Kiss-My-DNA - Super Food Smoothie

Super foods are highly vibrational edible substances that speak directly to our DNA, telling our bodies how we are meant to feel. How you ask?  The answer is Awesome!

There is no better breakfast in the whole world than Super Food Smoothie.....  to me that is.

 Why? The answer is in the FEELING!

 There is a difference in how we feel after ingesting High Vibe meals, that are medicinal and alive... OR something to tease our palate, fill the stomach..... and deliver almost nothing to the cells.

Here is my power breakfast recipe for you - "Kiss my DNA" to recharge your batteries, to beautify inside out and sing-sing-sing.


TOOLS:  Sexy Blender.


- 1 glass of fresh juice: pineapple/mango

- 1 T Goji Berries soaked in 1/2 cup water for 20 mins

- 1 T chia seeds soaked (same as above)

- 1 T Lukuma

- 1 T Maca

- 1 t Raw Coconut Oil

- A pinch of Himalayan salt

- A pinch of Mucuna


  Lovingly blend all the ingredients  into a serious smooth kiss. Mindfully drink, sip by sip ...........and feel Spectacular!