How to kick your own ass into “satya” …. into Truth.

You dont have to be a Yogi to find your way to navigate through this reality, and know truth, the Truth.

By the way, “Satya” in yoga philosophy means “the right knowing”. This kind of translation delivers the message more than the word ‘Truth’ does.
The word “Truth”, in my humble opinion, has been bitten up to death for centuries, and left us all as confused about it as we are about many other great things in this world.
We seem to get so lost in our human mind-y mess that we all have our own versions of truth and we fight and disconnect because our so called “truths” do not match.

Ok, let’s pass this intellectual bullshit and get to the point.

Here is the truth that remains such for all of us.
It is the truth that has nothing to do with the intellect. We all feel it, we experience it with every cell of what we call “I” or “Me”

Truth can only be experienced!

If you are not feeling so great about the experience of You right now, than this is your truth at the moment. Trust me, it is not the same for me or many happy others.
You have a choice, darling. You can remain where you are, then stop complaining and wondering about it, just enjoy being unhappy. Sorry, i did not mean to be mean.

OR….. You make a conscious decision to shift, to change, and to create a different experience of you.
In that case, You better kick your own ass, and change the reality channel you are on. Yes, get up and leave where you are right now…. not physically, no.
Energetically that is!
Switch this experience off, explore your options and find another channel. Tune into what you CHOOSE to experience… And move on to the next experience of You.

Here is the secret plan that works for many happy people who live their truths. It works for me, and i assure you it will work for you too. It is like this, if you are thirsty and you make an effort to get a glass of water, you will feel relief and satisfaction.
It is the same! Are you thirsty for Truth?
Let’s get you some water.

I have to warn you.
You are not going to like what you read now, just know that it is the “lazy ass” in you that does not like it; the REAL you, the one that strives for truth and freedom, knows this ‘right knowing’ already, and he/she is thrilled to be re-minded.

Here we go!

1 – DISCIPLINE is your best friend in the world.

DI-SCI-PLINE. You will not get anywhere without this awesome buddy. Create your own Discipline plan, start with easy stuff, something that you actually can do without wanting to jump out of the window.
Small changes are good, like going for a walk every day, or working out at least twice a week. Some kind of physical activity that you can do on a regular basis.
Create new experiences of food, activities, relationships with people around. Engage in the “NEW”
Honey, i tell you this, if it had not been for my best friend – discipline, you would not be reading this article, i would be too sick or too dead to write it.

My dedication to finding a new experience of me led me to health, happiness and awesomeness out of sickness, darkness and feeling lost. I am outta there.
And now i want you to experience it too.

All those skipped fried meals, all the sweating and learning, all the compromising and self-negotiating, all that super foods and greens hunting, money saving for infra red saunas and ozone, not to mention dragging my sorry ass to the yoga mat when the rest of my bunch was off to drink and dance. Oh, i did that one too, when i became stronger. A little ‘naughty’ is good for all of us:-)

I am so God Damn happy that i found discipline! So happy i wan to hug it:-)

Make it fun for yourself!
Play music while walking or working out, find a positive friend with whom you can laugh through all of this.
WRITE your NEW PLAN DOWN! Make a promise to yourself and stick to it.

Plan to Kick My Own Ass:

New Physical Activity— choose!
New foods to introduce to my body—- choose!
Something that makes me happy——- choose!——– and do this every day!
Laugh at myself!
Learn to say “no” and feel good about it.
I just thought i would throw these ones in for you for fun:-)
Please add your own stuff here, get creative!

2 – BEFRIEND A NEW TOOL of self work.
This one requires you, darling, to really let go of thinking that you know it all.
LOOK for help.
No, you dont have to find a shrink, it is too old-world; consider at least one of these – NLP, EFT, Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Family Constellation, Reiki, Heart Resonance, “Work”, Spirit plants, Silence Retreat, Meditation, etc. Know that there are many awesome powerful tools out there, and you will find the one that works for you. Start looking now.

3 – DETOX!
Oh! You have no idea how effected your ability to think is by all those ‘chemical bombs’ that you consume on a daily basis. Seriously, Google it and see it for yourself.
There is an awesome book called “Detoxify or Die”. Very powerful name, eh?
Sometimes i think if we all truly knew what our so called “food” is made of, we would not touch anything and become breatharians.

Help yourself, beloved. You are worth it. Kick your own ass to the truth that shines at all of us when we are willing to work on our Self.

By doing all this you will raise your vibration and you will attract so much happiness to you that you would not know what to do with it.
So, get going, angel! Time to kick your own ass……
Share this with those who might need a little kick too:-)