How to wake yourself up? Simple steps.

When i was a simple London Glamor girl, proud of my Fendi purses and impressive shoes collection, never in a million years i thought that i would become the great advocate for meditation and other high vibrational choices. Even words like that used  to make me smile… or shall i say.. smirk.

If i heard  the words “meditation” or “yoga” somewhere between my cocktails, business meetings and manicure appointments, i would raise my eye brow and put that thought in a box that would be labeled “WEIRD” and just carry on with my everyday highly “meaningful” activities. I was making lots of money, so, in my mind, i was doing great  just as i was. Hippie free-spirited  folks and tree-hugging “weirdos” talking their, and those shining  people dressed in white certainly aroused my curiosity, but  they appeared  seriously alien to me. “What is that  weirdness all about? Get a job, people.”
I had to be really sick and feel  terribly unwell in order to wake up and to open my closed and rigid clever mind to something outside the “normal”. I did  it the hard way, so someone like you can have it easy. I ran to meditation and yoga  because i did  not know what else to do to feel good about life. Everything else failed. Allergic to non-truth, most pharmaceuticals and  life destroying toxins in modern foods, i had to become acrobatically creative to stay alive, sane and well-functioning. I share  my journey, hoping to inspire you to change, to shift and to wake up to what you can call a real Life!
Many of us live in big cities, far away from nature. We are surrounded by concrete walls and electric wires; living in a polluted environment, spending hours stuck in traffic, swearing and getting pissed off, eating our microwaved toxic dinners while staring at the screen of one of our numerous devises.  We drink fluoride water and have amalgam in our mouths; we have no idea what real food, love or real Life is.  We are also constantly bombarded by the media and we are basically told what we want to eat, what we want  to buy,  how we want to look, what is “hot” this season and blah-blah-blah…..This kind of existence appears normal to us.

We are deprived of any ability to think properly or make any choices for ourselves. The sooner we  recognize this, the sooner we will awaken to the real life  that we can have, were designed to have..  and should have.

These are a few really simple steps that we can take to help ourselves to  wake up.

Take time to be SILENT.. Call it meditation or whatever.

I know, I know, I know! You heard all this before. Meditation, silence, yoga-shmoga crap….
Drop the words, angel. Those are just labels, they are simply inaccurate and failed attempts to capture the meaning of something that is astonishingly good for you. You will feel so good that you will start wondering why you have not done this before!
Stop watching the TV  and play games so much. You might think this kind of activity makes you more intelligent and educated, but really, it does not. it keeps you trapped in the Mind, confused about human life and meaningful existence.
Have conversations with your beautiful Self.  Ask  yourself intelligent questions and give yourself honest answers. No one is listening, but you. No one knows you better than you, No one will guide you better than you. No one cares about the course of your life more than you do. When  i say to new people  in my life that I talk to myself, first they  laugh at my “unusual” ways of being, but later they tell me that it was the best thing they heard and they started talking talking to themselves too. If you are too shy to talk  to yourself, OK, do not talk……. Just listen to Yourself!:-)
Educate your Soul as much as you educate your mind. True Intelligence is the one that will stay with us through space and time.  True Intelligence is the intelligence of the Soul. Make sure you invest  your precious time in something that is more solid than a sand castle.

Value what lives through You. It is not really You that you call “Me” experiencing this extraordinary magnificent phenomenon called Life.

Thank you for spending your time with me here. Now go and make the best out of it! Wake up and live!

Truly yours,