down, push up into s sitting pose.

Repeat as needed.

Be well. Take good care of yourself.


Why We All Need to Detox (Secrets Of Self-Healing)

It has been 22 days since I decided to do a serious detoxification of my body.

I was feeling tired, overworked, hectic and had very little energy. Sleep is all I could manage when not busy doing stuff I love. I have done it again - neglected and self-abused. How easily we take for granted our health and feeling good? I do for sure, I get so excited about feeling awesome that I forget about honoring the miracle machine - body. I forget to eat, to hydrate, I forget to take care of this magical vehicle that has its own rules of life, because i get busy with living a life. 

3 weeks ago I felt as if I was beginning to slip back to being a sick person. Lupus (auto-immune disorder) symptoms kicked in again, just when I was telling the wold through my book how I self- healed. How ironic!

What do we do when we want to change the way we feel?

How do we help our ever demanding, sensitive, miraculous body to get back to that 'I-Feel-Awesome' experience? I do not believe in pharmaceuticals (unless it is a matter of life and death). 

I believe in a self-healing and even self-cleansing mechanism of our physical body.

If we let it do its job by supporting it and feeding it the right 'fuel', it will do what it has to do. I have found many self-healing tools during my life time of a health challenge. Detox/Cleanse is definitely one of them. No need to run to doctors or look for specialists all the time or take medication for every little ache. You are your own doctor, if you choose to play the role.

When we cleanse the body from all those toxic debris we accumulate through so called modern 'food', self-abusive tendencies and all the other pollutants we encounter every day, the body will fix whatever needs to be fixed.

Body knows what no mind does. It's intelligence is seriously underrated.

I share to inspire you to look at your own relationship with the body and see if there is a room for improvement!

After 22 days of fresh juices, occasional alive clean raw foods. I feel alive again, I have energy again. I have avoided yet again taking strong medications that most auto-immune sufferers take. I know how I want to feel. I deserve it. So do you!

Life is good again! Whoever invented DeTox, I love you, you smart cosmic cookie! 

With hugs and miracles

Truly yours

Super Foods Are DNA Food!


‪#‎Superfoods‬ are  vibrant life-giving edible substances that speak directly to our DNA.
They remind us how we are supposed to feel. How are we supposed to feel, I hear you ask? The answer is Awesome!

We are meant to feel absolutely awesome - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, not dull, drained and bloated.


Here is a list of some super foods to consider inviting in to your beautiful life and to make a difference in how you feel:
















More on this subject in the book "Chocolate Revolution" by yours truly

Little Secrets of Yoga

Anjali Mudra is a simple yet powerful hand gesture that can be practiced any time and anywhere, by anyone......

Anjali means "offering", mudra means "seal". We seal our intentions, our desire to connect with whatever it is that we choose at this moment.

We bring our both hands together to our center, to our Heart.

We pray or express our willingness to become the best versions of ourselves.... or we simply offer our precious Self to the Higher Force, to the Truth, to the Light.

Anjali mudra is a beautiful way to comfort ourselves at times of troubles and challenges.
"I am that! That i AM. Whatever God is.... that is what I am. Whatever consciousness is... that i am! Whatever Light is... that is what I am."

It balances our left and right brain, it reminds us that we are Human and Divine at the same time... flawed and perfect at the same time.

Best kept Beauty Secret. It ends with -Tox. A hint: it is not Botox!

 We all want to look younger and feel better, let us just admit it.

 We are vain species. I cannot imagine a butterfly sitting in front of the mirror deciding whether she needs a Botox, or a lion asking his lioness how his glutes and abs look.  Even if we managed to come above it all, we are still seriously attached to the way we feel. And that is what I focus on in this heart-sharing/article of mine.

Most People Have No Idea How Good Their Body is Designed to Feel - Kevin Trudeau

 It is this feeling. It is a FEELING. This awesome, everything-is-possible kind of feeling when we know deep inside that we can jump out of our own skin to touch the sky; we can create something magnificent all day and then dance all night long; we can take care of others, build business and watch the stars; be productive, be of use, all that while smiling and kissing in between. No need for rest. We are limitless. We rest in between our breaths.

 I am so aware that I do not look like a sick person and many people look at me with such suspicion when I open my heart and suddenly share how actually unwell I feel most of my life, living with the auto-immune disorder.

 It seems like my entire life revolves around how I feel. If I am not well, I cannot do anything: teach my beloved Yoga, my Workshops; or throw my Raw Chocolate parties or, the worst thing - I cannot be of service to anyone at all. Staying in bed, feeling that trip to the bathroom requires as much strength and focus as taking a space ship to the moon is all I can master sometimes. I admit it – it sucks.

