White Sky

Cacao‐Coconut decadence that will rock your world.

This is a special recipe that requires coconut butter, not the runny oil, the creamy yummy butter.  It is easy to make if we have some good quality Coconut shreds or dehydrated coconut flesh*(see how‐to below)

 If you do not have Coconut Butter, please read on, we can manage even without. we have imagination and skills.

This is a new world where everything is possible.** (no‐coconut‐butter‐version is at the bottom)

Ingredients to make around 10:

‐ 5 T Coconut butter

‐ 1 T Raw White Honey

‐  1‐2 T Coconut shreds

‐ A  pinch of Himalayan salt

‐ A touch of Vanilla seeds

‐ 1 T Raw Cacao Nibs (the dark stars in a white sky)

‐ 2 T Desiccated Coconut for coating

In large bowl place coconut butter, add the rest of the ingredients one by one, gently folding them into a ‘white heaven’. Throw the chocolate stars (nibs) at last and form the perfect truffles with your hands, placing them one by one on a parchment paper.

 In a separate bowl put coating coconut. Place the white sky truffles into this bowl one by one, and spin the bowl in your hand, allowing each truffle to coat generously. Place them in a box or a plastic container to rest in a fridge for about an hour before indulging.


You might need more coconut shreds here to make the mass more agreeable.

*How to make Coconut butter?

Place a few cups of coconut shreds (unsweetened) or dehydrated coconut flesh of young coconuts in a blender or a food processor, add 1 T of coconut oil and give it a good spin. You might need to stop a few times to encourage the white cream towards the center. It might take up to 10 mins in a blender.

** How to make this decadent treat without Coconut Butter?



‐ 5 T desiccated Coconut

‐ 1 T Raw White Honey

‐  1 T melted Raw Cacao butter  ‐ A  pinch of Himalayan salt

‐ A touch of Vanilla seeds

‐ 1 T Raw Cacao Nibs

Just mix all the ingredients together and form sweet decadent balls. No need for coating. They will not be as smooth as the ones made out of Coconut Butter.... Yet they are absolutely divine

A tip: A real raw white honey, the expensive one, is a secret of making this treat awesome. Runny yellow honey will not do the trick. So, please treat yourself to the best honey there is. You are worth it!

Have your cake and eat it, beloved. Have your life and live it!