How To Make The Best Ice-Cream EVER..... With No Milk & No Sugar...

How to make the best ice-cream EVER..... with no milk, no sugar, Just a blender and super foods recipe...

Chocolate Chip-Mango Ice Cream
This super decadent treat was created when I was just coming out of yet another detox and I craved something cold, milky, sweet, with something crunchy in it…… that tasted like chocolate. The challenge was that it had to be very clean and super healthy food. I came up with this ‘heavenly decadence’ and fell in love.

It is always in my freezer now for those moments when friends show up or cozy movie nights in.
- 2 frozen mango pieces
- 2/3 cup of coconut milk
- A touch of Himalayan salt
- ¼ t Vanilla seeds
- 2 T Raw cacao nibs
- 1 handful of raisins *
Optional ingredient: 1 T raw honey, if you are a really sweet lover.

How to: Cut mango into smaller pieces that can be managed by the blender. I find it fascinating how much frozen mango looks like cacao butter  
Place mango pieces in a blender together with coconut milk, salt and vanilla. Blend stopping a few times to assist the mango chunks to get close to the center. It might take 3-5 stops. When smooth and creamy, using a spoon put the mixture in a plastic container. Throw the cacao nibs and raisins in, folding them into the creamy mango mass. Resist the temptation to eat it all right now. It will get even better after a few hours. Place the “decadence” in a freezer for at least two hours before indulging. The dance of flavors: mango and coconut, the crunchy cacao nibs and the chewy raisins….. It is something to get excited about!

If you keep this treat in a freezer, it will get hard. Just take it out 20-30 mins before you intend to enjoy it. Serve it in a nice bowl. Decorate with cacao nibs and coconut shreds.

*If you soak the raisins in good rum for a few weeks, you will end up with a serious gourmet ice-cream that is all good and slightly naughty. Kind of like us, chocolate lovers.

From "Chocolate Revolution" The Book Of Truth, Coming Out Soon!!!