Dreams&Greens. 3 Days ReCharge Program. Because U Love Yourself.

 Are You familiar with “I just wanna stay in bed” – feeling?

As someone living with the auto-immune condition, I have been long-term friends with this feeling. There are better friendships to have, I have learned.

 There are times in life when everything gets so intense that it feels like we are running a marathon. We are feeling drained, exhausted and empty, but we must keep running. Life does not stop, demands and expectations do not end. Our dreams, our jobs, our family and friends, our bodies, our minds, and our souls…… everything needs energy to feed off. Without that energy dreams die, family and friends begin to distance, body becomes dysfunctional, mind gets dull… and soul falls asleep.

Do you know what I am talking about? If you do understand this energy business, then I have something special to share with you. Being a stubborn cookie and refusing to take meds, I had to find my own way to stay well and have energy. This is just a little sharing of many of my self experiments. Take what resonates with you, dismiss what does not, and have heaps of energy to enjoy this spectacular ride - life.

So… How do we stay vibrant?

 How do we stay motivated and joyful?

 How do we keep our passion for life and shine like a naked bum under the full moon?

 How do we keep going?

The answer is - We must have energy to run on. The more - the better. When it comes to energy  MORE is the best word.

 The thing is - We must make a daily effort to create energy to run on.

  Let me put it like this. Imagine your bank account. Every day you, big spender, are happily making withdraws from it. But you keep forgetting to make a deposit. You take out a lot… yet you put nothing back in. You keep spending. Life does not stop, demands and expectations do not end. We pay for everything, whether it is with money or with our own energy. That is the price of being alive.

May I ask you? How long do you think you are going to last this way? What is going to happen to your account with no deposits made? I believe bankruptcy is the word here.  Same with your energy bank, love.

Without making deposits, without recharging your inner batteries, on a regular basis…. you will not go far. I worked with many people who ran on empty for far too long not to think that this uneducated approach to our energy is tragic.

So, enough said, let us get to the point.

How Do We Create Energy and make deposits to our energy bank?

The answer is really simple - ReCharge your batteries on a regular basis.


How to recharge?


- Exercise/Move any way you wish

- Detox/Cleanse your system, give your body a holiday.

- Meditate/Rest/Get quiet.


This is a real basic ReCharge program that I have tested numerous times for over 20 years. It works miracles, done with self-love and self-honesty.

Tools you need: sexy blender, gym, sauna/steam, motivation.

Side effects: slimmer body, clarity, deep feeling of satisfaction, bright eyes, and happier mood.


Things to KNOW about this program:

  • There is no way anyone can feel fabulous without exercise. MOVE!

  • Body heals itself once we give it a rest from being bombarded with all the processed foods and sugars we take on a daily basis. FAST.

  •  Using the right edible substances during the program enhances its effects.

    List of foods to take:  pineapple, curcumin, high vibe raw cacao nibs/beans, chia and flax seeds, raw coconut oil, spirulina, fresh honest greens (sprouts, kale, parsley, coriander/etc), healthy liquids, like tea, fresh juices and water. NURISH.

  • Drinking real good water makes a huge difference. Make sure your water is clean and honest. HYDRATE.


    How to do the Dreams&Greens ReCharge Program?


  • Make time to give yourself this gift. Just a few days of self-love might be life changing.

  • Prepare for the program by avoiding animal protein, sugar or anything fried for a few days before.

  • Get into the right mind set. Motivate yourself with something ah-mazing. Motivation will get you there faster than a blink of the eye.

  • Each day start with a big glass of warm water with lemon/lime drops, followed by the golden milk (if you still do not know it, google it)

  • Spend some time alone each morning. Meditate or just breathe and be. Look at the sun.

  • Take 100 mg niacin (Vit B3) and go exercise. Power walking/ Gym work/Rebounding/Intense Yoga practice. Whatever keeps you happy, do it for 40 mins at least.

  • Sauna/Steam right after.

  • Rest.

  • Make a large re-charge smoothie by mixing fresh pineapple with soaked chia/flax seeds and some greens. Add any other super foods you like.

  • Do something creative: write/dance/sculpt/paint/whatever keeps your vibe high.

  • Have a massage or a nice hot bath with Himalayan salt in it, or both (!)

  • Get fresh juices into your system every few hours.

  • Stretch your body (and mind) in the evening to the most beautiful calming music.

  • Stay silent as much as you can. Talking takes a lot of energy, and very often it is wasted on absolute bs. Value your words.

  • Dream and envision great stuff!

  • Repeat for a few more days changing activities, music, dreams and greens.

    This program can be done from 3 to 7 days. It is really easy and pleasant on every level, leaving anyone with a glow and extra sparkles, not to mention seriously increased energy level.

     I am writing this on the second day of my own Dreams&Greens ReCharge program after intense time in Ukraine. We all need some self-love time, we are all worth it.

    I share more on this sensitive subject of staying fit and well natural and easy way in my first book Chocolate Revolution: Hack The Food Industry. Released this year.

    I share because I care.


    Thank you for spending time with me here. Hope you found it helpful. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you to help you shift gears in life.

    ps1. If you are in doubt about doing the ReCharge program on your own, please consult your doctor.

    ps2. Taking Niacin will create a flushing-and-blushing sensation, you might go red and itchy for about 20-30 mins. This is very normal response, have fun with it!


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