To You, Who Could Have Loved

 I know why You are so afraid to Love.

You are afraid to lose control.

By Love I do not mean the lovie-dovie,  i-want-you kindda Love.

I mean the Love that will squeeze you out of your skin……. the Love that will drive you out of your head and take you places  that will turn you inside out........... and challenge everything you knew.

This Love will kick your egoistic little butt and make you CARE about so much more than your cutie little Self.  It will make you jump into the fire, cross the oceans and give  away everything you have…..

This Love will make you do stuff You never thought you could or would........  and force you to make time for what you judged, dismissed and and have excluded.

This LOVE will strip you naked, leaving you with nothing  but the TRUTH.

It will humble you, dismantle you and put you back together in no-mind way. It will show You   the God's way, the only way. You will FEEL so deeply that you will find it hard to breathe.

 LOVE! The most powerful force in the Universe.

It gushes like a blood river from an open wound.

It is like a desert sun that burns  with no mercy.

This LOVE is out of your hands..... This force  will not be tamed by  anybody's rules. wonder You are so afraid to Love.

  Why have a sweet illusion of control instead of life full of wonder,  endless miracles and  joy???...... from my next book "Love Revolution"