Sexy Ways To Sweeten Life. New World sweeteners

Most of us love a little sweet now and then.

Once we take full responsibility for what substance delivers that sweetness to our palate and our life, we can rock our worlds like we could never imagine: we feel and think better, we like the way we look, and that is kinda sexy.

There are many sweeteners available to us these days that are far healthier than the stripped-down, refined and processed white stuff: real, raw honey, natural sweet powders made from dried fruits, yummy syrups lovingly made from flowers, roots and tree saps, and amazing plant drops.


The quality of the sweeteners we choose affects the quality of our chocolates, not only in taste and value, but texture as well.

A Note to the Chocolate Artist:

Honey or syrup (sweet liquids) makes the chocolates smooth to the palate, while all sugars or raw coconut crystals add a nice crunch.

Honey: There are many kinds of honey out there, and they are referred to by many different names – raw, natural, pure, adulterated, and artificial (no idea why it is called “honey.”) I suggest ONLY raw, natural honey, with no additives, if you want exceptional results. The final result of our creation is only as good as the knowledge we apply to create it.


A special note on Manuka honey: It will add to the VV of your chocolates, and also will make them taste like rum truffles.  

Sugars: There are many kinds of sugar that can be used in our chocolate creations that are far healthier than white, refined sugar. New World Alternatives include: coconut, palm, and date sugar, raw coconut crystals, jaggery, and carazuc (a name for organic coconut flower sugar), just mention a few.


I do not encourage eating a lot of sugars, I simply suggest replacing the white addictive stuff with a healthier alternative. Please make sure that you do your research and read the labels to make conscious choices that serve and support the best in you and in this world.

If you are vegan or wish to avoid any kind of sugar, yet still fancy chocolate treats, I suggest substituting medjool dates or seedless raisins blended into a sweet mass. They make a terrific sweetener while naturally taking care of the texture of our treats - no binder is required.

Other Ways to Sweeten Life and Chocolates: For people with diabetes, the sweetener I used with great success is stevia from reliable manufacturers. In my experience, sensitive people also tend to respond well to yacon syrup. It is especially good for those who are on a diet or trying to watch their weight.


A few words about lucuma that I like to add to this category as well: It is a sweet powdered superfood with a maple-like taste that is high in minerals and vitamins, including beta carotene, zinc, iron and many other nutrients. It comes from the Peruvian fruit and proves to be a perfect sweetener for decadent creamy creations, suitable for the most sugar sensitive of us.

There is a safe way to sweeten life for every kind of uniqueness in us, we just need to make a little effort, do the research and apply the knowledge.

To me, there is nothing more pleasing than to watch a person, who has been deprived of all of their favorite foods due to illness, finally enjoying sweet treats that taste really “naughty,” and yet don’t do damage to their system. Guilt-free, decadent treats are a miracle to me!

While there is a lot more information about sweeteners available, I am sharing a little of what I know in order to inspire you to learn more.~ from Chocolate Revolution:Hack The Food Industry

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