DREAM CREAM. Dreaming of a white plant based cream

Cashew Cream.jpg

Warning: this yummy treat can be addictive and cause a serious feeling of satisfaction!

Dream Cream is made of cashews. It can be used on cakes, it can be enjoyed as a dessert or turned into a super-duper ice cream, or as a filling for our raw chocolate bars.

Let your Imagination go wild.

It is the best thing we can dowith cashew really.


1 cup of soaked Cashews

2/3 cups of good water

1 Vanilla stick (or 1/4 t of vanilla seeds)

1-2 T Raw White Honey or Coconut Nectar

1 T Lukuma Powder

A Pinch of Himalayan salt

Raw Cacao Powder for dusting and the lower layer (if you make tiramisu-like dessert)

This is how:

Soak cashews for a few hours, not more than 7.

Let them dry on a clean towel for a few minutes. Place cashews together with the rest of the ingredients in the blender. 

Give it a nice spin. It blends very easily, turning into a yummy creamy mass that tastes like tiramisu cream.

Tips: if you are making a dessert (like the one on the picture), make the bottom layer from any healthy sweetener and raw cacao mixed together.

Please taste the cream before you let it leave the blender, perhaps you want to color it. Matcha tea powder for that lovely green color, or our legendary beetroot juice for that sexy Valentine color.


P.S. Please remember to consume nuts in moderation. 

People who are magnesium sensitive and have nut allergies should avoid cashews.