How To Make Yummy Chia Pudding


 Chia Pudding - yummy healthy treat that contributes to your beauty and health.
Chia is a warrior food.
It makes great breakfast, gives inner strength and makes us more beautuful inside out.
2 T each day is making a huge difference to how we feel, how our skin looks and how digestion works.
This is what you can do with it.

We need:
-2 T chia seeds soaked in 1/2 cup spring water
(from 30 mins to overnight)
-2 T nut milk
-bunch of berries or your favorite fruits (banana, mango, etc) cut Into small chunks.
-New Earth sweetener - stevia, coconut nectar, maple syrup or just dates and raisins.
-Your favorite yogurt (coconut or whatever you like )
-Porridge or granola (optional)
-Raw Cacao powder and Raw coconut oil to make chocolate sauce.
-Raw Cacao nibs (optional)

How to:
Soak chia seeds in water and nut milk (it turns it white rather than keeping it boring grey)
Sweeten it if you wish. Mix well.
Pour the yumminess to the bottom of a glass bowl.
Throw a bunch of berries in, can add porridge/granola in between the layers.
Top it up with chocolate sauce or yogurt...or both. Imagination is everything 😄💛💫
Play with your food. 
Make it exciting and fun.
Tip: you can color your pudding any color you wish: to turn it purple - add 1 T fresh beet juice, to make it green - add some macha powder to nut milk, to make it blue -  use anchan tea. 
Makes me happy knowing that more and more people are waking up to the modern food reality and take health back into.their hands.