How To Make Awesome Raw Chocolate 'Bliss Log'

Get the best Raw Cacao powder EVA..... Put some music on and get busy.

Tools: bowl, cutting board, cling film, imagination

Ingredients: Raw Cacao,  Sweetener, Himalayan salt, Super foods, Spices and Love

Mix 1 cup of cacao powder with a few Table spoons of healthy sweetener of your choice: raw honey/coconut or date sugar/Raw Coconut Crystals/Stevia/Agave or Yacon syrup.

Bless it with a pinch of Himalayan salt.

Add the most incredible high vibe substances-superfoods:

- raw nuts of your choice

- hemp/flax/chia seeds

- raisins and prunes

- Inca/goji/blueberries

- Maca powder

- Lucuma powder

- bee pollen

Let the best spices of the world join the bliss orchestra - Vanilla, Cinnamon, Saffron, Nutmeg.

Wrap it all in a cling film and shape in to a log..... Refrigerate for a few hours.

When you need to go to heaven just
Slice the log,  get a folk and get ready to enjoy one of the best creations your fridge has ever seen...

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