CHOCOLATE SILK… one of the easiest and smoothest chocolates to make yourself

A glance into a recipe chapter of the new book on consciousness of chocolate,

“Chocolate Revolution”.   


One of the easiest and smoothest  chocolates to make yourself


This chocolate is smooth and simple, its taste varies according to the quality of raw cacao you have. Please feel free to add other ingredients that you like, keep it smooth and simple though, the beauty of this chocolate creation is in its simplicity. You will have around 10 smooth “chocolate operators”  in just 20-30 mins (depending on your personal vibration:-)


Au bain marie (or dehydrator) to melt the cacao butter.

One large bowl to mix everything in.

One smaller bowl to mix the butter and honey.

A heat proof bowl to melt the butter.

Two table spoons and a whisk (if you like using it for mixing).

Molds/silicon trays to hold your creations.

A freezer.

Your precious time.

  Your ingredients:

  2  tbsp of Raw Cacao Powder

  ½ tsp of natural pure vanilla powder

  Pinch of Himalayan salt

  1-2 tbsp spoon of raw honey/other runny healthy sweetener (depending on how sweet is your tooth)

  4 tbsp spoons of melted Raw Cacao Butter


 Action time:  Take a few large pieces of cacao butter and break them into smaller ones. Put them in a heat proof bowl. Leave to melt the way you have chosen: bain marie or dehydrator.* Place in your working bowl cacao powder and vanilla, mix well.  When your butter is melted, using a spoon, get the required amount out into a separate smaller bowl, and add honey. Let them bond, mix until the mixture looks  golden smooth and even. Pour the honey-butter “gold” into the vanilla cacao “heaven” and start mixing working the spoon. Feel free to get the whisk here. Blend and mix until you are fully satisfied with the texture, it is seriously smooth and very inviting to taste.  Drop a little to the back of your hand and lick it off. How else do we know that the taste is what we want? Add more vanilla or sweetener if you feel like it. When fully satisfied with the taste,using a spoon pour the liquid chocolate ”silk” into the forms. Mindfully place them in a freezer for 10-15 mins. You will end up with around 10 “Chocolate Silks.” Don’t forget to share!


* raw cacao butter melts at body temperature. Using bain marie, just boil water in a large wide cooking pot, SWITCH OFF and place the small heat proof bowl  with cacao butter into the water. In ten minutes time you will have your butter melted. We never cook or boil our golden oil of the Gods, we  just melt it. It delivers all the greatness and all the goodness :-) it is known for.  I noticed how this process challenges my patience “muscle”, so I have learned by now to start melting my butter in advance… while i am doing other things.  It stays liquid for some time, waiting patiently (unlike me) for me to attend to it. Chocolate is so loving!