Who is in your Mirror?

Here is the truth that we all know and just love (!) forgetting for some mysterious reason.
You can read this as you have written it….if you dare to be that honest with yourself. Ready?

Please Come with me on a trip, an honesty trip.
Nothing else needed, just brutal honesty and courage to look within, not without.

Sitting in front of a mirror and really making an effort to like the person in it does help too!
Stare in those eyes! What do you see?

Here it comes, the truth that has been hiding for too long under the layers of arrogance, self-worth issues, ego and fears:

When I do not love myself…. It does not really matter how much love and kindness I see from others…. I perceive this world as a dark place and I am one bitter human being.

Nothing and no one is ever good…