Choose the world you want to live in. Or, why do we need one another?

Observing what is taking place within and without, i see a lot of disharmony around. No wonder i wanted to stay locked in my own little bubble. We are not happy. People are loosing jobs, friends, health; many   are getting sick whether it is mentally  physically or spiritually….

Pain is pain……. and we are all in it together.

Being a Human at times like this is simply heroic. We are been poisoned by chemical bombs that are called food, we are bombarded by the superficial; it became hard for us to know who we really are underneath those negative thoughts and angry voices in our heads. And we are not kind…. Neither towards ourselves, no to others.

If we walk through life, remembering each day that others are just like us, going through their own pain, doing all they can.. Never mind they make different choices or push our buttons, never mind they have different opinions and express themselves the way we would never do.

Never mind anybody’s mind!

We are just reflections of each others unknown depth.

We can choose to give a piece of love from our heart as an offering to another Human journey, even if we don’t walk the same direction. You, being kind and patient, acting on loving thoughts, can change someones life today… and contribute to loving kindness that we all need right now.

Choose to Love others. If you dont manage, as someone challenges your love muscle too much,  send compassion and let them be. Avoid saying anything unkind to others simply because you ran out of patience with yourself. Be kind  to yourself too. Human race is fragile right now, we want to be loved and believed in. We want to be surrounded by kind and loving friends, we want to create a world of Harmony and Truth. What world do you want to create? Make a choice!