Things to Know About Your Energy and HPs - Human Parasites




"It is one thing to give energy, but... if we give energy to someone who gives it back, then we build energy, then it amplifies back and forth. If we were all doing this, humanity would take another step in evolution." - The Celestine Prophecy 





If you are a kind  loving Soul living and loving through these exciting times of TRANSFORMATION, and seek some confirmations of what you already might feel -  this is for you.


About Energy.

  ENERGY is our life force, it is what makes our breath flow, what makes our heart beat, it is what keeps you and me moving forward in life, it is what makes us grow, succeed and evolve, as spiritual beings.

 No life force, no energy - no life. Sometimes we have more energy, sometimes we have less, often - not enough to do all we wish to do. We can lose a lot of energy during rough times in life, surely many of you know what it feels like to be drained and empty... and say, " I have no energy." Everything under the sun  requires ENERGY in order to survive, and everything strives to RECEIVE energy.

 Energy is our spiritual currency!

 It is a sacred  UNIVERSAL LAW that has been broken by the system set up... and that is where we need to look if we wish to HEAL ourselves and the world we live in.




 Things to KNOW about ENERGY:

- It can be created by choices and activities of high frequency  - 

SELF-LOVE (taking care of yourself, being honest with oneself, setting boundaries),

CREATIVITY (expressing our true essence),

SPIRITUAL PRACTICES (energy exchange with the Source), 

 SOUL CONNECTION (mutual energy exchange),

BEING with NATURE (receiving energy from mama),

CONNECTING TO THE HIGHER SOURCE (silence, meditations),

HEALING FOODS (free energy delivery to our cells),

all sorts of CLEANSES, etc. In yoga it is called SATTVA. Everything that connects us to SPIRIT is sattva.

 - We can GIVE or RECEIVE Energy willingly.

 Mutual Energy exchange is the most harmonizing and healing experience any of us can have. 

That is why we all strive to be in love (I dont mean the Hollywood version!) as it is the most empowering, energy-cultivating phenomenon ever!

 REAL LOVE (Soul Love) is a Nuclear ENERGY Bomb!

- Energy can also be stolen, it can leak out without our knowing... and that is what I would like to bring your awareness to at this point.

 A lot of stuff is going on here in the invisible, as much as in visible. 

 Humanity is finally learning about the invisible world -  our spiritual home, where we  become REAL, where we are all powerful beings, connected to the Source and living according to Universal Laws.

 A lot is going in the invisible - energy battles and attacks, energy downloads, energy gifts, energy leakages, tapping into new energy, etc.

 One thing for sure -

 The more we dig into that invisible - the clearer things get in the visible.



What Do We Need To Know about Human Parasites?

 Parasitic Consciousness is a lower consciousness of the Universe.

 It cannot create energy, so it is steeling it from those who can.

 This is not new, this game has been played for thousands of years.  HPs are carriers of this consciousness. They look like humans, but dont act like ones and dont feel like ones either. 

They dont respond to LOVE or kindness, as they dont have a SOUL. Mind virus ate it or maybe they were not given one to begin with. The house is there, but the lights are gone. Knock all you want - no one will open.

 HPs are moving through space, finding great energy-creators and attach to them (if allowed). A lot of us, empaths and sensitive beings, had this experience and learned this lesson the hard way.

Sociopaths and narcissists, starkers and abusers are good examples of HPs.

Not having their own connection to the Source, and not being able to cultivate their own energy.....they need someone who does, in order to survive.  HPs are having a feast on our expanse, when and if we let them. No "Thank You" will follow and no energy exchange or a refund will be offered.


 When we are AWARE, we will sense that something is not right, and we will do all we can to prevent them from attaching their nasty energy hooks to us. That is when they ususally attack, get abusive and start throwing insults. 

 If we dont give our energy willingly, they steal it, by manipulating us ....often without us being aware of it. If you are ever had an high voltage empath- narcissist relationship - you know this far too well.

 We unconsciously give them energy when we are in fear, or get stuck in our emotional reaction that their abusive behavior cause... that is the short version.



 How To Deal with HPs?


Claim your right to be YOU regardless of whoever says whatever.

 You are a child of the Universe. You have the right to be here, You have the right to be You. Do all you can to remove this energy from your space, even if you have to fight, get divorced or run away.

 You are number One in your life! it is your responsibility to take care of YOU, no one else will do it for you.


  I wish to share something very personal  that might resonate and help connect the dots for some of you.

