What is in my Chocolate? I want to know!

I never knew how bad  the Chocolate Situation was until i decided to dig deeper and actually research what  commercial chocolates are made of. It is healthy to get curious about stuff especially when we put it into our most amazing magical “machines” called body.


  After falling in love with the Real Chocolate that still remains a mystery to most humanity, I started writing a book on healthy chocolate. I was inspired by the whole 8 years of my love affair with raw and real cacao.  I came to love and value this magical food substance so much, that i just cannot  seem to stop talking about, writing about it and sharing what i have learned about it on my personal journey of  self-healing and searching for the truth.

  My original intention for the book that  decided to call itself “Chocolate Revolution” was simply to share my  passion for this extraordinary/healing/high vibrational super food. I ended up  learning so much more than i ever intended to. This article is a result of my curiosity and intense research.  It is for those of you who want to know what real food is, and what it should be or can be like, and what we have available to us right now. This is my gift  to all those chocolate intelligent people, like you. 

The following text is an extraction from the book that  is writing itself through me, it is dedicated to the magical  subject – Chocolate. This part of the book is the darkest one. Well, sometimes, we have to move through the darkness so we can get to the Light.

“Here are a few words to add to our chocolate education. These are food additives that are being used in commercial chocolate, and of which you have had your share by now if you are a chocolate lover. A few of these have been banned  in some countries, but they are still on themarket.You decide whether they are ‘trick or treat’ I will mention just a few here.

White Sugar.

This is an unnatural addictive substance produced by refining sugar cane (or sugar beets), which strips away all the goodness and is then processed it until it becomes literally a ‘dead substance’. The human body struggles to handle it. “The damage it does is slow and insidious. It takes years before it ruins your pancreas, your adrenal glands, throws your whole endocrine system out of kilter and produces a huge list of damage.” (foodmatters.tv) It causes diabetes, heart disease, and hypo/hyperglycemia.


Powdered Dairy Products.

This is a so-called food substance that is used a lot in the commercial chocolate making (to produce milk chocolate varieties) which blocks our ability to absorb life-saving antioxidants that can be readily available to us if we choose to consume our chocolates clean and raw. The powder is made from the milk of the cows that are fed by sprayed greens, that came from genetically modified seeds. Add all the injections that the milk-giving animals have during their life time, and you will have a clear picture of how natural and healthy that powder is. I would say, think  of dry puss powder. (Apologies for creating that image.)


-BHA- Butylated Hydroxyanisole.

It is a petroleum-derived preservative that many of us have difficulty metabolizing. I wonder why? There is proof that it causes health and behavioral changes. “This is obviously not added for the purpose of giving people cancer, but for some people, some of the time, there may be that risk.” (From ‘The Top 12Harmful Food Additives’).


-High Fructose Corn Syrup.

HFCS is a highly refined artificial substance that increases your LDL (bad cholesterol) and causes tissue damage. It is known to be a number one source of calories in the USA. If you live in that part of the world and see many people who struggle with extra weight, you know why. It is also the favorite food of cancer cells, which thrive on it.



It is a gelling agent used in making your gummy candies. It comes from collagen derived from beef bones and calf or pork skin.  Pork skin Chocolate, anyone?



 It is an emulsifier made from soya beans (I hear GMO, do you?)  “It is used in the “old world” chocolates to create a smoother texture and reduce the cacao butter content.” (From ‘Common Food Additives in Candy’). It saves money for the manufacturer, adding zero value to the chocolates and possibly adding genetically modified substances.



It is a white powder, made from starches of corn, rice, wheat and potatoes. It is used as a bulking agent… to add weight to the final product. It is yet another food additive that saves money for commercial chocolate makers. “Maltodextrin should be a subject of suspicion, because it is an unnecessary additive.” (gluten.lovetoknow.com) I would say that the “old world” chocolate bars are all made with unnecessary ingredients. Something that looks and tastes good is made out of poisons and nothingness, all wrapped up attractively and sold as something we consider a necessity these days. Very smart business-wise, but not kind or considerate, in my opinion.


-Aspartame (E951).

It is an artificial sugar substance, a neurotoxin that has been linked to kidney and brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, lupus ( truly yours knows this one far too well), fibromyalgia and mental confusion. This toxic poison can cause dizziness, headaches and nausea. Aspartame is “known to erode intelligence and affect memory.”(foodmatters.tv). It is also an extremely weight gaining substance. “How FDA allows this remains a mystery.”(aspartamekills.com)



Poliricinoleate is a relativily new chemical used in commercial chocolate making. Next time you go shopping, turn the  “Hershey’s” bar over. It is a ‘yellowish viscous liquid composed of polyglycerol esters from policondensed fatty acids extracted from castor oil. It may also be extracted from soya oil’, (timetoplay.comI almost broke my tongue trying to pronounce those words. According to Wikipedia chocolate makers use it to reduce the cost of raw materials. “The FDA deemed PGPR safe for humans… as long as you restrict your intake to 7.5 mg per kilo of your weight… Otherwise you are open to liver enlargement.” (earthyreport.com). I knew something with a name like that cannot possibly be a super food. Why would you want to replace cacao butter with this UFO? To save money on our ignorance. Who came up with such a thought?  I leave this to you to find out.


-Shellac, Lac.

Oh, well! Get ready for this one, my absolute favorite.

“Shellac is a wood polishing product. It is often used to give furniture, guitars and even AK-47 that special shine.”

“Shellac is derived from the excretions of the Kerria Lacca

insect”. The process is simple.

“They scrape that shit right off the tree. Unfortunately for you and your future enjoyment, this leaves little room for quality control measures to guarantee that the insects themselves aren’t scooped up also. Once that happens and it almost always does, the insect simply becomes part of the shellac making process, and the candy-making process, and the candy eating process.”(cracked.com).

Are you laughing, crying, or screaming? I have done all  of the above and decided to make my own chocolates from the ingredients that I know to be super foods, and share this information with all those who want to know what REAL really is.


“Common Food Additives in Candy”


‘The Top 12 Harmful Food Additives’







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 and LIfe!

 Thank you for reading my article. Let’s stay in touch  and keep shining the Light of Truth to all those who  search for it.