Choco-Coco-Berry Dream: Nice Cream

This divine treat is my favorite way to take raw coconut oil. If you still do not take it, I suggest you do your research and join the world of goodness, delicious beautifying, and heaps of health.

Enjoy making it, eating it and sharing it. After all, when it is all gone, we can always make moooooooooooo.

Tools: blender, a large bowl, container


-         ½  cup raw coconut oil, melted*

-         A pinch of Himalayan salt

-         ½  cup of filtered water

-         2 T your favorite sweetener: raw honey, coconut nectar, agave, etc.

-         ¼ t vanilla seeds

-         3 T raw cacao powder

-         1 cup frozen berries

-         7-10 dried juniper berries (optional)

-         Shredded coconut, coconut cream or flowers and fruits for garnish

Enthusiastically blend all the ingredients until smooth. Pour the heavenly cream into a container.

Store it in a freezer for at least two hours.

To serve the choco-coco-berry delight, dig into the frozen cream and place a few servings into a bowl. Garnish with coconut cream and/or flowers and fruits.

Remember – presentation is everything!

A tip: Kept in the freezer for longer than a few hours, this treat will get frozen hard. Remove it from the freezer 20-30 minutes before you intend to enjoy it.

More is coming to please your palate, mind and your DNA.

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much love and choco hugs