 That feeling really pushes my buttons. In my book - feeling sick and drained, weak and foggy-minded, not motivated at all is the worst thing any human being can experience. If you know of anything worse than feeling dead while you are still alive, please let me know. Knowing how profoundly vast and wicked this human life experience is, I will not be surprised if there is a whole dozen.

Not on such a negative note, I must say, it is the health challenge that led me to discover the most life-changing, super-duper knowledge that anyone can wish for. My Soul cannot live on shallow illusions and world’s bs… I truly believe that it is true for all of us, just a bummer that many  value Soul so little. And where my Soul would be if it had not being for my challenged  body that pushes me out  of its discomfort zone? I have not got a freaking clue. I know for sure one thing - there is a blessing in every curse, there is a gift in every disaster. I am a Yogi, I cannot help but see it this way.

  I am being pushed to be disciplined and find the ways to create another kind of feeling.

What feeling do I want to create?

I want to feel awesome! I want to have energy to rock this world, I want to have clarity to make the best decisions in my life. I want to have fun and jump  on the most beautiful beaches and fly a helicopter. I want to be able to learn faster and to let go quicker.  I want to keep exploring this fascinating world, I want to keep searching for Joy, while feeling that I do have the strength to make a humongous effort to do something amazing..... even if at times it will be taking a trip to the bathroom. I still want to feel that i do have that feeling. And, my dear friend, I know you want the same feeling.

Humanity is sick, foggy-minded and stagnated, in general that is. we touch the subject of our food substances that makes us sick and all the other obstacles another time. I admire anyone who learned how to navigate through all the bullshit of this world and managed to find their own way to have energy, to stay well, clear and motivated.


I did find a secret weapon against so many things that hold us back, could have held me back…. Perhaps so back that I would not be here writing this. I am 200 % sure of that! I found it through being unwell and stubborn, and refusing to go drug way, pharmaceuticals that is.

 It is not only a secret of inner strength and vitality, a secret of clear mindedness and ability to stay focused and motivated....... it is also a beauty secret. I know,  everyone knows about Botox. Recently I found myself in a room full of gorgeous women, trying to  show them some simple  face Yoga moves, just to end up doing it all alone. As it appeared, I was the only girl in that room with no Botox. My beautiful bunch of girls willingly blocked their neuromuscular transmission by injecting substance that is according to Wikipedia  “the most acutely lethal toxin known” next to their third eye. We did have a good laugh, that I must say I did not find that funny, and of course i ended up telling them about another kind of -Tox, a different one, the one that makes you glow from the inside.

 So what is the Secret?


Detox has been my secret love affair since I am 16.

It is the Detox that led me to everything else, Yoga and Raw Chocolate included. Yeap, that is correct. Once I have learned how amazing and high I can actually feel, nothing was ever the same! I never wanted to do or eat anything that would rob me of that sensational feeling. So I came up with a life style that still had lots of fun, yummy stuff, but kept me feeling awesome.

 My first cleanse was a grape cleanse in an organic Ukrainian village with grapes coming straight from the vineyard of my grandma. It was followed by a numerous juice cleanses, anema course, raw cleansing diets, Ayurvedic supplements,  naturopathic tinctures, simple water fasts, liver cleanses, etc. I had the experience of the most fabulous detox program run by the Scientology people, called “The Clear”. Before  you put me in that strange Scientology box, may I say- that detox is the only thing I know about Scientology, and I loved every moment of the program. Letting go of the sleeping pills residue  stored in my body after taking  Niacin doses and great work out that ends in a 4 hour sauna treatment was certainly something to remember.  Basically i have leaned later that i can do this at home ( if well organized) by following Dr Mercola Detox. I also had the “pleasure” of experience, being on a serious Detox  program for a week, locked up in a private clinic, that seemed like outside of this world. That is another story.

Why do I love detox so much? 

It is hard, it is not pleasant at times, the body and mind go through these weird “detox” symptoms, this  profound release of the old, stagnated and blocked, we actually feel worse before we get better. It pushes us to our limits, it brings the best out of us,  even those who are real lazy buggers.

So why DETOX then?

          Reason 1.

          Because Detox helps our body to deal with whatever it is we are having, whether we take pharmaceuticals or not, whether it is physical, emotional or mental issues that we want to correct. Lately, one of my best friends, went through the chemotherapy, she decided to detox in between her  treatments to help her to body get what it needed and to remove all the toxic stuff. I must say, I am thrilled to see her looking like a movie star and starting her life again.         

        Reason 2.

