Top Tips on How To Make The Best Raw Chocolate On The Planet

 Here are a few tips for all those learning how to make their own healing chocolate treats.

- Be super selective with your ingredients. Remember, it is the vibration of each substance brought into the process that determines the final result. Make sure you resonate with every single choice!

- Start with melting Cacao Butter. Set up your bain marie (double boiler) and let the butter melt while you are preparing the rest of your Chocolate Love Lab.

- ALWAYS switch the cooker off before placing the bowl with butter over it. Never let the bottom of the bowl touch the water. Even one drop of moist getting in to the butter will prevent chocolates from setting.

- The remaining cacao butter can be kept for the next time of your chocolate making adventure.

- The Raw Cacao powder might have lumps in it. Simply sift it right before you use it.

- Mix the powders first and add the liquids after.  Know your consistency!

- Always taste your chocolate creation before you pour it into the moulds or start rolling truffles.

- To enhance the raw cacao powder with desired flavors, spin it in a grinder/blender with selected spices (vanilla, saffron, cardamom, etc).

- Keep a flat plate on the table in your Chocolate Lab for your spoons to keep the Choco Love Lab neat.

- Store your chocolate treasures in sealed containers in a refrigerator or for longer in a freezer, to prevent it from absorbing the scents of other foods. Chocolate is really sensitive to the vibrations/smells around it.

- Always put the Secret ingredient - LOVE!

- Play, create, and fuel your cells and your loved ones with clean High Vibe foods.

 Love Yourself enough to care about little clever things like this.