Little Secrets of Yoga

Anjali Mudra is a simple yet powerful hand gesture that can be practiced any time and anywhere, by anyone......

Anjali means "offering", mudra means "seal". We seal our intentions, our desire to connect with whatever it is that we choose at this moment.

We bring our both hands together to our center, to our Heart.

We pray or express our willingness to become the best versions of ourselves.... or we simply offer our precious Self to the Higher Force, to the Truth, to the Light.

Anjali mudra is a beautiful way to comfort ourselves at times of troubles and challenges.
"I am that! That i AM. Whatever God is.... that is what I am. Whatever consciousness is... that i am! Whatever Light is... that is what I am."

It balances our left and right brain, it reminds us that we are Human and Divine at the same time... flawed and perfect at the same time.