For decades I have been searching for foods that act like medicine.

 When we are living in a challenged body we are not as concerned about the palate pleasures....We want to feel well and that desire overrides our weakness for yummy treats that taste ridiculously delicious but in reality are just empty 'palate teasers' (at best) and serious 'chemical bombs' (at worst). Nothing looks as good as awesome feels! Nothing!

 On my never ending search for medicinal foods I have come across some serious  edible 'magics.' What is really impressive is that some of them taste better than  anyone expected. I was thrilled - here I was, all ready to eat bitter and horrid that will be medicinal for my system... and what did I find? Medicines that tasted like... chocolate and  caramels.

 Wow! Yes to that!


 Here they are, simply magical food substances  that rocked my socks. I want to share this information with you so you can get inspired and start thinking about what you call food. I will mention just a few today.


-Yacon Syrup

This amazing chocolate looking and sweet tasting heavenly fluid comes from a root of a plant that grows in Andes mountains. It is low GI and it does have the power to make us slimmer. The phrase that is used on most sites to describe this power is "significant weight loss." Yeah, baby! Give it  to us, please.
What to do with it?
Make  chocolate spread out of it, use it in your desserts instead of any other sweetener, pour it over your porridge or a toast in the morning. Let it rock your socks!

- Thai Basil Seeds

Such miracles these tiny seeds are. They expand in water like crazy. One spoon of dry seeds become a full plate of wet cute looking yumminess that bursts in  your mouth at  precisely the right moment (like caviar.)
 They are full of fiber. Good-bye constipation! If only that. Thai Basil seeds are also a potent antioxidant and antiviral to mention just a few benefits.
 What to do with them? 
 Soak them for ten minutes  (one tablespoon of seeds in one cup of water) and get creative. Slap that gorgeous bubliness into porridge OR make dessert out of them.
 Color them purple with fresh beetroot juice, add some healthy sweetener and enjoy an exciting detox dessert. Holly-shmolly-guacamolly...We can have it all these days!



-Raw Cacao

How amazing that on top of  zillion of other things that cacao has to offer to our human system, we also loose weight while eating it. Did you know that most of the weight loss products have cacao powder in them? That  is for a good reason. Cacao is reducing our appetite and making us feel full (plus seriously elated and happy!) What to do with it?
 Oh,  I could write a book on that, in fact I just did (www.ChocolateRevolutionTheBook)

Here is an idea: mix  raw cacao powder with the first two foods mentioned in this article and have your self a yummy slimming dessert.

 Or make your own chocolate cakes, brownies and truffles using your wild imagination.


Any super foods are  good for our human system, and by that I mean they are good for the brain cells, for general health, for our blood, and good for our DNA. They are not to just please the palate.... like most ordinary foods are. They have the power to rock our world, and to change our experience of life.

If you are new to super foods, please take it slowly, introducing them gently to your diet and watch the alchemical reaction between your cells and these magical foods. You just might find yourself thinking, feeling, and functioning better than you ever thought you could.


Super powerful powder that is made form a root of a plant. It has been called a "Peruvian ginseng." It is a mood elevating, skin rejuvenating, hormone balancing magical substance that will rock your socks. It can be white, red and black, and it is spectacular!


It has been made from a fruit of a tree that grows in Peru, Ecuador and Chile. It has been called "The Gold of the Incas." It is  a super powerful immunity booster, low GI sweetener. Yes, it tastes sweet!  Recent studies  show it to be a serious anti-aging substance. Added to our raw treats, mixed with soaked cashews and healthy sweeteners it will rock anybody's world!


Oh, this one. This is  a serious wake-me-up substnce. It comes from a velvet bean grown in India. It has been used in Ayurveda for healing numerous dysfunctions. It has incredible compounds that make it almost  psychedelic. Yes, you read that right!
 In fact many people are afraid to take it and avoid it for that reason.  It is almost intimidating if you are not familiar with it.
 I have been taking mucuna for many years and all I can say is this: Mucuna activates pineal gland and sleeping DNA, taken in small and wise doses. Recommended start dose for beginners is 1/8 of a tea spoon.

What to do with all of these foods?
 Add super foods to smoothies, raw chocolate treats and let your DNA know that you are alive and conscious... that you want to LIVE.

 I will be sharing more of my secret discoveries soon.

 It is time for me to make my DNA smoothie!

 With hugs and miracles, yours truly

Nothing changes until We do.