How To Make God's Cheese (plant-based)

This is a very easy basic recipe for those who wish to try something different. You don’t have to be  called a vegan to enjoy vegans delights. Clean and honest food is our birth right, and now is a good time to claim that right back.

 Making this creamy-dreamy white (Goats cheese-like) edible magic might be life-changing and diet-rearranging for you, as it was for many of us. So, let’s play.


 I have to say, my spoilt palate missed the taste of cheese when I went fully vegan. You can only imagine my delight when I discovered this edible joy. It tastes like goats cheese, yet it is plant-based, in total alignment with where our new world is going.

Please feel free to replace pili nuts in this recipe with any other kind of nuts that you have at hand (macadamias, cashews, almonds). They will work as spectacular.

Tools: blender, spatula, cheese cloth or a nut milk bag, large pot, colander (what you use to strain cooked pasta), something heavy to use as weight, and a storage container.


-          1 Cup Pili nuts, soaked* and peeled

-          1 cup of good water

-          ½ t Himalayan salt

-          2 probiotic capsules


-          herbs of your choice (fresh or dry), garlic, black/red pepper, Himalayan salt, or  cranberries and chopped nuts for coating. I leave this to you, gorgeous.


 Blend the nuts with water into a smooth creaminess. Add the content of the probiotic capsules and blend one more time.


Place the cheese cloth over the colander and pour the soon-to-be-cheese in. Use the spatula to get the remains out of the blender.


Wrap the cheese cloth around the mixture, turning it into a bag. Squeeze the bag a little and place the weight right over it.

NOW. Place it somewhere warm and non-drafty (I like using the inside of the oven) for about 17 to 24 hours (depending on the climate of the country you are in). I make this in the evening and start checking (tasting) in the  morning after 15 hours of maturing process. Once you do this once, you will know the time that works for you.

Once you feel your cheese is ripe enough, take it out of the cloth, mix it with anything your wild heart desires**, coat in herbs or nuts…… and refrigerate for at least a few hours before calling everyone for a new world cheese-and-crackers party.

A note:

I made my first vegan cheese in Kuta, Bali when it was ridiculously hot. It took us 17 hours to get that cheesy taste right. When I made it in Thailand, it was 20 hours of maturing that was just right.

*Pili nuts take only 20 mins to soak, when most of other kinds of nuts need a few hours.

**Here are a few of my suggestions to make your God's cheese absolutely outta-this-world:

-chopped cranberries and thyme (fresh or dry)

-black pepper corns, dill and garlic

-cayenne pepper and poppy seeds

-chopped pistachios and walnuts…..

 Play, beloved, try your own combinations of flavours, there is no limit to our creativity here.

Enjoy! Let me know what you came up with, send some pictures too.

Stay clean, fit and fabulous. You are worth it.