Self Healing Back pain. Easy steps.

I believe in the self-healing mechanism of our intelligent human machine - body. I am positive, this belief is one of the reasons why I help my challenged body to restructure itself over and over again.

You are your own healer.  You are a doctor! All you need is the right knowledge and the time that you are willing to dedicate to yourself.


All you need for this little self-healing session is 20 mins of silence, total dedication to your beautiful Self and a good bolster.

Please remember to breath with awareness and intention to heal.

Our spine likes to be stretched/elongated before we do the twists.

Our entire system absolutely loves to be upside down.

 You are a miraculous, self-healing machine with more power within you than you ever allowed yourself to realize! Enjoy. Breathe!

Step 1 (pic 1). Get on the mat and grab a bolster with a smile!

Step 2 (pic 2). While on the back stretch yourself on the mat, making sure that your third eye, your heart center and belly brain are all in one line. Bend the knees, lift the hips, and place the bolster under the tailbone. That feels really good.

Step 3 (pic 3). Cross the left leg over the right one. Breathe in.

Step 4 (pic 4). Breath out and let your knees fall to the right while extending from the heart in to your left fingertips. Stay for a few breaths and let the left side of your body get massaged and LOVED by your breath.

Step 5.  Take a deep breath and, while pressing the right hand into the floor, bring the knees back to the center.

Step 6.  Change the cross of the legs. Take a deep breath. Smile.

Step 7 (pic 5).  While breathing out, let the knees fall to the left. Stay for a few breaths while extending in to your right fingertips and lovingly breathing into your right side.

Step 8. Press your left hand in to the floor and while breathing, in bring the knees back to the center. 

Step 9 (pic 6).  Stretch your legs out. Breathing in and Breathing out. Smiling in and Smiling out. Stay for a few precious moments letting the healing and integration take place.

Step 10.  Bend your knees. Press the feet down and lift the tailbone up. Remove the bolster from under your tailbone. Gently let your back touch the floor. Breathe and Smile. In and Out!

Step 11 (pic 7).  Give yourself the biggest hug EVA. You are the One who is driving your bus, you are your doctor and your healer, you are the One you have been waiting for. Breathe with gratitude and self awareness.

Final Step (pic 8).  Move towards the wall and placing the bolster under your tailbone, make yourself comfortable with your legs up the wall.  A tip: the longer our hamstrings get, the  closer to the wall we can be. Be Patient. Stay Loving.

Feel free to stay in this super rejuvenating pose for at least 10 minutes, slowly building it to 20 mins at a time. 

To come out of the pose is simply bend the knees, press your feet into the wall, and gently slide off the bolster untilyour back is flat on the floor. Roll to the right side and, pressing your hands down, push up into s sitting pose.

Repeat as needed.

Be well. Take good care of yourself.