R-Awesome Banoffee Pie

This decadent and super healthy creation was inspired by a beautiful person I had an honor to work with, Derya, a gorgeous young woman who was in the beginning of her Transformational journey when life put us together.

 This cake was inspired by Derya’s determination to stay well, to remain connected and on the path of transformation and growth

To make this Pie we need to make some time. 


For the base: 5 Dates, 3/4 cup of Raw Pistachio Nuts,1/4 t Vanillas seeds (or 2 Vanilla sticks), 1⁄4 t Cinnamon powder, 1⁄4 t Himalayan/Sea Salt, 1 T Raw Cacao Powder.

For the toffee: 5 dates soaked* in 3 T of yogi tea (preferably homemade), 1⁄2 t Vanilla seeds. 

For the Creamy Part: 1 cup of soaked**  Cashew nuts, 2 frozen Bananas, 1⁄4 t Vanilla seeds, a pinch of Himalayan/Sea salt, 2 T Coconut Cream***, 7 drops of fresh Lime/Lemon juice, 1 T Marple syrup or Coconut nectar.

For the top of the cake: 5 T Coconut Cream, 1 T Coconut Nectar, 1 T of Raw Cacao Nibs.

Decoration (optional) – 1 frozen banana.

*Dates can be soaked for just 15-20 mins before we make a creamy mass out of them.

** We never soak Cashews for longer than 7 hours.

*** Coconut Cream can be the flesh of the inside of fresh coconuts or the real Coconut Cream.


Have the frozen bananas and yogi tea ready before you start the process of creating. Prepare a cute little tray for the cake as a base. Presentation is everything, after all that effort we put into our yummy creation it better look good.

1. We start with the base.

Blend together all the ingredients and make dough out of the mixture. Make a ball out of it by rolling it between your hands. Spread it in a round flat shape on the tray. Put it in a freezer.

2. Blend the soaked dates with yogi tea. Put the heavenly mixture into a box and let it rest in a fridge while you are making the rest.

3. Chop the frozen bananas. Put them together with cashews in to a blender or a food processor. Add Coconut Cream, Vanilla, Salt, Honey and blend enthusiastically into a creamy mixture. You might have to stop a few times to encourage the mixture towards the center by using a spatula. Being mindful and present is the secret of any ah-mazing creation! Once done, add lime/lemon drops and transfer the cream into a bowl. Place it in a refridgerator to rest.

4. Get the base out and spread the toffee all over it. Let it go back to a freezer.

5. Blend the Coconut Cream with Marple syrup or Coconut nectar, pour it in a plastic container and let it rest in a refrigerator.

6. Get the base with toffee and the bowl with cream out. Pour the cream over the two bottom layers – base and toffee. Spread it evenly. Use your hands to keep the edges looking lovely.

I used a hard plastic wrap around the cake to be able to place the decorative banana pieces all around it. It is something that I watched commercial sweet companies use and I picked the trick for our rawsome creations.

 Once the cream is poured in, put the frozen banana circles around the cream layer and place the pie back to a freezer. Leave it for a few hours to settle in.

7. Last step.

Get the pie and the cream out.  Pour the cream into a plastic bag. Cut the corner of the bag and spread the gorgeous looking stripes of cream all over the pie. Sprinkle with Raw Cacao nibs and/or shavings of raw chocolate bar.

Freeze it again for a few hours! This cake will stay in a freezer (covered!) for up to 10 days if you let it. 

Get it out at least 10 mins before you intend to serve it. ENJOY.

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