Self-Love-asana... OR... How To Love Yourself in just 5 mins... and Why?

Admit it. There is more room for the self-love in you, always has been.

Perhaps you do not allow yourself to go there cos one gloomy day some smart ass told you that it is selfish to love yourself…and you believed it. Or maybe you do want to go there… but do not know how.

 How do we LOVE ourselves and why? Isn’t self-love something self-centered and inappropriate? Aren’t we supposed to love others more than we love ourselves?  There are many opinions in our world on this sensitive subject. The question is: What feels right to you?

Do you put a safety jacket on others or on you first? How do you give what you don’t have, even if you really want to?

To me self-love was one long rocky journey. Through years of sickness, self-distruction and denial I walked, mostly crawled, towards its light like a thirsty man lost in a desert makes his way towards the water. It took me decades to learn what you will read here in just a few minutes. From disliking myself so much that I just wanted to disappear from the surface of the Earth… to really reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally loving being me (whatever that is) …was one hell of a ride. Thanks to Yoga and my insatiable hunger for truth I kinda figured it out for myself… Now I wish to share it with you, in case you are still in the process of figuring it out. Sometimes we get inspired by listening to the heart sharing of others. And I love sharing, whether it is my experience, raw chocolate, or knowledge.

Here is the thing, baby: There is no such thing as LOVE without embracing, respecting, and honoring what lives through you. If you lack self-love, you will keep looking around, waiting for someone ‘special’ to make you feel loved. You will keep looking for someone else’s approval of what is U. You are a cosmic beggar without self-love. Lacking it will make you feel as insecure and small as it is humanly possible. The worst thing is that you will keep getting challenged by those of us who worked hard to have it. “Self-centered bastards. Just who do they think they are?” That creates distance and disconnection between us… How does that serve anyone? Deep in your heart you know: You wanna be like that too. You want to shine and confidently radiate what you really are. You want to move through your days knowing why on Earth(!)  you are here and what you want. You want to gracefully navigate through the bullshit of this mad ass yet somehow beautiful world. You want it, don’t you?

We all do... None of us can do it without this "tiny little thing" that we so conveniently forget and successfully fail – self-love.

 So, if you know you are ready to shift your gears, here is what works for many of us. If this Self-Love-asana thing is not your “cup of tea,” let me assure you: There are many other ways out there.  Find what works for your beautiful you and increase the self-love volume. You will be surprised at the results.

 Human STAR. Self LOVE-asana:

-Find a quiet place in nature that you absolutely LOVE and face it.

-Switch your phone off. You will survive without it, believe me.

-Ground through your feet wide apart. Stretch your arms out and gently hug the tummy in. Feel your heart beat.

-Let your breath travel between your heart and your belly (hara) for a few moments.

-See yourself as a Human Star: you are radiating what you are from the heart through the spine, all the way into your fingers, toes and out through the crown of your head. You are bigger that U. You are a sacred human geometry moving through space and time.

-Give yourself permission to SHINE. Feel what you feel and become acutely aware of the vastness that you unsuspiciously carry within that cute little thing called “Me.”

-You are a drop of the mysterious, luminous ocean of Light that is everything. Feel it. What is in front of you is what is within you. What is above you is what is within you. What is outside of you is what is inside you.

-Repeat in your mind “I love you” as many times as you wish. Let the awareness of yourself as a Human STAR expand all the way to the stars in the sky. You are it! You are what your heart has been quietly suspecting U to be… for a while now. You are that and more!!!

-Give yourself a hug. You are hugging the most important person in your life. You are the One you are looking for. Breathe yourself in and out. Let yourself happen. Let yourself be. Honor what lives through you. You are U-niverse. This world would be different and a little less without you. Know it, feel it. Do not let anyone dim the light of that knowing. Do not ever give up on what came to live, to shine and to love through you… even if everyone else does. You are a STAR… worthy of life, worthy of LOVE.

Imagine this world full of people loving themselves, honoring each other, shining and living. Once you and me do this... those around us will be inspired too.... and the rest of the world will catch up.

And that is all to it.

Thank you for visiting my site, beloved. I share more self-healing and self-ass-kicking motivational exercises in my other articles and my first book Chocolate Revolution... coming out soon.

Yours truly