Living with illness without drugs.

If I can do it, so can You!

Who am I? I am a Russian-born girl with an attitude. I live with auto-immune disorder called lupus for 30 years. I don’t take steroids, never did and never will. I have lived in 10 countries so far. I am a Yoga/Meditation Teacher, founder and designer of lovelightyogabrand and rawisreal, I am a Reiki master, Raw Chocolatier, a traveler, a visionary and amongst many other things, I am a dreamer of a better World.  I am also dysleksic, I express myself in an ”unusual way” and I get lost between two streets. In short, It is great fun to be me!

Why am I writing this article? I have a dream. This world is full of wonder, joy, abundance and love. People are well, awake and live in harmony with each other and the Higher Truth. Right knowledge, wisdom and compassion are a norm. Old and young are having fun together, people connect from the heart and enjoy being with each other. Harmony is all there is. I was hiding this dream for a long time, I was afraid that this messed up world would laugh at me…. and now I simply do not care.   So many people in my life that I love are not well right now, and you should thank them, because they are the ones who inspired me to write this and share my story with you. Otherwise I would be hiding from the world for the rest of my life, keeping the secrets to myslef like many others did.

“Why me?”

If you are sick, unwell, or worse, you have just been diagnosed with something that has a scary name…. I am sure, you ask this question. I did. “Why me? What is wrong with me? I am not doing anything that others don’t…. They are OK, and look at me. Something must be terribly wrong with me.” I tell you right here and right now.

You have NOT done anything wrong, you are perfect! You are unique and beautiful like everyone else and you have a special Contract, and you better acknowledge it. Look at Nick Vujicic, no-arms-no-legs guy. You think he did something wrong to be born like that? Look at his amazing journey. What a Spirit!  Forget all the “Jesus talk”, I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea; it is irrelevant to the fact that he did it, he is happy! Don’t you think that is the only thing that matters?

Anyway, back to you. You are exactly where You are meant to be. The longer you question the rightness of it, the more time you waste.  This is what lives through You, period. There is a bigger reason for this happening, and the sooner you recognize it, the sooner you will start feeling happy again. Yes, I mean happy.

It is possible to have a sick body and be happy, to have no-legs-and-no-arms and be happy. It is possible to cure your self from any sickness and be happy, it is also possible to decide to die and be happy…. Possibilities are numerous. You get to decide.  We are done with “why me”, right?

“I need my medicine.”

Now, this is the most important thing you need to decide on.

When we are unwell from whatever, it means the entire human system is disturbed, it is out of order and we need medicine. Something has to be done. ABSOLUTELY! One thing to clarify though.  What do you call a medicine?

Some people call medicine pharmaceutical drugs, most people, I should say.  We get sick, we feel dis empowered, weak and trapped…. what do we do?   We run to doctors for a fix. In many cases it is the only way to fix the body, I agree. I tried once to self-heal a condition called typhus… with neem oil and fasting… I failed miserably, and I learned my lesson.

Many awake people I know call energy work a medicine, I know the word “energy” is still a kind of mystery to many people. It is time to wake up. This is 21 century. Everything is possible. We have numerous miraculous healing stories that took place. People change in the depth of their core just after one “medicinal session” that is right for them. Did you hear of a lady who wrote a book “Dyeing to be Me”? Go google it and get inspired!

Some wise people see their food as medicine…. Ah, that is a vast subject and I will not cover it here…. When i had a choice to use drugs or natural/naturopathic herbs, I had no doubt. I walked out of the lupus clinic saying “No“ to drugs and having Faith in the unknown. I use super foods and organic, clean foods for much longer than even I can remember.. and I  am happy to share  with  you how that works. So, decide what medicine you want to use, it is Your Choice, and you will be the one who lives with it.

Consider removing all the unnatural food substances from your diet.  It does require some research and time…. BUT. Don’t you think you feeling well is worth it?  See herbs and super foods as medicine, because that is exactly what they are. They are these wise edible vibrant substances that speak to our DNA, altering our entire human hologram on a very deep sub atomical level. Apologies for the language, I will keep is simple from here.  Use clean nutritious food, super foods and good water, find a natural doctor that you like. Stay  away from pharmaceuticals, if you are on them already, I suggest you stop slowly, respecting the fact that your body is used to them and  it needs time to readjust.

I will be writing more about lupus and choices that we can make and how I learned to live with it without any medical drugs, just conscious  choices on living with this contract….. simple really. My only intention is to inspire you and empower you to believe that you can conquer anything without hurting your cells and giving your power to someone else who does not really care about the quality of your life.

I will share more in my next blog.

With love. Anna