How to LIVE and damn mean it…

We don’t get here landing on Earth with a guide on how to be a Human Being, do we?  No one says to us: ”Hey! Happy landing, darling. Here is a clear instruction on how to get the best out of this weird experience called Life. Read carefully before you proceed.”

We have no idea  how to  become happy without suffering too much, or how to make  a living without selling our time or  life force; or how to raise our kids without messing them up too much; or how to love one another without getting tired, or how to live without regret.

We are basically clueless. We learn as we go along and by the time we get a little understanding…. it is time to go/fly some other place that we are as clueless about. We are real fun, my human fellows! And we are all in it together.

The following guide has been ‘recorded’ for you by a person who owns nothing and has everything. By ‘Everything’ I mean those silly things like Freedom…. Passions…. Happiness…. Healthy Fit Body….  Flexible Mind…..Inner Joy… Loyal friends in  every corner of this planet….. Love…. and a sense of Fulfillment.

If you are looking for any of the above, get your pen and paper out and write a few things down. Why waste time reading some article and get nothing out of it?

Here it is, the list of choices to consider making for those of you who want to LIVE. Live and mean it.

Move Your Ass!

Yes. That is exactly what I mean. Without a clear understanding of how this phenomenal machine called ‘body’ works, we are living in a dark.

Your body is your point of reference to this realm. It is your home, your temple, your magical vehicle that takes you places and gives you pleasure and pain, teaching you about you and the world around, bringing you into the moment.. into NOW.  It likes to move, to jump, to run, to stretch.  Just like you, it likes to live. There is so much to choose from.

- go to the gym;


-do yoga or chi gong;

-do a little shake in the morning in front of a mirror while brushing your teeth. It is better than nothing.

Look at it like this. If you get a great car, let’s say, a “Ferrari” and you never take it for any kind of service or a nice drive, what will happen to it? I am sure you got my point.


I know what you think. The word “Me-di-ta-tion” has been as beaten up as many other highly meaningful words in this world. We hear it, but most of us do not  really  get it.  Allow me to re-word it for you, if you still do not meditate.  Sit down to REWIRE YOURSELF.

We don’t meditate to meditate, we take a few moments to rewire and reprogram ourselves, that is what we do. That silly act of sitting down quietly and doing nothing…. it is just a few breaths away, waiting for us to choose it.

IT HAS THE POWER TO ROCK OUR WORLD.  Just to make a point here, imagine this expensive looking, beautiful, and super grand mansion. Your mansion.

It has many floors and sexy spiral stare cases, it has bedrooms, it has a play room and a swimming pool, even a movie room. It is filled with so much great stuff. You name it, it has it.

The problem is, the house has no lights on.

It is dark and kind of scary, and has all those dark little corners that no one wants to see or know about. To make it livable, to make it fun, to make it interesting…. In short, to invite life in, you better put the lights on.

Sitting down sweetly and quietly to just be and feel what you are is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Switch the Lights on, beloved. There is no life and fun in a lifeless, dark house….. and no one wants to go there. You, stuck all alone in your dark scary mansion is not a way to live a life. Put some lights on. You will be amazed at how much joy it will give you.

Meditation is an act of Soul, you make your Soul shine. You turn all the Lights on, leaving no space for darkness. After a few times of our own ass-kicking with discipline and effort, it becomes the most enjoyable experience that no one can give us, take away from us or explain to us.  Once earned, it is ours!

I heard so much about this magical tool, I didn’t get it for a long time, but I am curious and determined to have great experiences, so I kept doing it. I wanted to see if it was really as great and magical as all my teachers told me it was. Now, over a decade later, I know it is the best thing any of us can do for ourselves, each other, and for the world.

ReWiRe Yourself, beloved.

Meditation is  a gift from us to us.  It is giving us a chance to create a different experience of who we thought ourselves to be.

Meditation builds our inner strength making us capable of anything. It allows us to be connected to the Higher Source and align with a bigger picture of Life.



Changing geographical places is not just fun. It is actually very educating and expanding experience on many levels. When we move through different realities, we shift energetically and we start seeing much further than the tip of our nose.  We get to know the world we live in – our home. We begin to question what is really REAL.

Was that glorious breakfast buffet that you had in a London 5 star resort real, or those hungry kids digging through the rubbish bags in a  stinky polluted area by the river of city of Kathmandu was real?

Are those ruins of sacred places and magnificent blue mountains real? Or the shiny sky scrapers are real?  If they are all real, which ones are more real?

While traveling we train our Mind and feed our Spirit; we begin to recognize that what is real for some is just a dream for others. We become more intelligent, deep, and wise; we become open minded and more Real.

Pack your bags, darling…. And free your Spirit. No one ever regretted going traveling.


Oh, this one!

Most of us have no idea how awesome we are actually designed to feel. You know that feeling, when you look around you, and you see all the shades of green and blue. You feel the breeze stroking your skin. You hear everything around and you feel the World breath. You are in awe of this planet, these people around you and you feel unexplainable sense of joy. Do you know that feeling?


If not, perhaps you are ready to experience yourself in a new way, a clear way, a fun way…. If you have not done a single detox in your life and feel heavy and grumpy and see the world as a gloomy kind of place, then definitely, it is time.

I know one thing. I cannot describe the taste of a Himalayan berry  or real raw chocolate to those who have not tried it. I am saying, try it and you might not ever want to live without it.

Detox cleans out not just our body, it gets rid of the fog in our mind and allows our entire being to repair itself.

One of the best books I ever got my hands on about detox is called “Detoxify or die.” I guess the author made a point, I don’t have to.



Think about this. This world is a beautiful and fun place only because those who create stuff, filled this chaotic and unjust world with their passions, with what they loved. We have art: movies to watch, paintings and sculptures to admire, we have books and poems to read and beautiful temples to visit. We have cars to drive, bridges to cross, toys and games to play, and internet to explore! All this stuff was created by someone like you, who lived and meant it. You  are reading this article because  truly yours is sitting here for hours making it happen.


Creativity is like breath. If you are one of those who think that you have no talent, may I say this to you? Just because you did not find something, does not mean it does not exist. Look! Look and you will find. Look for the way to express what lives through you. There is a purpose to your being here.

Carl Jung, the guy who really knows what he is taking about, said: ”But, If you have nothing at all  to create, then  perhaps you create Yourself.

Get Creative, Love!


Take Responsibility!

I hear this voice. It lives in the head. It says: “I wish I could move more, but I am so busy with work. I wish I could meditate, but I have no time for doing nothing, really. I wish I could travel, but I have no money. I wish I could create, but I have no talent..

I am too fat, too old, too tired, too busy, too sick…… too freaking-good-at-making-excuses. Bla-bla-bla”  I know all of those. I am a human, just like you. Get over yourself, darling. I have a Master Degree in EM ( Excuse Making)

Make a decision now. What do you want to spend your time on: Living your awesome life like you own it? Or watching life pass you by, envying others who live it and damn mean it?

It is Your Life, beloved. You are the one who drives here. Take responsibility!


Each breath is a miracle, a new chance to experience Joy of Life, Love, and Truth.

Take a deep breath NOW and feel its sacred presence, listen to its hidden wisdom. Follow it now. Let it guide you, let it teach you, let it take you to that place within where you are a real ‘smarty pants’ and you know  all of this,  you  just forgot for a while.

Close your eyes now.  Feel the Breath! One at a time.

Move it! Create it! Live it! Mean it!

Thank you for listening to my own reminding to myself.