Living with a broken heart…

Living with a broken heart opens one’s mind!

You probably think that I am being unrealistic making such a statement.
Carry on reading and I will show you why I think that having your heart broken is actually a good thing.

Let’s talk about your heart now.
Have you had your heart broken? Yes? How many times? Many?
How many times you promised to yourself that you would never love and trust again? Huh! How did that go? It never worked for me either. We cannot outsmart our intelligent, beautifully real, beating-for-love, heart. It has a life and a mind on its own. It wants to love and feel love. It is all about Love.

Love is the heart’s purpose.
It does not care that those whom we love do not deserve it. It is like our magnificent ever-shining Sun that is above it all; it just keeps giving and giving, never asking who deserves it or not, who is a good person or who is a real pain-in-the-butt. The heart knows no judgment, it has no logic. It only knows Love.
Thank God for that! At least one part of us still has the human intelligence. How awesome is that! There is a part of a Human body that knows the higher truth, the purpose of a Human Life.

So, If you are in the BH (Broken Heart) club, you have my compassion. It is no fun to have your heart smashed into pieces and have someone dance on what is left of it, while you are crying rivers and aching in places you never thought you had. Auch!

It feels like you will never recover. It feels like you will die of pain. You think you will never forgive, you will never love again. Right? Sorry to burst your ‘illusion bubble’ here – wrong!

Just like you, I am a Human (well, for now) and I am a real love-lover (sucker, I call it, when I am really pissed off with myself).
I love everything and everyone and I am brave enough to let my heart lead the way…. It loves whatever and whoever it wants to love, it goes where it wants to go… It is free. And I follow it; I do not have a choice in a matter, do I? I already made my choice… My heart has the most fulfilled eventful life, it feels stuff. It has a life, and let me say this – it is awesome! I don’t have to watch movies, I am living them.

Recently I had my heart broken again. I cried and got sad and angry at myself for some time. I lost my sense of humor for a while, as my dear friend Amber puts it.
After all the tears have been cried out and aching heart was comforted with some secret breathing techniques, dancing naked to loud music and a great chocolate cake shared with good friends, life seemed good again… in fact, better than ever before. I am fond of the memories that my heart collects. I will take them with me when my time comes….

I had a great conversation with a dear friend. We both laughed at ourselves. “Why do we keep falling in love? Why do we keep trusting? Why do we keep longing for this feeling of being loved and seen, cherished and recognized? Why do we keep getting heart-broken and disappointed, again and again? When will we learn?”

Here is the answer, in case if you are searching for it.

Our purpose of life is to find happiness, and there is no Happiness without Love.

Those who gave up on love and look for their happiness and fulfillment in investing their time into power and money get seriously shaken when they are all alone on a hospital bed, feeling empty, looking back, wondering where the life went. And guess who knows this, even when we forgot? Yeap, the Heart knows! It knows even when we choose not to hear it, when we shut it down and refuse to listen to its callings.

Yes, we all have our hearts broken… and that is a good thing. We learn from it.
We get involved, we disappoint each other and hurt each other deeply, we disagree on stuff and we push each other’s buttons to the point of madness. We get divorced, we scream, we get angry, we leave, thinking: “Never again!”

The thing is, in all of this messy and painful experience, we learn about love… we download more life information. We teach each other about life, we offer a chance to one another to see ourselves with a new pair of eyes. We upgrade each other by breaking each other’s hearts.
We dive into life events, we take risks, we trust, we believe, we feel the whole range of human emotions. In short, we live!

Benefits of having a broken heart (from an expert of the field):
-We have already fallen to the deepest depth of suffering and we know what is real to us.
-We have no fear of having the heart broken, as it already is. We live fearlessly.
-We have experienced all the “high’s” and “low’s”. Now we know what we want!
-We are more compassionate and sensitive to others, because we know suffering.
-We begin to live from the Heart. We trust its intelligence.
-We are more intuitive and connected to the higher truth of life.
Broken hearts is an open heart… and open heart makes the mind open too…… Open Mind opens all kinds of doors in Life. Is that so bad?

So, get out there and live.
Take risks. Love. Trust. Dive into the unknown. Don’t worry about having your heart broken. It knows what it is doing. It is OK. It is good for you to follow your heart. And when you do get that beautiful heart of yours smashed into thousands of little pieces, cry and celebrate your ability to feel stuff. Embrace it all. After that…… lovingly pick your heart up, put it back together….. And start all over again.
Do not shut your heart down, ever.
There is no life out here; there is nothing real in this world outside of the heart.

Let it Live.
Let it beat.
Let it reveal your purpose.
Let it lead the way.
Let it show you what life is.

With much love from my broken open heart,
Anna Suvorova.