        Because in spite of all the discomfort we put ourselves through while we are detoxing, it makes us feel awesome in the end, so alert, and so alive. Besides that, it is such an astonishing feeling of inner satisfaction and accomplishment. You just know with every cell of your being that you have just done something of real importance in life. You feel so good, you want to hug everyone and dance all night!

I will take this feeling over any other short living pleasure that we are so easy to fall for.

       Reason 3

          It makes us look younger and more radiant, not because of the chemicals that we so enthusiastically slap into our skin (external fix), but because we cleanse all the rubbish out of our systems, and glow from the inside. I am amazed at how willingly we put ourselves through all that pain and effort to look younger and more beautiful (that is a questionable statement, by the way!) making choices that might create that false feeling of satisfaction for a short time, but they are deadly and detrimental not only to our health but to our lives.

What is wrong with us, darlings? Since when looking like a  flawless plastic doll is more important than feeling like a gazillion dollars  creation of freedom, creativity and inspiration.

"A tornado of rainbows", as i was once called by someone i worked with :-)

         Reason 4.

         Detox is the best way to shift energy, to make a change in our lives, to help our precious Self to come back to life and actually live it. It is the best way to Inspire our tired  precious Self. When we get stuck and stagnated and feel like there is nothing in this world that can save our sorry ass and bring us back that feeling of joy and gorgeousness...... the  best thing we can do is DE-TOX!

 I am a living proof of every world i say or write, and i wanted you to know this - if I can do it, so can you.  What are you waiting for, angel? get rid of those feelings of being foggy-minded, stagnated, old or unwell... and get your self a new feeling of being Vibrant, Beautiful (inside out) and Alive! It is more fun!

 truly yours,



How to have the best day EVER!

We all want to Live happily ever after, don’t we?
Who wants to be miserable?

We want each day to be glorious and meaningful, filled with joy and fun.
We want to LIVE, we want to SHINE.

When we take responsibility for our own frequency, one day at a time, we have a chance toco create a life we want to live.

Here are a few little guide lines for those who need a gentle reminder.
One step at a time.
One breath at a time.

- Smile at the person in the mirror.
“Hello, beautiful!”

- Take time to remember who you are and what the heck you are doing with you life.

- Recycle your sorrows. Turn on the light inside.

- Be kind to yourself and others, and never miss a chance to laugh at yourself.

- Learn from cats. They make themselvesf shamelessly comfortable everywhere they go. They figured it out - life is for joy.

- Don’t take anything seriously.

- Smile at strangers.

- Vibrate at the highest frequency you can possibly master today.

- Stay in your center. You are the U-niverse! You are it.

- Shine. 

What are you waiting for? 
You are here to LIVE, here to SHINE.

The Asana of Love. How to work your Love ‘muscle’.

…… It is time to Love, to pay attention to everything around you, to read the book of Life as it has been written for all, it mentions all of us.

There is something written by Cosmos about You. Would you not want to know what it is?

If you are practicing yoga and know how to stand on your head and how to do all the bandhas and those gorgeous asanas, and still wonder why you are not feeling fulfilled and deeply satisfied…. perhaps it is time to take your practice to another level and learn the most graceful asana of all – the Asana of Love!

It is not the love that we know of, not the romantic love between two individuals who are lost in adoration of each other (that is awesome, really!), it is not even the love between a parent and a child. Neither it is the love that ends in the family. It is a bigger, vaster kind of love.
It is the Love that feels like this………..
“Did you remember at certain point that you and the person right next to you, and that guy that really pissed you off at the traffic lights, and that lady who smiled at you kindly, all the people you love and all those who challenge you are actually your sisters and brothers?

Did you have that strange feeling right in your chest (it is very overwhelming) when your Human Mind sees disasters and chaos, lack and imperfection, but your Cosmic heart feels harmony with all around you?

Did you ever feel while judging another, that you are actually judging yourself? As you are simply looking in the mirror.
Did you ever feel while fighting with another human fellow that what you want is the same thing they want – to be Loved, to be seen, to be recognized, acknowledged and accepted by others??
Did you ever have the tears of compassion rolling down your face? Because you just felt that we are all in the same ‘boat’ here – co creating our suffering, our pain, our personal disasters and sickness just for one reason only – to learn to Love……. To open ourselves to the true meaning of our existence; to become One, to reunite once again; to return to Innocence; to evolve back to the Truth; to translate ourselves into Light.

Did you ever feel that We are fingers of the same hand, drops of the same ocean, stars of the same sky!? No? Then you have a lot to learn about Love.”

We are talking this kind of LOVE. Love that is knowing, Love that is truth, the only truth worth searching for…..
if you want to feel it one fine day, here is a little tip on how to work your “love muscle”.


