Energy... How To Create It and Why.


 Are You familiar with “I just wanna stay in bed” – feeling? No energy?

As someone living with the auto-immune condition, I have been long-term friends with this feeling. There are better friendships to have, I have learned, but I also learned a lot from spending a lot of time in this no-energy holes.

 There are times in life when everything gets too intense.  We are feeling drained, exhausted and empty, but we must keep going. Life does not stop, demands and expectations do not end. Our dreams, our jobs, our family and friends, our bodies, our minds, and our souls…… everything needs energy to remain alive. Try not to water your plants for a week and you will see exactly what I mean. Without energy... dreams die, family and friends distance, our physical bodies become dysfunctional, mind gets dull and dis activated… and Soul wilts like a neglected flower...... everything runs on energy.



Do you know what I am talking about?

If you do, then I have something special to share with you here. Being who I am and refusing to take meds for my immunity issue, I had to find my own way to stay well and have energy, the natural way. Endless self experiments (not all of them were success) led me to remember our connection to Nature (to Universe) and her wisdom that I carry in my medicine-woman genes.

This easy energy cultivating program is my heart sharing with you. It helped those I worked with, my friends in need of an energetic pick-me-up, and my own self... every time. Take what resonates with you, dismiss what does not... and feel better!

Now. Let us understand how energy works.


 Imagine your bank account. Every day you, big spender, are happily making withdraws from it, you keep spending, but do not make a deposit. You take out a lot, yet you put nothing back in. 

 How long do you think you are going to last this way? What is going to happen to your accounts with no deposits made? I believe bankruptcy is the word here. I have learned that it is the same with our energy bank. You might not know this yet, but energy is the most precious currency in the Universe... and everything alive is after it.

We are operating in a realm where energy gets stolen, taken without our permission (if we are not on guard), sucked out (literally). I met a few creatures who would kill for energy, step over others for it without a slightest hesitation.... surely you have seen that too. So, we must learn to create it, to save it and to guard it with all we have. Our energy realm reminds me a lot of a Jurassic Park. It is kind of funny and safe only when you know how to navigate through it.


How Do We Create Energy and make deposits to our energy bank?

The answer is really simple - become aware of the first Universal law - Energy Exchange and ReCharge your batteries on a regular basis.


How to recharge?

- Exercise/Move 

- Go to Nature: grounding, taking a walk on the beach, running through a field, hugging a tree, etc, it all activates our inner G.

- Detox/Cleanse. Give your body a holiday.

- Meditate. Rest. Get quiet.

- Spend time alone. Alone is when we do our inner work, when we self heal, shift and align.



This is a real basic ReCharge program that I have tested numerous times on myself and those I worked with, for over 20 years. It works miracles, when done with self-love and self-honesty.

Tools: blender, gym, sauna/steam, motivation.

Side effects:  feeling calm, happier state of being, lightness in the body, clarity of the mind, feeling more yourself and being connected to the Source.


How to do IT?

  • Make time to give yourself this gift. Just a few days of self-love might be life changing.

  • Prepare for the program by eating only fruits and veggies for a few days before.

  • Get into the right mind set. Remember You can do anything if you put your mind on it.

  • Each day start with a big glass of warm water with lemon/lime drops, followed by the 'golden milk' - activated turmeric water (if you still do not know it, google it).

  • Sit in silence each morning. Meditate or just breathe and be. Doing this under the sun activates our DNA.

  • Exercise: Power walking/ Gym work/Rebounding/Intense Yoga practice. Whatever keeps you happy, do it for 40 mins at least. Take 100 mg Niacin (Vit B 3) if it feels right to you (optional).

  • Sauna/Steam right after.

  • Rest. Most people I worked with showed total inability to relax. We have a lot to learn from cats here - just stretch and lounge without a care in the world. Let go!

  • Have a large re-charge smoothie by mixing fresh pineapple with soaked chia/flax seeds and some greens. Add some spirulina, raw cacao, acai berry or any other superfoods you like. Nutriceuticals are good for your cells.

  • Engage in something creative: write/dance/sculpt/paint/whatever keeps your vibe high. Creativity is the most healing and harmonizing activity we can engage.

  • Have a massage or a nice hot bath with Himalayan salt in it, or both (!)

  • Get healthy liquids into your body every few hours, such as fresh juices, healing teas (matcha or home made yogi tea), veggie broth.

  • Stretch your body (and mind) in the evening to a calming music. Feel what you did not have time to feel, process whatever needs to be processed. Envision yourself where and how you wish to be - healthy and harmonious, abundant and free.

  • Stay silent as much as you can. Talking and listening/absorbing energy takes a lot of energy. Value it.

  • Have a gentle enema in the evening.

  • Dream and envision great stuff! Let your vibration rise.

  • Repeat for a few more days changing activities, music, dreams and greens. Have a heart-to-heart chat with someone who knows how to love.

  • Focus on GRATITUDE! We all have as much to be grateful for, as we have our human troubles. It is all a matter of focus. Another Universal law not ever forget - What we focus on - GROWS!

    This program can be done from 3 to 7 days. It is really easy and pleasant on every level, leaving anyone with a glow and extra sparkles, not to mention seriously increased energy level.

    Take good care of your Self! Carry what is You with dignity and respect. You are a part of the You-niverse, dancing human for a while. Value that.

  • ps.  Taking Niacin will create a flushing-and-blushing sensation, you might go red and itchy for about 20-30 mins. This is very normal response, just have fun with it.