Heal Yourself … And The World Will Heal Too!

Precious things I have learned from being sick…. (while working in the Industry of healing.)

Before you ask, yes, we can learn a LOT from being unwell, and yes, there is an Industry of healing.

If you look around, you will see it everywhere. Intelligent awake people deliver the Truth every day to all of us who are ready to hear it. Healing recipes, natural medicinal tonics, miracle people, scientists and bio chemists are sharing their researches openly with us. People publish awesome books after digging deeper into the layers of What IS.  Very often, they do that after being sick and forced to find the truth.

While all that is out there we have a choice to focus on watching dumb movies and listening to lies on the news…. Or we pull our gig together and start thinking and searching for ourselves.

Here  they are, precious gems, the lessons, the knowledge, the gold.

I hope you skip being sick and just get this right here and now. Be smarter than I was. You deserve a life of awesomeness and joy. No time to waste.

1.        Everything we think we know is an absolute bs. The sooner we come out of that rigid zone, the better we start feeling. Keep your mind open, especially to miracles and non-logical events.

2.       Truth can only be experienced. It cannot be borrowed from the books or someone else mind, no matter how smart. Find your truth!

3.      Healing starts with silence/stillness/meditation, whatever world we choose to use. There is no healing in this crazy noise. Trust a single moment of meaningful silence more than a million of smart words.

4.      Healing is a byproduct of Love. If we want to heal, we better find a loving supporting environment to do so.  Peace and Harmony are the healing vibration, while judging, imposing and arguing about who’s truth is more truer is a disaster zone.

5.        Each meal is statement. Every time we choose to eat something, we are demonstrating our human intelligence to every cell of our being.”Let your food become your medicine.”

6.       If a doctor tells you to stop taking super foods, to stop fussing about yoga and meditation, and start acting adequate (whatever that means for the poor sleeping bugger)….. you have the right to laugh so loud that the whole diagnostic center is shaken in to a total collapse. Just that one good laugh might be a cause of a miraculous healing.

7.        We all need each other to get empowered and strong.  Be loving to others, so they find it easy to be loving to you.

8.       When we take full responsibility for our relationship with a physical body, and how important it is to relate to it from an intelligent and soulful point of view…. anything is possible! Take responsibility for the experience of yourself by embracing your body as a tool of awakening!

9.        Finally…. When we get unwell we get closer to the view - this cute little ride, called human life is just an illusion.. And if it really is, why don’t we stop taking our gorgeous, spectacular Self so damn serious and make it a good one?

Heal, beloved! Heal yourself, so you can heal the world!