Best kept Beauty Secret. It ends with -Tox. A hint: it is not Botox!

 We all want to look younger and feel better, let us just admit it.

 We are vain species. I cannot imagine a butterfly sitting in front of the mirror deciding whether she needs a Botox, or a lion asking his lioness how his glutes and abs look.  Even if we managed to come above it all, we are still seriously attached to the way we feel. And that is what I focus on in this heart-sharing/article of mine.

Most People Have No Idea How Good Their Body is Designed to Feel - Kevin Trudeau

 It is this feeling. It is a FEELING. This awesome, everything-is-possible kind of feeling when we know deep inside that we can jump out of our own skin to touch the sky; we can create something magnificent all day and then dance all night long; we can take care of others, build business and watch the stars; be productive, be of use, all that while smiling and kissing in between. No need for rest. We are limitless. We rest in between our breaths.

 I am so aware that I do not look like a sick person and many people look at me with such suspicion when I open my heart and suddenly share how actually unwell I feel most of my life, living with the auto-immune disorder.

 It seems like my entire life revolves around how I feel. If I am not well, I cannot do anything: teach my beloved Yoga, my Workshops; or throw my Raw Chocolate parties or, the worst thing - I cannot be of service to anyone at all. Staying in bed, feeling that trip to the bathroom requires as much strength and focus as taking a space ship to the moon is all I can master sometimes. I admit it – it sucks.

 That feeling really pushes my buttons. In my book - feeling sick and drained, weak and foggy-minded, not motivated at all is the worst thing any human being can experience. If you know of anything worse than feeling dead while you are still alive, please let me know. Knowing how profoundly vast and wicked this human life experience is, I will not be surprised if there is a whole dozen.

Not on such a negative note, I must say, it is the health challenge that led me to discover the most life-changing, super-duper knowledge that anyone can wish for. My Soul cannot live on shallow illusions and world’s bs… I truly believe that it is true for all of us, just a bummer that many  value Soul so little. And where my Soul would be if it had not being for my challenged  body that pushes me out  of its discomfort zone? I have not got a freaking clue. I know for sure one thing - there is a blessing in every curse, there is a gift in every disaster. I am a Yogi, I cannot help but see it this way.

  I am being pushed to be disciplined and find the ways to create another kind of feeling.

What feeling do I want to create?

I want to feel awesome! I want to have energy to rock this world, I want to have clarity to make the best decisions in my life. I want to have fun and jump  on the most beautiful beaches and fly a helicopter. I want to be able to learn faster and to let go quicker.  I want to keep exploring this fascinating world, I want to keep searching for Joy, while feeling that I do have the strength to make a humongous effort to do something amazing..... even if at times it will be taking a trip to the bathroom. I still want to feel that i do have that feeling. And, my dear friend, I know you want the same feeling.

Humanity is sick, foggy-minded and stagnated, in general that is. we touch the subject of our food substances that makes us sick and all the other obstacles another time. I admire anyone who learned how to navigate through all the bullshit of this world and managed to find their own way to have energy, to stay well, clear and motivated.


I did find a secret weapon against so many things that hold us back, could have held me back…. Perhaps so back that I would not be here writing this. I am 200 % sure of that! I found it through being unwell and stubborn, and refusing to go drug way, pharmaceuticals that is.

 It is not only a secret of inner strength and vitality, a secret of clear mindedness and ability to stay focused and motivated....... it is also a beauty secret. I know,  everyone knows about Botox. Recently I found myself in a room full of gorgeous women, trying to  show them some simple  face Yoga moves, just to end up doing it all alone. As it appeared, I was the only girl in that room with no Botox. My beautiful bunch of girls willingly blocked their neuromuscular transmission by injecting substance that is according to Wikipedia  “the most acutely lethal toxin known” next to their third eye. We did have a good laugh, that I must say I did not find that funny, and of course i ended up telling them about another kind of -Tox, a different one, the one that makes you glow from the inside.

 So what is the Secret?


Detox has been my secret love affair since I am 16.

It is the Detox that led me to everything else, Yoga and Raw Chocolate included. Yeap, that is correct. Once I have learned how amazing and high I can actually feel, nothing was ever the same! I never wanted to do or eat anything that would rob me of that sensational feeling. So I came up with a life style that still had lots of fun, yummy stuff, but kept me feeling awesome.

 My first cleanse was a grape cleanse in an organic Ukrainian village with grapes coming straight from the vineyard of my grandma. It was followed by a numerous juice cleanses, anema course, raw cleansing diets, Ayurvedic supplements,  naturopathic tinctures, simple water fasts, liver cleanses, etc. I had the experience of the most fabulous detox program run by the Scientology people, called “The Clear”. Before  you put me in that strange Scientology box, may I say- that detox is the only thing I know about Scientology, and I loved every moment of the program. Letting go of the sleeping pills residue  stored in my body after taking  Niacin doses and great work out that ends in a 4 hour sauna treatment was certainly something to remember.  Basically i have leaned later that i can do this at home ( if well organized) by following Dr Mercola Detox. I also had the “pleasure” of experience, being on a serious Detox  program for a week, locked up in a private clinic, that seemed like outside of this world. That is another story.

Why do I love detox so much? 

It is hard, it is not pleasant at times, the body and mind go through these weird “detox” symptoms, this  profound release of the old, stagnated and blocked, we actually feel worse before we get better. It pushes us to our limits, it brings the best out of us,  even those who are real lazy buggers.

So why DETOX then?

          Reason 1.

          Because Detox helps our body to deal with whatever it is we are having, whether we take pharmaceuticals or not, whether it is physical, emotional or mental issues that we want to correct. Lately, one of my best friends, went through the chemotherapy, she decided to detox in between her  treatments to help her to body get what it needed and to remove all the toxic stuff. I must say, I am thrilled to see her looking like a movie star and starting her life again.         

        Reason 2.

        Because in spite of all the discomfort we put ourselves through while we are detoxing, it makes us feel awesome in the end, so alert, and so alive. Besides that, it is such an astonishing feeling of inner satisfaction and accomplishment. You just know with every cell of your being that you have just done something of real importance in life. You feel so good, you want to hug everyone and dance all night!

I will take this feeling over any other short living pleasure that we are so easy to fall for.

       Reason 3

          It makes us look younger and more radiant, not because of the chemicals that we so enthusiastically slap into our skin (external fix), but because we cleanse all the rubbish out of our systems, and glow from the inside. I am amazed at how willingly we put ourselves through all that pain and effort to look younger and more beautiful (that is a questionable statement, by the way!) making choices that might create that false feeling of satisfaction for a short time, but they are deadly and detrimental not only to our health but to our lives.

What is wrong with us, darlings? Since when looking like a  flawless plastic doll is more important than feeling like a gazillion dollars  creation of freedom, creativity and inspiration.

"A tornado of rainbows", as i was once called by someone i worked with :-)

         Reason 4.

         Detox is the best way to shift energy, to make a change in our lives, to help our precious Self to come back to life and actually live it. It is the best way to Inspire our tired  precious Self. When we get stuck and stagnated and feel like there is nothing in this world that can save our sorry ass and bring us back that feeling of joy and gorgeousness...... the  best thing we can do is DE-TOX!

 I am a living proof of every world i say or write, and i wanted you to know this - if I can do it, so can you.  What are you waiting for, angel? get rid of those feelings of being foggy-minded, stagnated, old or unwell... and get your self a new feeling of being Vibrant, Beautiful (inside out) and Alive! It is more fun!

 truly yours,