Is it SPIRITUAL to eat meat? Let’s GET REAL!

Ok. Let’s ask a few more questions.

What is “Spiritual” for you?
Whom are we referring to when asking such a question?
You? Me? That person over there?
What is meat? Where does it come from?
And who am I to address such an issue and feel confident enough to write about it?

We all know (consciously or unconsciously) that EVERYTHING in this world is a vibration, everything is energy, and everything has its own rhythm, its own pulse. Our body, our thoughts, our food, our activities, what we do, what we say, it is all a vibration. Basically we are walking, breathing clouds of light vibrating and pulsating at certain frequency at all times. That frequency changes: we get out of balance – it drops (WTF is wrong with me?); we are in harmony with what is – we run on high (Yeahhhhhh! Life is good!).

You know, no matter how different we might think we all are, in our deepest core, in our essence, we are all the same: we want to be healthy/happy/ abundant/in love with life. We have the same pulse, same red blood running through our veins and we share the same sacred cosmic pulse – our heart beat. It is VIBRATION.
This vibration is the language that we use when we have our communication with the Source/ Divine/ God, (once again consciously or unconsciously).

This vibration is the KEY to our understanding of what we want to know.
Even though we all aim for the same goal…. we have different paths to walk and different tools to use. We must learn to respect it.

Are you with me so far? What is ‘Spiritual’ for you? Your diet? Your choices? Your connectedness to the higher Source? Your vibration?

Get Real point 1.
You are a Spiritual being, learning how to be a human. We all are. I hope you are doing all you can to have as much fun with this learning process as I do.

Get real point 2.
Being Spiritual has nothing to do with what we eat. Food is a tool of learning, just like everything else. Our being SPIRITUAL has a lot to do with the choices that we make on our human journey and our connectedness to the Source /Divine/God.
Let me expand.
Some of us choose eating raw food. (It became a bit of trend)

Some of us love food so much that we just eat what we want without ever thinking about it. “That ice-cream tastes so good, who cares it is a ‘chemical bomb?”

Some of us are fanatics of super foods and cannot start the day without spirulina and other high vibrational food substances.

Some of us are vegans and feel very strongly about not ever ingesting ‘corpses’.
We believe in thriving on what Mother Nature has provided to us without contributing to already existing violence in this world.

Some of us courageously fight Monsanto and demand our rights to know where our so called food is coming from.

Some of us choose to quietly grow our own food, so we eat and drink whatever we grow with our love, whether it is a bunch of apples/greens from the garden, or fish from our lakes or animals from our field. We make our own wine from the grapes of our vineyards and we don’t give a damn about what others think. “It is LOVE that we eat and drink. We grew it with love and we receive it with love.”

Coming back to what where we started. If ‘everything is energy, everything has its own vibration’ then how do we view what we call meat?

Get real point 3.
Eating meat that has been brutally produced by our Food Industry has one kind of vibration. If you want to know what vibration I am referring to, please find a film called “Earthlings” and take a deep breath before embarking upon a great self-educational journey. May you feel the vibration of that energy and may you be changed by it forever.

Get real point 4.
Eating a clean chicken soup made by my grandma (or yours!) who lives in a little Ukrainian organic village is a different story. Why? She lives in Harmony with-and-off the Earth. Everything she loves, becomes love.
I will never forget the way those wise sky blue eyes looked at me when I was 7, rebelling and screaming at her for making the soup out of my little friend – baby chicken that I played with. Drying my tears, she said: “My angel. Everything works in harmony. Everything is an exchange of love. Everything wants to be of service. Your friend (baby chicken) was loved by you and me and he is happy to give you his love back. Receive it with gratitude and get well.”

It took me many years and many personal wars with my spiritual insights that I have so skillfully imposed upon myself before I actually got this profound wisdom of my magical yogi-like grandma.

The strongest influence on my being ‘spiritual’ and food connection came from the yogis or agori babas, as they are called. They live in the cemetery, wear nothing but ashes and eat with gratitude whatever appears in front of them. ‘It is sent by the Source/Divine/God. I have learned from them that
“Everything is a blessing. Everything is God.”

Some of us choose to live in Harmony with what IS, choose to accept other people’s journeys and honor the uniqueness of our sacred paths.

There is a point in our human growth and expanding awareness when it really does not matter what is appearing in front of us as food. What matters at this point is how we feel about it and what frequency we are operating on. How do we see it? Are we honoring what lives through us? Are we listening to our body or our spiritual egos telling us how we should be.

Who am I to say this? I am just like you, searching and looking for the answers that work for me.

I have been blessed to be born with a compromised immune system and to be unwell most of my life. It made me busy finding my own way to health and harmony. I have tried every diet there is, hoping each time it would be the answer. My sickness lead me to find all these magical tools of consciousness that are available to all of us. I came to see that awareness of food is only a beginning of our waking up to what is Real. I am a grateful, curious human being searching for the truth, my truth.

I believe in self- healing abilities of a human body. I believe in the power of the Source/Divine/God that is within all of us. We can heal ourselves by understanding what lives through us and honoring our paths. I believe in being unique and courageous, powerful and extraordinary. I believe in our right to find out what works for us and encouraging others to do the same. I am about to release a book on conscious eating, called “Chocolate Revolution” where i share the most precious discoveries i made on my own healing journey.

So, is it spiritual for you to eat meat?

You decide, beloved.
Know yourself and what works for you and that magical vehicle of yours, called body. Treat it with a healthy curiosity and respect. Choose conscious eating over any diet that seems to be fashionable or worked for someone else. Honor what lives through you and accept it with gratitude, so you can do it for others. Be conscious of your choices. Be aware what vibration you welcome into your space each time you make a choice. That is how we create harmony.

In the end of the day, it is Conscious Living as a Conscious Being that makes a difference to who we are .

It is not what we do with our body….. it is what we do with our mind and our heart…. that makes a difference to who we are and to the world we live in!

with much love and gratitude for spending time with me here,