How to have the best day EVER!

We all want to Live happily ever after, don’t we?
Who wants to be miserable and lack enthusiasm for life, right?

We want each day to be glorious and meaningful.
We want to LIVE, we want to SHINE…. unless we do not. In that case we would not be reading article like this and just swim in our self-created misery joyfully, feeding the negative stuff in our heads.

When we take responsibility for one day, just today, we create a Life we want to live.
Here are a few little guide lines for those who need a gentle reminder.
One step at a time.
One breath at a time.

- Smile at the person in the mirror.
“Hello, beautiful!”

- Take time to remember who you are and what the heck you are doing with you life.

- Recycle your sorrows.

- Treat yourself and others with kindness and never miss a chance to have a good laugh at yourself.

- Learn from cats – make yourself shamelessly comfortable everywhere you go.
Life is for enjoying.

- Don’t take anything seriously….. it is all an illusion anyway.

- Smile at strangers and do not care much about what they think.

- Vibrate at the highest frequency you can possibly master.

- Stay in your own Universe! You are the one in charge of it.

- Shine….. especially at those who are lost in the dark.

What are you waiting for? Do it:-)
You are here to LIVE.. You are here to SHINE.
with hugs,