How to find peace while serving your time on Earth. Top Secret.



This is something very dear to me, and I feel ready to share it with you now.

Here it is - the secret of peace, coming from a modern Yogi, a cosmic cookie serving her time on planet Earth, navigating through all the storms of life that any truth-seeker or freedom-lover has to experience here. I have drunk the bitter medicine of life (honestly, I prefer the taste of Chocolate!)

 Have it and use it. Save your precious Self from all the troubles that are hardly ever real and never yours anyway. You know who you are and who you are becoming. Right? I thought so.


 Why do I think that I have the secret? I struggled for years. I was a prisoner of fear, of conditioning and someone else's lies. I was a hostage of the unconscious for long enough to learn its twisted ways. I played the victim role too well.

I saw a shooting star when i was 7 and wished for my mother to become kind, like some kids would ask for a puppy. Badly bitten until 15, thrown out of school and University, bullied and yelled at….. all because I spoke my truth, refusing to fit the mold, I came to know the non-truth, not by choice, but by the higher will. I grew up in a communist country where a big shiny car could pull over any time and take a person from our building, while we are all silently-and-shakingly watching, picking through the spooky flowers on our curtains.

Fear used to be a norm.

 A misfit, a challenge, a trouble-maker who changes everything around just by being! Sounds familiar? Then read on, beloved!

 Secret #1 - Not everything we experience here is created by us consciously. Things are far more complex than that. We come here with a purpose and sometimes cosmic debts we must pay. It is what it is! We can choose how to live it all out though.


 I also could not speak for a long time. I guess I was in such shock of the state of this planet that I was quiet for much longer than most little people are.... processing and figuring out. "Huh, cosmic little cookie, navigate though that!"

It is only now, when I am older and wiser (just a little!).... I know that speaking on this planet is not such a great thing anyway. :-) I would take a meaningful silence over any words... at any given moment! I write my truth because it allows me to filter it and polish it, I give myself a chance to see where I am still trapped in a lie.


 Did you notice how speaking our Truth gets us in trouble? Isn’t that fun? People get challenged by the choices we make and the words we say, even when we speak it kindly. I mean, how often do we want to send a message out - “Why do I bother you so much? I am just me, happy little me, doing what I am doing, smiling and shining, living my life as I know it. Sorry if I don’t fit into your idea of a human life. You don’t fit into mine either, but somehow it does not bother me.” My grandma used to say "Show me your choices, and I tell you who you are!"

 Secret #2 - Our amusing planet is full of noise, full of words, full of sounds........  and not all of them are true :-) You probably figured that out by now. Unless we tune into what is real, we are fooled and trapped in empty illusion, full of noise, pretending to be true. As one of the most wicked books I ever read put it  “Listen. The sound around you belongs to thousands of lairs."


 We want to feel peace and we do all we can to get it. We might think it is something else we are after, but it is just another lie that we successfully convinced our Self in.


 We travel to far-far-away places just to get peace. We sell everything we have and we go to an ashram in India; we put our bodies through astonishing physical challenges, we climb mountains and jump of the cliffs; we take drugs and experiment with psychedelics; we take courses; we book healing sessions..... we go for yoga classes, we dive into our passions, we  try all that we know of.  We often sell our souls to get paid so we can have a home and food to eat, buy stuff we want. You know that  sense of security that we are looking for in our insurances and marriages, pensions and mortgages, all the mind crap that sounds so alluring but tricks us every time. Somehow we never get there. It never works, as we long for inner freedom that can never be bought…. never be found….. never be  chased. Like Truth, it can only be chosen. So we quit the freaking jobs and embark upon a challenging journey - finding peace for our confused and tired Self. Throughout entire life....... we just never stop searching for that one little feeling that changes EVERYTHING. Peace!  Many of us don’t stop trying until we find it!


 Where the f@& is it? Someone, tell us, point the direction and we will all go there and bring all the noise with us! :-)

Here is the formula, my angel. It is much easier than any of us knew. Do not think for a second that I am cleverer than you are. I had to go through zillions of challenges and fight thousands of demons to find it.

 I had to be sick, abused, broke, hopeless, dark, sick again, stalked, broken (spiritually), fired, angry and raging, weak and scared... and on my knees. I fought and rebelled all that I could, until I ran out of “self”. When all that failed, I sobbed on the floor like a child, praying and begging mama Universe to speak to me, to show me the way...... and I meant it. She kindly looked at her stubborn human child, mind-clouded, heart-broken, tricked-and-trapped, finally choosing peace, longing for it with every cell of her being.

 None of this experience is worth of anything if I cannot share it with You, the other cosmic cookie learning to be a Human.

 I did it all so you don’t have to.

Be wise!  Choose well!


 Secret #3 - Top Secret! Your peace is YOU. You are IT!. You are the portal of everything you ever wished for. You are the switch on your reality screen….. You are your own secret!!! "How am I a secret?"- I hear you ask.

 This is how!

Right this moment you are standing in front of a big reality screen, this reality is your life as you know it. You navigate through it by the choices that you make, whether you know it or not, breath by breath, moment by moment. This very moment contains zillions and trillions of possibilities of You, of how you can experience your “Self”. You and You only have the remote control. Press the right buttons angel. Take control of your choices. Start with your thoughts. Be clever with those ‘little buggers’, some of them are very stubborn and really good at pretending to be yours. This is your ride, this is your trip, and this is your story.

What to do now?

1- Please take a deep breath in, close your eyes and start listening to the sound of your heart beat, the only sound you can trust. This is your guide, this is your compass.

2- Watch your (?) thoughts storming through your mind and choose the ones you want to be True. Dismiss the rest; they are only noise trying to be real.

3- Choose CONSCIOUSLY what you want to focus on, to embrace, what you want to feel.  One of the wisest cosmic cookie on Earth, Rumi, put it simply - “What you seek is seeking you.” By choosing it, you are making a bridge, you are becoming IT!

 Watch! Observe! Make choices! “Build bridges”. Be clear on whom you are becoming... and leave the rest to mama Universe! She is awesome; all she cares about is your peace and your truth. Now you do it too!


Truly yours,

 Anna. Teacher/Writer/Dreamer