(These very simple techniques are given only as a suggestion for you to tap into your own vibration of love and to learn where you are in this magical energetic World. Please be kind to yourself, if you find these simple exercises hard to do.
The love muscle is just like any other muscle that you have, it needs time and practice. The rewards are the most astonishing changes in your daily experiences of life, like feeling profoundly loved and blissfully high… if you are happy to be where you are and feel you have nothing to change, feel free to skip the exercises).

- Today when you walk into a room, or find yourself anywhere, take a deep breath and just remember – The Only Reason why any Person enters your space is to feel loved by you.(Oh, you don’t have to jump on them and cover them with sloppy kisses:-)
Be kind and sensitive to them. Show them that you care!

– Imagine they are your favorite brother/sister. Imagine they saved your life or did something so kind and powerful that affected your path profoundly. They might have been, you just don’t remember.

- Be Present, Be attentive, be authentic. They need your Love to move on in their life, to feel better about this world, to take another step in their growth and you can contribute to that just by being aware of it, it is that simple.

It is a very easy thing to practice, start with a few people a day and then slowly grow from there; you will be surprised at the amount of fun and joy you will create around you.

This attitude lead me to have such awesome experiences with total strangers – on the airplane (not what your sweet-arrogant-you is thinking), in restaurants, on my trips to foreign countries.
People respond with such grace to feeling Loved, they open up and give you their best, they share their secrets and experiences, they unite with you on this deep invisible energetic level.

As a result you feel Loved too, the heart connection has been made, the Love vibration got activated, the mercaba body got to spin faster, creating more light in this world.

You have contributed to the most important event that takes place on our planet right now.
You have just fulfilled another part of your self – you have translated your human energy into the cosmic Light.
You are an alchemist; you are here to change the world.
Do it with Love!

From the book “The Unloved Tribe.” bu truly yours,

To hear your calling.

Someone said: “It takes courage to be yourself in a World that is constantly trying to turn You into someone else.” Do You hear the message? How many of us live our lives as ourselves?

You see, it is very simple, we have to follow what calls for us. It is our contract, it is our responsibility to receive the call from the Higher Self (or whatever you want to call it) and act upon it. No judgment, no filtering, no mind bs. Every one of us has a unique calling.
15 years ago while living inthe UK as a seemingly happy glamour girl, I heard the calling and decided to accept it. I put my flat on the market and started packing. My London friends thought I totally lost it. Who would be leaving a life of a “movie star – men, flowers and money” to go to “unclean, less developed parts of the world” to do some weird stuff called Yoga? Why would we leave safety and certainty for something unknown and unexplored. It is kind if scary, isn’t it? Yes, it is, a little.

What seemed more scary though is to stay unhappy and dissatisfied. What seemed successful and happy on the outside in reality was deeply unhappy, empty and broken on the inside. Health issues, depressions, feelings of being trapped and hopeless is something we are all familiar with. What do we do about it?

First, we have to stop andget a grip on ourselves. Listen. Listen to that loud noise inyour head, that mind movie that has been playing in there……. like forever. Do you like what you hear? If yes, wonderful, have fun with it. No? Then change the record. How? Switch the focus. Listen to the soundof your breath instead, just for a few moments. You have no idea what this simple trick does to us, and i am not going to tell you. Then, have a real conversation with Yourself. I mean, seriously, drop the weather talk and “I am fine” crap. Be honest! Make yourself a cup of tea, sit down with a penand paper and writedown everything that makes you unhappy right now. Let all those hidden desiresreveal themselves. Let them out. Once you got clarity on where in life you actually are right now, make a decision tohear your calling!

Very simple:

Get quiet! Gain clarity! Let Yourself happen!

When I did that 15 years ago for the first time, my life changed forever. No high street-shopping, no champagne-drinking, no city boys dating could stop me from taking that step. It felt like a strong urge, it felt like the only thing that I was supposed to do. I didn’t care about what anyone thought or said. I just knew I had to follow the calling.

Fuck Yoga if it is not your calling. All the shanti-shmanti, om singing and body pretzel-ing is not everybody’s cup of tea. No time to waste here. Hear Your Calling. If you feel right now that there is a part of you that is unhappy, empty and broken inside, startacting before it gets worse.

I truly feel in the depth of my heart that if we fight for our own happiness and stop fearingthe unknown, we will get our power back… and we will create much better lives for ourselves. You know where that leads, right? A world full of happy and fulfilled people, doing their thing, smiling at each other. Well, I am a dreamer, i like that about me.

What is calling You? How loud is it? Find it, hear it, honor it and follow it. Get your power back and start rocking. Later on in life You will know why you had to face all those fears and get a grip on your self…… and you will never look back. I promise.