Years ago I had the privilege of learning the greatest spiritual lesson I could ever ask for. I had  an experience of being targeted  because of my energy - I was attacked, chased and threatened for almost a year. I got  so drained and tired that I was willing to die just to end it. I lost a lot of energy by unconsciously giving it to fear and victimhood that got hold of me.

 To make this short and sweet. I had to face my own fear and my own programming of playing-nice mode..... or I would die.

At that time I was advised by well-meaning people to "send the abuser love and light", " to wrap him up in a pink bubble of love", to "cut the cord between our Souls".. etc. I did it all, all the fluffy new age bs existing under the sun, I tried all of it to save my life. None of it worked! 

What was really happening - I did all I could (as many of us do!) to AVOID my own SPIRIT that demanded me to become REAL and to step up my cosmic game. 

 I came to see that - this is what all this violence, all this abuse and this injustice is here to teach us all.

We are here to find our SPIRIT  and ALIGN with UNIVERSAL LAWS.

 When my life situation forced me to make a choice between me or someone who kept violating my space, and from what it felt like - was determined to do all he could to destroy me... not knowing what else to do - I called for my SPIRIT. 

 When she became me - the TRUTH hit me like a thunder.....I roared like a wounded Kali... and was not afraid to stand up for myself... ever since. I would rather die fighting for my right to be happy and free than live as a victim or a slave.


We need to see very clearly - Those who break the Universal Laws and impose their will upon others, playing God, have no such right to do so. Their choices and desires are out of alignment with Universal Laws (The first Law - Never interfere with a free will of another!). They dont serve anyone but their twisted Self.

 It is our responsibility to stop this outrageous kind of behavior.



What we need to remember is this -  HPs, just like everything under the sun, are trying to survive, that is all. If it is not you or me, then it would be someone else, they dont care who it is, as long as they can steal ENERGY



 There is a difference between those who are confused and angry at this world  and those who sold their soul and dont give a shit about anything but their own survival. I am a very loving soul, but I am not a pushover. After I got my lesson - I will pull my sword out at any given moment to protect Universal Laws, justice or energy, be it mine or those I love.

I am passing along these vibes to you,  take them if you need them.



Do not be ashamed of wanting to get rid of parasites. It is perfectly human - to strive to be loved and experience life as HARMONY and JOY, rather then abuse and soul turture.

 By choosing higher consciousness and love for yourself, you are doing it for all of us here.



Few other things that might be good to know:

 Parasitic consciousness has come to its end. It created a lot of suffering for humanity, by wrapping this planet in pain, suffering and blood.

This unattractive soul-robbing and fear-planting energy comes to us from the the system - "Obey or die" or "Get killed like many if You dare to stand up against us", "Give us your kids, so we turn them into zombies" and "Fill the application form"!


 it comes through "people" - usually people who did not do enough work on themselves, did not heal their wounds, did not address their fragmentation, or did not find the courage and support to reconnect with their Soul.  They lost the game.... the human game, and sadly they dont even know it.

As a result of that - we have many human-looking beings walking around this planet, eating our energy, puking toxicity and planting fear everywhere they go. They seed low vibrations because that is what they need to survive.  In yoga we call this low vibe - tamas - the opposite of sattva.

They cannot exist in high vibe, in sattva.  They dont respond to love because they dont have the gene, they are not capable of it, they throw ugly insults (very creative indeed) to hurt us, because they are helpless.  It might be a very painful encounter if we take HPs seriously and mistaken them for real human beings.

The things is -

Our Soul, our human life force is part of a long term battle between the Light and the Dark.

 We all become SOUL warriors when we call for our SPIRIT!

 We  begin to care about the state of this planet and human consciousness when we live&love as a SPIRIT.



And for those of you who are still shy to shine because you are afraid of being attacked.. let me say this.

Yes, we do get attacked for shining and speaking on behalf of the mother - Universe.

In fact, from my experience - the stronger we shine - the more attacks we might have.  But... that is only in the visible is something from the invisible -

The truer we stay to who we really are, the clearer the voice of our SOUL - the deeper our connection to the SPIRIT, to the SOURCE...and the stronger we become!!!

So at some point all these pathetic attempts of the unconscious to stop the bigger picture from forming itself, to prevent the UNIVERSAL TRUTH from flowing into this planet, all this little barking and scratching become nothing but an empty noise. From where I see it right now, it is hilarious.

No one can stop the sun from shining and the winds of change from blowing. Humanity is awakening and getting up.

New Earth is birthing, we are where we are supposed to be - with the mother - Universe!!!



Thank you for spending time with me here.

 With love and respect.