What is Food? Food is Love.

FOOD is such a big part of our lives.

As this world is changing, the word “food” has been changing its meaning too, so is our   relationship with it.

Some get their precooked meals from a grocery store, heat it up/microwave and call it “food.” Some still pop in to McDld and think it is food that they are buying there. Some make a serious effort to find the best sources to buy their organics, to get the REAL, clean ingredients that vibrate Life and Vitality.

Food is information; food is energy, just like everything else around us.

Food is what feeds our entire being, and we are responsible for what we choose to KNOW and ACCEPT as FOOD. It is time we take that responsibility!

      The New Wold Paradigm, the new reality we are all creating right now has  only one kind of food – Food that is Love.

A gorgeous looking edible substance that has energy of Harmony behind it. Imagine, in this fast paced crazy world, someone takes the time to go searching for the best ingredients to prepare your meals – clean, organic veggies (or even grow them); they use the freshest ingredients, the best spices, good water, Himalayan or Sea salt (instead of the white crap we called “salt” in the old world); they charge  their creations with intentions for our wellness and health. And we do taste the difference, and our cells feel the difference.

They are very knowledgeable and passionate. They choose to spend time to lovingly prepare their “medicine” adding their passion and imagination to what will appear to us as food. There is food that is grown/made by those who don’t give a damn about what their “creations” do or cause, as long as they are paid. Their only intention is to profit. This so called food is unhealthy, toxic and cannot be called a medicine by anything that wants to live. It is an empty palate teaser at its best, and a “chemical bomb” at its worst, with all those food additives in it. Its frequency is low…

By ingesting something low vibrational, we stay low. (Thinking low vibrational thoughts, experiencing low energy, feeling low vibrational feelings). This kind of food belongs to the old world paradigm. Lets leave it there.

There is another kind of Food in this world, it carries a very different vibration: it is prepared from fresh, natural, living organic ingredients, it is made with love and understanding what it does to the only real home  we live in – our body. Think of all those organic farmers who stayed loyal to Harmony, Truth and Oneness, navigating their way through Monsanto bullshit. Someone out there has been fighting for our organic salad leaf. We better raise our awareness and recognize that.

      How blessed we are to have these amazing people around us who run their conscious restaurants and little cafes, sharing their love and truth, literally delivered on a plate to us. There is more and more of them. They do their extraordinary job quietly, humbly preparing their “love portions” to upgrade our consciousness and quality of life, contributing to our health. They will tell you great stories about where their food and spices come from. They are proud of their clean super nutritious food creations and they will make you smile inside out, why? Because they love  through food. We always feel so warm and good around those who love us, don’t we?

 All we need to do now is to make up our minds about what we call “food”, if we desire to evolve.

You can  exercise  your butt until you are blue in the face, if your cells are  bombarded by a low, unhealthy vibrations, you  might get stuck. We know that our food is meant to be our medicine but… is it really? Now it is easier than ever to take care of our precious human forms with all those “food shamans” around.

      We do have a CHOICE: the Old World Paradigm with its love-lacking, health-wrecking food industry… and “chemical cocktails/mocktels” presented as food… or the New World Paradigm where Love is a main ingredient in every creation. Those who feed us “love” are real food magicians. There are so many stories of healing via food, how do you think that happens?  If we make an effort to understand the basic principles of how this Universe works… we get the picture clearly.

       We are made of energy, what we eat has its energy and influences our state of being. We are what we eat, energetically, that is, not literally, otherwise I will be walking around looking like a cacao bean:-) Our modern food shamans know it. They also know one of the deepest secrets of life – how to Love through Food. Someone once said – “If you love people, feed them.” Feed them with greatness, with vitamins and minerals that look and taste like Joy. Feed them Truth and Love.

      Food can be Love, it should be Love. It becomes medicine only when it is Love. Imagine now, what happens to us energetically, when all we ingest is high vibrational clean substances prepared by those who care about us and dare to be in the Truth. Be aware of what you call food, what you feed your children and those you love. As beautiful,  consciously sexy Shawn Stevenson said “Food is information.”  Right information is  Truth. Truth is Love.  Love is healing.

Your world – Your choices!