To Be Loved and Adored. How and Why?

Did you notice that some people are really fun to be around?

We really like hanging out with them and we just do not seem to get enough of their vibe.

      Life feels much more bearable and better when we are near people like that. It is like, all of a sudden there is a hope that things are going to turn out just fine and this messed up world seems not such a bad place, after all. These people are always happy and kind, they are always calm and they have this special twinkle in their eyes…. Oh, that little sparkly twinkle is so irresistible and charming that it is almost addictive. “What are you on? Give me some of that!”

      The best thing about those people is that we can share our darkest secrets and the most embarrassing f**k ups we managed in our lives, we can really loose it around them, and they just keep loving us and keep smiling and just keep twinkling and shining.

  It is as if they are saying: “So what? Life is beautiful anyway. Loving and shining is so much fun, that I don’t really have the time to judge anyone or react to bullshit. I have better things to focus on.”

 Nothing has the power to rob them off their Light or to stop them from having a good time.

 Here is the thing, darling.You can be one of those people. Yes, YOU.Why not?

 Do you have anything better to do with your life?

What is better than to be loved by people, to have authentic good friends, to be adored by someone absolutely outrageously awesome?

What is better than to feel a-ma-zing about being You?

Do you think that judging and gossiping, labeling and non-loving, feeling angry and miserable (the last two usually come with the first few) is a better choice of how to experience yourself as a decent human being?  If you do, than please stop reading right now and go engage in some low vibrational activity.  Feed the unconscious, play ‘I-am-the-life-expert, I-just-did-not-figure-out-yet-why-I-am-so-damn-miserable’ game.  Let’s see if I care. It is your Life, Your choices. Go!

 So, you stayed then, you keep reading. Good for you.  I get excited when I watch people change their choices, change their lives.

  Let’s drop the bullshit now and get really honest and curious. It does take courage to be honest, you know. Who needs more cowards? This world needs heroes! It needs those who dare to live, who dare to stand up for what they believe in. This world needs to rise its vibration and it is not going to do it without you, me, all of us. This world is us.

 A really good question to ask here is


      Did you ever think that knowing and experiencing someone for a few hours/days/years of their life does not actually give us any idea of who this person is? You know, very often we get to see the side of people that no one else does? Because we are meant to push each others buttons and resonate with each other in a very unique way. For some “unexplainable” reason we inspire the worst in some people and the best in other people. It takes two to tango, darling.

Did you ever look at the bigger picture of every relationship, every connection in your life and found the wisdom and clarity to see that we all have higher contracts with each other, or  “sacred agreements” as one beautiful teacher put it? There is nothing to say about it, there is a lot to learn from it though. It is just the way it is.

 Well, let’s skip going into that and find a shot cut to the high vibrational experience. It is always a good choice!

 Why stop judging? Why stop yelling? Why stop reacting to other people’s confusions and choices they make in their own lives? Why stop giving your power away? Why claim the right to be happy and balanced. Why be kind and loving? Why feel loved and adored? Why? Why?

To be happy, you silly.

To have people in your life who love you and adore you because you lifted them up with your loving, you made them feel accepted and included. You cared.

To feel really connected to others, to feel gratitude and awe.

 To have peace and harmony in your life.

 To have fun.

 To live an awesome life.

You can have all of that….. It is just not going to be delivered to you on a plate while you are sitting on your ‘I-know-it-all’ throne, finger-pointing. You have to make a few changes. Real change begins with you, darling.

Change your choices.. and you will change your life!

  So……… here are a few tips.

How to be Loved and Adored.

I guess, I do care after all.

-         - Make an effort to Change your attitude!  See it as changing your outfit.  Basically, I am saying here – Stop being an arrogant ass!  It does not serve the world, others or you.

-       -  Become curious about yourself, others and Life in general.

-         -Learn instead of judging. Listen instead of saying all those unnecessary words.

      -Allow others to be different to you. We are all unique; we are all a mystery, even to ourselves. Stay in awe of this magnificent experience called Life.

-Admit that you don’t know s..t about life. None of us does, angel. It is all one big mystery….. and we are all in it together.

       – Stay Humble!

-         -Stop failing at Love. Keep loving people as they are….. Do not stop loving them just because they did not fit around your life or molded themselves to suit your needs. That is not love, beloved. We do not owe anything to anyone.  We are all free Spirits, and Real Love shows us that – freedom!

- Work on yourself only. If you want to change something in your life, change yourself first.

-Remember that High Vibrational choices make High Vibrational people. High Vibrational people attract High Vibrational experiences and send amazing ripples all over the world. They are the ones with the real power, power to change the world.

 Thank you for hanging out here with me. The words come through me and for me, I know they come for many, and i enjoy sharing……  Now go and work on yourself, do something awesome that will change someone’s life and make this world a better place.

 Drop me a note when one morning you wake up and experience Yourself Loved and Adored.