What are SUPER FOODS and Why We All Need them


Super foods is just a name for edible substances that act like healers for our cells.
Super foods speak to our DNA and activate our original blueprint, reminding us of how we are designed to feel.
How?  The answer is AWESOME!

They contain myriads of nutriceuticals - minerals and vitamins, ready to digest proteins, and medicinal properties that alter our frequency and restore our brain cells. They have been used for thousands of years in rituals and ceremonies aimed to reconnect with the deep Truth of the Self.

Anyone wishing to HEAL sees super foods as an important part of their daily life.

List of Super foods to get to know:



Super foods must be produced by companies with INTEGRITY and have a high VV (Vibrational Value)
We dont buy them from China :-)
We get them from those who care about humanity HEALTH and LIFE of this planet.
We use them in our morning rituals, smoothies and shakes!

You can find recipes on this site and my FB page 



Take good care of yourself, so together we can take care of our planet!