Raw Chocolate Is The Answer.. Who cares what the question is


This is yet another recipe that shows us how we can play with clean natural foods and enjoy a Guilt-Free, Sugar-Free, Chemicals-Free decadent treats.

Get ready to have fun, sexy foodie.

Chocolate Answer:  Clever Cacao Treat

Tools: bowl, chopping board, moulds

This creation was inspired by the saying “Chocolate is the answer. Who cares what the question is.”

Nuts and fruits might change yet the recipe formula stays the same, always a winner.

Ingredients to make approximately 10 pieces:

-         3 T raw cacao powder

-         1-2 T sweetener of your choice: raw honey, coconut sugar, raw coconut crystals

-         ¼ t vanilla seeds

-         A pinch of Himalayan salt

-          5 almonds, halved

-         10 raisins

-         4 T raw cacao butter, melted

    -         ½ t of freshly grated organic orange peel (optional)

Place one raisin and one nut into each niche of the mould. Set aside.

In a bowl mix all the dry ingredients first, add in the cacao butter and mix well. Love it!

 Using a spoon mindfully pour the clever chocolate mixture into each niche, over the raisin and nut. Place the mold in a refrigerator for at least 40 minutes.

 A tip: Feel free to play with nuts and dried fruits until you find your favorite combination: almond-cranberry, macadamia-raisin, walnut-mulberry, etc.

 What was the question that you had today?