Why We All Need to Detox (Secrets Of Self-Healing)

It has been 22 days since I decided to do a serious detoxification of my body.

I was feeling tired, overworked, hectic and had very little energy. Sleep is all I could manage when not busy doing stuff I love. I have done it again - neglected and self-abused. How easily we take for granted our health and feeling good? I do for sure, I get so excited about feeling awesome that I forget about honoring the miracle machine - body. I forget to eat, to hydrate, I forget to take care of this magical vehicle that has its own rules of life, because i get busy with living a life. 

3 weeks ago I felt as if I was beginning to slip back to being a sick person. Lupus (auto-immune disorder) symptoms kicked in again, just when I was telling the wold through my book how I self- healed. How ironic!

What do we do when we want to change the way we feel?

How do we help our ever demanding, sensitive, miraculous body to get back to that 'I-Feel-Awesome' experience? I do not believe in pharmaceuticals (unless it is a matter of life and death). 

I believe in a self-healing and even self-cleansing mechanism of our physical body.

If we let it do its job by supporting it and feeding it the right 'fuel', it will do what it has to do. I have found many self-healing tools during my life time of a health challenge. Detox/Cleanse is definitely one of them. No need to run to doctors or look for specialists all the time or take medication for every little ache. You are your own doctor, if you choose to play the role.

When we cleanse the body from all those toxic debris we accumulate through so called modern 'food', self-abusive tendencies and all the other pollutants we encounter every day, the body will fix whatever needs to be fixed.

Body knows what no mind does. It's intelligence is seriously underrated.

I share to inspire you to look at your own relationship with the body and see if there is a room for improvement!

After 22 days of fresh juices, occasional alive clean raw foods. I feel alive again, I have energy again. I have avoided yet again taking strong medications that most auto-immune sufferers take. I know how I want to feel. I deserve it. So do you!

Life is good again! Whoever invented DeTox, I love you, you smart cosmic cookie! 

With hugs and miracles

Truly yours