The easiest way to satisfy that Chocolate  craving and feel fabulous about it.

It is 100 % raw, heavenly tasting, and....... it is absolutely GFW - Guilt Free Way.

Why? It is made of seriously powerful nutritious stuff and  it acts like a medicine while tasting like chocolate. Ha!

Tools we need: Blender/Hands/Bowls/Spoons.

This is one of the yummiest easy and quick recipes, ever. You are in total control of what you get and there is no waiting involved. We are not always in the mood to wait. Sometimes we just must have our Raw Chocolate right NOW.


-         2 T of Raw Cacao Powder

-         A pinch of Himalayan Salt

-         1 T (or 2T) of your healthy liquid sweetener – Raw Honey/Raw Agave/ Yacon or Coconut nectar

-         A bunch of your favorite chopped nuts – almonds, cashews, macadamias, pistachios, pecans, etc.

-         ¼ t  Vanilla seeds

-         2-3 T Raw Coconut oil.

Optional: a handful of sun dried fruits: Gojis/raisins/cherries/blueberries/chopped apricots/etc

Mix well all the ingredients and enjoy straight from the bowl, right here and right now. Who has the best Chocolate factory now?

 A Tip: use Yacon Syrup and avoid macadamias if you watch your weight :-)     

Anna Teacher/Writer/Dreamer
Nothing changes until We do.