Smoothies For Beginners

While working on my new site that is a sheer result of my increasing passion for serving and inspiring others, I wrote this to give as a gift to all those who want to start their own Journey of Change. Enjoy! Play and learn!

Thank you for your trust in what I do. I am delighted to share with you what worked for me on my personal healing journey. Having smoothies every day definitely made a huge difference in my life! I am fit, slender, and i am super healthy finally at 46, after years and years of being unwell and unhappy bunny.
Please remember that food is not the only way to create a change in your life. We must be aware of all the choices that we make, each day, each breath. They all matter!

I put this together for those of you who are just at the beginning of their health awareness journey and those who look for new ways to make their life/health/choices better-working for them.

Please, be aware that we are all very unique. What works for others might not be working for us. We must learn to trust the wisdom of our own body and listen to it. As i wrote in my book “Body knows even when the mind forgets.” (“Chocolate Revolution” is coming out this year)

Remember to DETOX and adopt some kind of physical activity in order to shift faster and tune into the wisdom of your own temple, called ‘body’. Your body will tell you stuff no one out there knows about you!
My blessings to your path!

SMOOTHIES are great way to enjoy our own creativity and practice our knowledge. They can vary. In my world there are 3 kinds of smoothies:
1 Fun Smoothies (to enjoy).
2 Super Food Smoothies (to nurture).
3 Green Smoothies (to cleanse and rejuvenate)

1-Fun Smoothies are great for the whole family. They are easy to make and are very inspiring. They show us that food can taste great and be good for us.

Basic principles of Fun Smoothies (FS):

-Fruit base (banana/mango/pineapple)
-Healthy Liquid (nut milk/coconut water or milk/just good water is good enough if nothing else is available)
-Flavors. Berries (frozen or fresh/raw cacao powder/natural vanilla powder (black expensive stuff!)
so ….. now you can make your own basic Fun Smoothie. Have fun!

My personal favorites: Banana/Almond Milk/Frozen blueberries and

Tip: if you add less liquid and freeze your fruit base before you use it, you will make the best, healthiest ice cream you ever had.
Banana-Almond-Chocolate ice cream anyone?

2-Super Food Smoothies (SFS) are so much fun. They make the best breakfast in the world if you want to feel awesome. Why? Because you feed your cells with high vibrational food substances that speak directly to your DNA reminding you how you were meant to feel….. How were you meant to feel? The answer is AWESOME!!!

Basic principles of SFS:
-Same principles as FS, but instead of flavors we add our super foods.
-Here is basic list of these highly vibrational nutrition ‘bombs’ called SUPER FOODS.

Please explore this subject on your own and get excited about this kind of knowledge. As Bruce Lipton, the author of the “Biology Of Belief” said, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! Get your Power and take control over how you feel/look/experience yourself! Change Your Choices.. and You will change your life!


-Use whatever you have today in your kitchen.
My personal favorites vary from day to day: Bananas/Coconut water/RAW CACAO/MACA/CHIA SEEDS/ GOJI BERRIES……. and
Mango/Almond milk/MUCUNA/FLAX and HEMP seeds/INCA BERRIES.

Tip: please be aware of the mixture that you create. Some of us have a very sensitive digestive system and it is hard to digest stuff when we mix too much. Food combining principles and our own digestive fire should be always taken into consideration while creating our SFS.
Play, mix and learn!

3-Green Smoothies (GS) are my favorite way to make myself feel spectacular. They detox our system, the make us look and feel younger… They are magical and seriously underestimated by many!
Victoria Boutenko is my inspiration for greens and their role in our health. To get inspired by this special lady, please go to for more inspiration.

Basic Principles for making GS:
-Fruit base. (for beginners only)… If your palate is ready for it, skip this step. Fruits (Bananas or Pineapples) make the GS more palatable and easier to like. Most of us are so used to sweet taste, that we find it hard to consume just green. We need our food to taste good, and that is OK. Please be patient with yourself.
Your taste bud will change as you get healthier. I use pineapple often in my GS when I am not in the mood for the medicinal taste of my greens:-)

- Super Healthy liquid – Freshly pressed vegetable juice or a good alive water. (I like spinned water)
- Healthy Greens: Kale/Spinach/Parsley/Sunflower sprouts/Bok Choi/ Mint/anything leafy green that you fancy.
-Spices; fresh ginger, black pepper/cayenne pepper, garlic, Himalayan salt.

My personal favorites are: Cucumber juice based Mint/Kale/Lime/Black Pepper/Himalayan salt (basically a yummy green salad that has been liquidized) and
Water based
Tip: Watch the way you feel after certain combinations. Be sensitive. Be alive. GET tuned into your own truth that works for you!

GS is a Perfect afternoon boost and beautifier! You will learn it soon ENOUGH TO GET AS HOOKED AS I AM.

Have fun! Be the best you can be! Play and learn!

Shared with love and wishes of abundant health and Harmony for all.

Change Your choices and You will change Your life…….. Change Your life…. and You will change this world!

Truly yours,