When We Heal our Self We Heal the World


If we really look around, we will see that HEALING is taking place everywhere in the world. The Truth is out. Truth is Healing. Healing recipes, list of things to avoid, medicinal tonics and plants, how to cure and incurable.... we have it all now. We have books these days that could not possibly be published even a decade ago. The system would not have allowed. Times are different now. Our chances of self healing have raised up.

We have all we need to unplug and to heal our Self. It is just a matter of choice.

  We can continue watching the TV, consuming chemicalized foods, engaging in collective programming…. OR..... we can put our thinking hat on, and  head towards HEALING.

Here is what I have learned from decades of being on a Healing journey, the numerous researches, the endless self-experimenting, the never ending hunting for the right knowledge that helped me heal. I am sharing it with you now, hoping to save you time and troubles, hoping to INSPIRE you.

1.        Everything we were taught to think is absolute nonsense. The sooner we let go, and open our minds to miracles and non-logical events..... the sooner we will HEAL.

2.       Truth can only be experienced. It cannot be borrowed from a book, or someone else's mind, even the most brilliant. We cannot Google truth either. We have to find our own truth!

3.      Healing starts with silence. There is no healing in this crazy noise. Trust a single moment of meaningful silence more than a million of words.

4.      Healing requires us to become highly Energy Hygienic. When we wish to heal, we are responsible for creating loving, harmonious and supporting environment. Worrying, tolerating abuse (any kind: verbal, energetic, or physical), feeding parasitic consciousness, lack of self-honesty does not support HEALING.

5.        Each meal is  a statement. Every time we sit down to eat, we are demonstrating our human intelligence to every cell of our being.”Let your food become your medicine.”

6.        We  need  our Soul tribe. We need connections to beautiful others, who see, honor, and accept us where we are. When we are loving to others, they find it easy to be loving to us.

7.       When we take full responsibility for the relationship with our physical form…. anything is possible! When we take responsibility for our Self, when we begin to view our challenges as invitations to expand, to grow... we are on the road to Healing.


We can HEAL, darling! And when we heal our Self, we heal the world!

 with love and respect